WDW - Gold Card - Attraction Charms - Haunted Mansion LE 1500 Disney Pin 59923 (2024)

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Thanks to Pinpics for the information below. Pin Stats Origin:Limited Edition:1500SKU Number:400109701165Original Price:$12.95Released:04/07/08Retired/Sold out:This pin collection features salutes to Walt Disney World® Resort attractions with dangling iconic charms. This limited edition pin includes the Hitchhiking Ghosts in front of the Haunted Mansion® attraction. The pin also includes dangling charms of a bat, a coffin, a bust and a floating candelabra. There are five pins in this collection. Monty Maldovan from Disney Design Group created the artwork for this pin.Please make any corrections to your address prior to payment.Address corrections will not be made after purchase.Authenticity & ConditionWe will not sell pins that we suspect to be scrappers or fakes, however it is not possible to 100% guarantee authenticity on any pin obtained secondhand, as many of our pins are. We use our best judgement to determine authenticity of the pin and post pictures of the exact pin that you will be getting, so that you may also use your judgement.We have many happy customers. Please feel free to check out our positive feedback, and even our repeat customers.Payment & ShippingWe accept all major credit cards through eBay managed payments. No trades or offers will be accepted . Payments must be made immediately. Shipments are made only to the address on the order. Please make any corrections to your address prior to payment. Address corrections will not be made.We place the pin(s) in a heavy duty zip bag, and ship the pin(s) in a bubble envelope . We combine shipping costs. Shipping for additional pins is only $0.50 each. On Buy it now listings you must put the items into your cart and pay at once for the multiple item discount. Payment for your item(s) on Auctions is expected within 3 days of your purchase.We offer USPS First Class Mail within the Domestic US. Shipments occur Monday - Saturday within 24 hours of payment received from a confirmed Paypal address. Purchases made on a weekend or holiday will ship out on the next business day.Purchases will receive a tracking number to monitor your shipment. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for tracking information to update on the shipping company's website. This is normal; please do not be concerned if this is the case with your package.ReturnsAll of our auctions are for the pin(s) shown in the pictures, on an "as is" basis. Due to a rising concern over people buying authentic pins and returning fakes, returns are only accepted if we make a mistake and send an incorrect item, not solely based on the correctness of our assessment of a pin's authenticity. read more

WDW - Gold Card - Attraction Charms - Haunted Mansion LE 1500 Disney Pin 59923 (6)

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WDW - Gold Card - Attraction Charms - Haunted Mansion LE 1500 Disney Pin 59923 (2024)


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