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Monumental Inscriptions

Written By Jacob Scott

Monumental Inscriptions of St Luke's Church near Woolwich. Full and complete copies of all the inscriptions in the old parish church and churchyard, together with notes on thehistory of the manor and of the families connected with the place. Author:- Leonard Morgan MAY published 1908. Kindly typed up for the website byPat Tritton.

Plan of Churchyard with Index of Monuments in the Churchyard Numbers in ( )'s below refer to plan

Contents order on websiteAlphabetical Index of Monuments in the Churchyard 1 to 305
Monumental Inscriptions inside the Church 306 to 378
Inscriptions on the Windows and Ornaments 379 to 402
Further list of Charlton Burials (with out gravestones) 403
Vaults in the Church (as given in the old Burial Book) 404 to 426
Addenda – The numbers in brackets ( ) refer to the plan of the churchyard 427 to 461
Families connected with Charlton 462 to 483
A few brief (sic) Notes concerning the Manor of Charlton near Woolwich, Kent

Alphabetical Index of Monuments in the Churchyard Numbers in brackets refer to churchyard plan

1. AMES (128). Sacred to the memory of Mr Walter Deacon AMES, Gardener, born at Gunville, Dorsetshire, October 18, 1750. Died the 3 Janury, 1868. Also Mrs Elizabeth Ames, wife of the above, born at Kirby, Lancashire, January 10, 1744, died the 17 November, 1829. Alfred Harvey Ames, died June 7, 1830, aged 3 years. Martin Pearce Ames, died May 13, 1858, aged 5 years. Also Mr Walter Ames, Bricklayer, son of the above, died the 6 June, 1843, aged 55 years.

2. AMES (134). Sacred to the memory of Thomas Goddard AMES, Esq., for many years Merchant in Barbadoes, who departed this life Novr 28, 1828, aged 46 years.

3. ANDRES (202). Sacred to the memory of Mr James K. ANDRES, who departed this life the 22 of Jany., 1809 (?1816), in the 55th year of his age.

4. ANGELL (181). Sacred to the memory of Ellen, youngest daughter of Benjamin and Caroline ANGELL, of London, who died Febry. 15, 1841, in her 18th year. "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit".

5. ARBUCKLE (31). Sacred to the memory of Kerr Dickens Vaughan ARBUCKLE, the beloved son of Major Arbuckle, R.A., and Mary, his wife, who died on the 19 day of June, 1844, aged 2 years and 3 months. Also Francis Vaughan Arbuckle, second son of the above, died the 21st June, 1845, aged 19 years. "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit". Also Eliza Vaughan Arbuckle, eldest daughter of the above, died May 4, 1852, aged 30 years. Also George Benjamin Vaughan Arbuckle, late Captain of the 57th Regiment, eldest son of the above, died February 25, 1869, aged 45 years. Also Mary Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Lieut-General Vaughan ARBUCKLE, and mother of the above, who died the 21 June, 1870, in the 75th year of her age. "For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, them also that sleep in Jesus shall God bring with him. Wherefore comfort ye one another with these words". – 1 Thess. x, 14-18. Also Julia H.C. Vaughan Arbuckle, youngest daughter of the above, who died at Lucerne, Switzerland, 1 August 1871, aged 34 years, and was interred there. 1 Thess. i, 17. Also the above named Benjamin Hutchinson Vaughan Arbuckle, Lieut-General R.A., who died at Old Charlton the 11 October, 1874, in his 85th year.

