The New Hermes H24 is The Perfect Men's Scent for Spring (2024)

The New Hermes H24 is The Perfect Men's Scent for Spring (1)

It’s been 15 Years since Hermès launched a men’s fragrance collection, because why rush? With so many iconic mainstays in the heritage brand’s scent stable—think Terre D’Hermès, Eau D’Orange Vert, Voyage D’ Hermès —the bar has been set improbably high, and yet H24, the new introduction, does not disappoint. As streamlined and sophisticated as you might expect, H24 is also equally unexpected, with traditional natural fragrance notes such as clary sage merging with a unique synthetic molecule, sclarene, that evokes the hot irons used in the Hermès workshops. Perfumer Christine Nagel, Director of Hermès’ Olfactory Creation since 2014, shares the secrets behind the stunning new scent.

What characterizes the Hermès man?

There is no Hermès man, but there are Hermès men who are free of any imposed model or look. Hermès offers every man the opportunity to reveal their personality through the creations he adopts, offering them infinite possibilities for expression. The Hermès man is rooted in his time with all of its energy. In his mind, digital media and new technologies coexist harmoniously with craftsmanship and handwork.

What guided your approach to creating H24?

H24 is inspired by Véronique Nichanian’s creative vision of the Hermès man. My discussions with Véronique, who has directed men’s artistic creation for more than 30 years, reveal creative parallels and similarities of stance, particularly in our relationship to materials. It is with the terminology of touch that I choose to talk about fragrance and scents. Like Véronique, who has no hesitation weaving technical fibers on ancient Japanese looms to make her fabrics, in my role, I use co-distillation, synthesis and biotechnologies, boldly combining them with traditional methods to give them a different finish and texture. The technique reinvents the material and transforms it into a surprisingly contemporary fusion for a result that is as natural as it is refined.

Why did you choose the key notes that define the scent?

The strength of this creation is built around raw materials that align consciously with a quest for technicality and innovation, and with the novelty of hybrid combinations, using clary sage as a starting point. This velvety leaf with spiky edges is in itself illustrative of the duality of the Hermès man and the work of Véronique Nichanian, which is as sharp as it is precise and highly sensual. Worked in abundance and in all its forms, from essence to absolute, clary sage constitutes the true back bone of the fragrance, offering its velvety offering its velvety sensuality and its enveloping, light nature. The absolute provides the same precious melting and blending characteristic that is seen in certain garments, where leather merges naturally into textiles.

Working in co-distillation, I have succeeded in softening Narcissus, a forgotten flower that is so difficult to tame, without losing its almost electric vivacity that adds a lively little hit of green to the note, a slightly raw touch of color that brings so much modernity to the collections. From this juxtaposition that seems so natural emanates a scent that is as vivid as it is airy and sensual. Rosewood, a raw material that has become rare in perfumery, adds a particularly elegant and fresh botanical note.

The New Hermes H24 is The Perfect Men's Scent for Spring (3)

Christine Nagel

What is sclarene and how does it function in the fragrance?

The H24 signature would not be complete without the note of sclarene. This innovative synthetic molecule brings a warm and sensual metallic note, evoking the smell of hot irons on damp woolen cloth that pervades Hermès’ sewing workshops.

Since my childhood, for me it is a smell that is clearly masculine, a smell that is deeply engraved in my memory. My grandmother was a trouser tailor; she made men’s trousers. When I was a child, I used to visit her in her workshop in Geneva. It was on the top floor of a very dark building, and I would be met by the very singular smell that, as I later discovered, is peculiar to sewing workshops the world over.

What feelings did you want H24 to convey?

A perfume evokes a multitude of things. The associations that each of us make are linked to our own personal history, our memories, fears or joys. Everyone can find what they need for a particular time of day or year, or in a personal or professional context. The essential thing is to feel and give pleasure.

Hermes H24 Eau de Toilette

The New Hermes H24 is The Perfect Men's Scent for Spring (4)

The New Hermes H24 is The Perfect Men's Scent for Spring (5)

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The New Hermes H24 is The Perfect Men's Scent for Spring (2024)


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