6. ATKINS (137). Erected as a token of sorrow for the sufferings and to continue the remembrance of Annie Philips ATKINS, eldest daughter of Jane Elizabeth Atkins, of this parish, who died the 28 of July, 1828, aged 23 years. Also Charlotte Halsey Atkins, who died the 27 Decr, 1830, aged 3 years and 3 months. Likewise Mary Ann Atkins, who died 11 January, 1831, aged 18 months. Both daughters of William and Charlotte Atkins, of Hounsditch, in the City of London, and granddaughters of the above John and Elizabeth Atkins. Also the above John Atkins, who died the 15 March, 1842, in the 65th year of his age. Also Elizabeth Martin Atkins, wife of the above John Atkins, who died the 29 August, 1862, in the 80th year of her age, and is interred in the Cemetery of this Parish. Also John, fourth son of John and Elizabeth Martin Atkins, who died the 3 February, 1843, aged 34 years. Also to the memory of William Phillips Atkins, late of Devonshire Street, Bishopsgate, eldest son of John and Elizabeth Martin Atkins, of this Parish, who died the 1 November, 1844, in his 44th year. Also Matilda Atkins, youngest daughter of John and Elizabeth Martin Atkins, who departed this life on the 10 day of January, 1859, in her 32nd year, who is interred in the Cemetery of this Parish. Also to the memory of Charles Atkins, third son of the above William Philips Atkins, who departed this life in Victoria, Australia, 21 December, 1860, and is interred in the Cemetery at Clunes, in that Colony, aged 25 years. Also Mary Elizabeth, third daughter of the above John and Elizabeth Martin Atkins, who departed this life 15 August, 1865, in the 43rd year of her age, and is interred in the Cemetery of this Parish.

7. AYLES (87). In memory of Joseph Hudson AYLES, who departed this life Septr 2, 1836, in the 24th year of his age. Also Thomas D. Ayles, aged 4 years and 11 months. Also Sarah AYLES, aged 4 years and 7 months. Also Elizabeth, sister to the above, died Octr 7, 1840, aged 23 years. Also William Ayles, father of the above, died Decr 24, 1843, aged 68 years. Also Mrs Ruth Ayles, wife of the above Wiliam Ayles, died March 10, 1853, aged 72 years.

8. BACON (174). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Ann BACON, late wife of Mr. William Bacon, of the Parish of Hastings, who departed this life the 21 Decr, 1800, aged 55 (?) years.

9. BAIN (310). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Robert BAIN, who departed this life Novr 26, 1834, aged 78 years. Also Margaret Bain, his wife, died 3rd April, 1839, aged 72 years. "A loving wife, a friend sincere,/A tender mother lieth here". Also Miss Ann JONES, who died 4 August, 1846, aged 18 years. "Cease weeping, friends, and weep no more,/I am not lost, but gone before./I live, beloved, in faith I died,/My life was crav’d, but God denid".

10. BANCE (166). Sacred to the memory of Sarah, the wife of Michael BANCE, of this Parish, who died Novr 18, 1834, aged 64 years. Also the above Michael Bance, who died Janry. 28, 1835, aged 70 years. "Honour thy father and thy mother". Also Charles Henry Bance, youngest son of the above, who died Septr 17, 1848, aged 35 years. "And what I say unto you I say unto all, watch". – Mark xiii, 37.

11. BARLOW (23). Sacred to the memory of William S. BARLOW, aged 6 years, and Peter H. Barlow, aged 2 years, sons of Mr. P. Barlow, of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. The former died 15 February, 1808, the latter the 22 February in the same year. "Two lovelier boys ne’er claimed a parent’s care". Also to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Barlow, wife of the above, who departed this life Janry. 21, 1844, aged 72 years.

12. BARRETT (15). Sacred to the memory of Henry William Barrett, son of William and Frances Barrett, of this Parish. He died the 25 day of June, 1799, aged 4 years. "Stay, reader, whosoe’er thou art,/And let my early doom/Impress with sacred dread thy heart,/And teach thee from the tomb". Also in memory of the above Mrs. Frances BARRETT, who departed this life the 3rd day of October, A.D. 1826 (?), aged 41 years. She was a faithful and affectionate wife, a kind and tender mother, leaving a husband and 12 children to lament their irreparable loss. Sacred to the memory of Mr. William Barrett, husband of the above Mrs. Frances Barrett. He departed this life the 23 day of May, A.D. 1830, in the 73rd year of his age, leaving 12 children to deplore their orphan state. Also Mr. William Barrett, second son of the above, who died Octr 10, 1830, aged --/years.

13. BECHER (176). Beneath this tomb are deposited the remains of Catherine BECHER, youngest daughter of the late Edward Becher, Esq., and Hannah, his wife, of the Isle of Jamaica, died 17 November, 1820.

14. BENTHAM (143). In memory of Major William BENTHAM, R.A., born 1786, died 1832. A tribute of respect from his friends in the Regiment. Also William, son of Mr. William Bentham, of Epsom, and grandson of the above, died March 2, 1853, aged 7 months.

15. BIRT (178). In front of this stone are deposited the remains of Mrs. Margaret BIRT, 1812.

16. BLACKETT (283). In memory of Lieut. George BLACKETT, late of the R.A., who died the 30 Decr, 1806, aged 37.

17. BLOMER (229). In memory of Colonel Montagu BLOMER, late of the Parish of Greenwich, who departed this life Septr 30, 1772, aged 61 years. Also Mrs. Maria Blomer ........../.

18. BLUMENHEBEN (98). In memory of Charles Frederick de Seiwert BLUMENHEBEN, Esq., late Officer of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, who departed this life the 3 July, 1817, aged 54 years. Also in memory of Lieut. John Frederick Lowther CROFTON, late of the Royal Marines, who died at sea on board H.M.S. Semiramis, August 20, 1818, aged 30 years. Also Captn Henry JONES, who died the 20 June, 1829, aged 47 years. Also Stephen SMITH, of Woolwich, who departed this life the 20 January, 1842, aged 78 years.

19. BOGER (231). Sacred to the memory of Richard Buckle, son of George Turtliff BOGER, Esq., R.A., who died March 28, 1834, aged 13 months.

20. BONNYCASTLE (164). Sacred to the memory of John BONNYCASTLE, Esq., late Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, born Janry., 1752, died May 15, 1821. Also the body of Bridget, his wife, who departed this life Octr 19th, 1825, aged 73 years.

21. BORLASE (32). Ann BORLASE, relict of the Revd George Borlase, of Cambridge, B.D., ob. April 21, 1844, æt. 82 years.

22. BOWES (182). Charles BOWES, Gentleman, who departed this life 30 October, 1766. Mrs. Elizabeth Bowes, wife of the above Charles Bowes, died 26 May, 1793, aged 78 years.

23. BOYD (65). Sacred to the memory of Mr. John BOYD, Victualler, of this Parish, who died August 14, 1845, aged 63 years. He was an affectionate parent and a kind neighbour. Also Mr. George SCRIVEN, died April 18, 1831, aged 68. Also Daniel Scriven, son of the above, died Septr 9, 1832, aged 24 years. Also Mrs. Martha Scriven, wife of the above Mr. George Scriven, died January 12, 1837, aged 70 years. Also Elizabeth Scriven, daughter of the above George and Martha Scriven, died February 22, 1838, aged 40 years.

24. BRADFORD (5). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Susan BRADFORD, who departed this life Septr 12, 1773, in the 39th year of her age. Likewise Mr. Thomas Bradford, her husband, who died Novr 15, 1773, aged 51 years. Also Francis, George and Henry, 3 of their children, who all died in their infancy.

25. BRADSHAW (117). In memory of Elizabeth BRADSHAW, late of Hornchurch, and wife of William Bradshaw, Gardener, of Blackheath Park, who died Decr 25, 1846, aged 49 years.

26. BRIDGES (47). Sacred to the memory of William BRIDGES, Esq., of Blackheath, who fell asleep in Jesus the 9 August, 1853, aged 64 years.

27. BROWN (286). In memory of Bridger BROWN, formerly of this Parish, interred near this place.

28. BROWN (282). In memory of Mr. John BROWN, who died Decr 27, 1808, aged 43 years. "A faithful friend, a husband dear,/A tender father, lieth here".

29. BROWN (309). To the memory of Major Alexander BROWN, R.M., ob. 29 Septr, 1819, æt. 49.

30. BUCHANAN (277). H.S.I. Emily BUCHANAN, ob. XIII July, A.D. MDCCCXLIV.

31. BULLOCK (264). In memory of Frederick Bullock, Lieut. in the Royal Navy, eldest son of Captn Frederic Bullock, R.N., died Feb. 23, 1818, aged 22 years. "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the Temple of my God".

32. BURKE (9). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Barbara BURKE, the beloved mother of William Ebenezer Burke, of Blackheath Park, in this Parish, who departed this life the 25 day of February, 1839, aged 98 years.

33. BURNETT (35). In memory of Edwin Anchor BURNETT, aged 16 years; Emily Burnett, aged 14 years; and Sydney Burnett, aged 3 years, who all died the 3rd week of November, 1848. "Thy will be done".

34. BURRY (123). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Edmund BURRY, who departed this life April 13, 1851, aged 59 years.

35. BUSHBY (24). Here lieth the body of Mrs. Dorothy BUSHBY, who died the 23 July, 1783, aged 67 years.

36. CAMPBELL (13). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Margaret CAMPBELL, who died 21 Decr, 1807, aged 24 years. And of Edward Willis Campbell, Esq., grandson of the above, Assistant Surgeon R.A., who died at Woolwich, the 26 February, 1855, in the 24th year of his age. "Jesus said, I am the resurrection, and whoso liveth and believeth in me shall never die". – John xi, 25, 26.

37. CAMPBELL (82). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Ann Elizabeth CAMPBELL, beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Campbell, who departed this life February 18, 1855, aged 27 years. "Weep not for me, my husband dear,/I am not dead, but sleeping here,/Free from all sorrow, grief and pain;/In heaven we hope to meet again./Farewell, farewell, but not a long adieu,/Here, if faithful, soon may be with you/In blissful regions where no sin, no pain,/Nor parting pangs shall sever us again".

38. CARLING (267). Sacred to the memory of Maria CARLING, who died June 30, 1836, aged 23 years.

39. CARVER (226). In memory of Elizabeth CARVER, daughter of the late Erasmus Carver, Esq., of Gosport, in Coy. Hants. Ob. 23 March, A.D. 1834, æt. 74. "Resurgam". Also in memory of Mrs. Mary SCOTT, who died 25 February, 1838, aged 78 years. Also to the memory of Major-General George Prescott WINGROVE, R.M., died the 7 Octr, 1850, aged 70 years. [There is some lettering (undecipherable) between the lines of this inscription].

40. CARVER (151). Sacred to the memory of Mr. William CARVER, of this Parish, who departed this life 2 Novr, 1841, aged 53 years. Also of William James Carver, son of the above, who died the 23 August, 1818, aged 11 weeks and 4 days. Also Amelia Sophia, youngest daughter of the above, who died the 18 day of March, in the year of our Lord 1855, aged 23 years.

41. CHAMBERS (287). Sacred to the memory of Robert CHAMBERS, of this Parish, Gardener, who died 27 Decr, 1827, aged 74 years. Also Catherine HILL, granddaughter of the above, who died the 14 March, 1826, aged 8 years and 9 months. Also Mrs. Mary Chambers, wife of the above, who died the 20 Decr, 1830, aged 77 years.

42. CLARK (300). In memory of Mr. Francis CLARK, of this Parish, who departed this life the 21 April, 1815 (?), aged 61 years.

43. CLARK (55). Here are deposited the mortal remains of Ann CLARK, youngest daughter of Dr. Clark, K.H. and Dep. Inspector-General of Army Hospitals, who died at Hastings the 7 April, 1843, in the 15 year or her age. "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, tho’ he were dead yet shall he live". Also of her mother, Mary Clark. She was relict of the above-named John Clark, M.D., who died at Naples the 18 Decr, 1845, and is interred there, and daughter of the late John GILCHRIST, Esq., M.D., of Dumfries. She departed this life the 22 Decr, 1846, aged 37 years. "Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith".

44. CLARK (250). Sacred to the memory of Frances Elizabeth and Charles DICEY, the beloved children of Henry MacGregor CLARK and Ann, his wife. Frances, died the 13 March, 1849, aged 2 years and 9 months, Charles the 3 of May following, aged 4 years and 9 months. "Not lost, but gone before".

45. CLAXON (114). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Francis CLAXON, of this Parish, who departed this life on the 6 day of June, 1843, aged 71 years. Also of Francis, only son of the above, who departed this life on the 1 day of February, 1824, aged 14 years. Also of Mrs. Lucy CLARIDGE, youngest daughter of the above, died January 1st, 1850, aged 36 years. Also of Susan, the beloved wife of Mr. George ADAMS, and daughter of the above, who died the 29 July, 1854, aged 44 years.

46. cl*tHEROE (81). In memory of Ann cl*tHEROE, widow of the late Thomas cl*theroe, Esq., who departed this life April 28, 1849, aged 66 years. "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all his mercies".

47. COLLINS (132). Here lieth the bodies of Isaac and Frances COLLINS, sonne and daughter to Will Collins and Frances his wife, Isaac deceased ye 5 Mar, 1663, and Frances ye 28 Sept., --66/.

48. COLLINS (116). To the memory of Elizabeth COLLINS, daughter of William and Maria Collins, of this Parish, who died the 19 July, 1846, aged 4 years and 8 months. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven". Matt. xix, 14.

49. CONNOLLLY (141). Sacred to the memory of Dorothea Ann, wife of the Revd James C. CONNOLLY, Chaplain to H.M. Dockyard, Woolwich. She departed this life the 8 April, 1854, aged 40 years, full of faith and in sure and certain hope of a glorious resurrection to Eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord". Rev. xiv, 13. This stone was erected by her affectionate and sorrowing husband.

50. COOPER (158). In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth COOPER, wife of Mr. Thomas Cooper, of this Parish, who departed this life the 13 Octr, 1772, aged 23 years. "In this same grave my body lies at rest/Till Christ the Lord shall raise it to be blest;/And at his coming I do hope to see/My righteous Judge, my Saviour for to be".

51. COOPER (157). In memory of Mrs. Hester COOPER, wife of Mr. Thomas Cooper, of this Parish, who died the 18 April, 1807, aged 61 years. Also Mr. Thomas Cooper, who died 4 January, 1813, aged 75 years.

52. COOPER (172). To the memory of Mrs. Betty COOPER, wife of Mr. William Cooper, of Kidbrooke, near this Parish, Gentleman, who died the 2 Octr, 1783, in the 24 year of her age.

53. COOPER (216). In memory of Mr. William COOPER, Master to H.M. Dock Yard, Woolwich, who departed this life June, 1809, aged 78 years.

54. COOPER (34). [South side]. Sacred to the memory of Charles James, son of Joseph and Ann COOPER, of this Parish, who died the 28 February, 1801, in his 17th year. Also of Ann, wife of Joseph COOPER, who died the 9 September, 1812, aged 55 years. Also of Mary Ann FREEMAN, their daughter, who died the 23 January, 1821, in her 35th year. Also of the said Joseph Cooper, who died the 13 January, 1839, in his 88th year. And of their son Joseph Henry Cooper, of Bonchurch, Isle of Wight, who died the 29 Septr, 1856, in his 66th year. Also of their son William Cooper, of Isleworth, who died the 13 June, 1859, aged 64 years. [North side]. Sacred to the memory of Jane Stone PECKHAM, granddaughter of Joseph and Ann Cooper, who died the 9 Septr, 1828, aged 3 years and 8 months. And of Catherine Maria Peckham, her sister, who died the 5 October, 1842, in her 16th year. Also of Thomas Peckham, of Greenwich, their father, who died the 20 October, 1856, in his 75th year. And of Catherine Sophia Peckham, their mother, who died on the 2 November, 1858, in her 70th year. [West side]. In memory of George STONE, who died November 11, 1833, in his 40th year. He was eldest son of William Stone, Esq., of H.M. Royal Dockyard, Chatham, and married Jane Maria, daughter of Joseph and Ann Cooper. He was an affectionate husband, obedient son, kind brother and an honourable man.

55. COTTERELL (139). Here lies in hopes of a joyful resurrection the body of Mr. Abraham COTTERELL, who departed this life the 29 October, A.D. 1724, aged 22 years and 3 months. "Short was my stay on earth, the longer is my rest./God calls them soonest whom he does love best".

56. CROFTON (154). Sacred to the memory of Eliza Caroline, the wife of Capt. S.S. Lowther CROFTON, R.N., who died on the 10 March, 1855, aged 29 years.

57. CRUTTENDEN (99). In memory of Harriet, wife of Colonel Courtenay CRUTTENDEN, R.A., who died the 23 December, 1851, aged 62 years. Also the said Colonel Courtenay Cruttenden, who departed this life the 17 March, 1852, in the 67th year of his age. "Requiescat in pace".

58. CUMMING (276) [South side]. Here lieth interred the body of Mrs. Rebecca CUMMING, wife of Capt. Cumming, of the R.N., who died the 11 April, 1783, aged 31 years. [North side]. Sacred to the memory of James Cumming, Esq., Admiral of the White, who died the 19August, 1808, aged 71 years.

59. CURRY (152). Sacred to the memory of Mary, eldest daughter of the late Revd John CURRY, M.A., formerly Vicar of Dartford, in this County, and Mary, his wife, ob. the 8 June, 1812, æt. 69 years. Also Lydia, youngest daughter of the above, ob. 2 June, 1843, aged 61 years. And Leah, the last surviving daughter, relict of Randall GOSSET, of Thorp-arch Hall, County York, late Lieut-Colonel of the 3rd Light Dragoons, born 4 Febry., 1776, died the 13 April, 1855.

60. D--------------/ (3). M.D. 1854, E.M.D 1855 (DRUMMOND).

61. DALTRY (167). In memory of Mr. William DALTRY, who died October 8, 1812, aged 76 years. Also of Mr. Jacob ALLEN, late Master Pavior of H.M. Dock Yard, Woolwich, who died October 14, 1820, aged 38 years. "All you that come my grave to see,/Prepare yourselves to follow me:/Prepare in time, make no delay,/For I in haste was called away". Also Esther, wife of the above Jacob Allen, who died Febry. 10, 1842, aged 64 years.

62. DAVIES (136). In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth DAVIES, wife of Mr. Alexander Davies, of the Parish of East Greenwich, who departed this life the 16 February, 1786, in the 79th year of her age."A virtuous, tender, loving wife,/In hope of everlasting life". Also the remains of the above Mr. Alexander Davies, who died the 3 July, 1790, aged 81 years.

63. DAVIES (194). Sacred to the memory of Thomas Charles, son of Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Ann DAVIES, of this Parish, who died the 28 October, 1808, in the 12th year of his age. Also Eleanor, who died in infancy. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven". Likewise the above Mrs. Ann Davies, who departed this life the 1 October, 1822, aged 55 years.

64. DAVIS (189). Here lieth the body of Rachael DAVIS, late of this Parish, who died the 1 Febry., 1766, aged 77 years. Here also lieth the body of Mr. William Davis, husband of the above Rachel, who departed this life the 12 day of November, 1768, aged 68 years.

65. DAVIS (190). Mrs. Connop DAVIS, wife of Mr. Wm Davis, of Paddington, Co. Middx., who died the 19 July, 1790, aged 68 years. Also the body of Mr. William Davis, husband of the above, who died the 18 February, 1795, aged 67 years. Likewise of Mrs. Joanna WATSON, daughter of the above William and Connop Davis, who died the 20 Janry., 1799, aged 30 years. Likewise the body of Mr. Jacob Kruger Watson, of The Old Change, London, husband of the above Mrs. Joanna Watson, who died July 11, 1807, aged 59 years.

66. DAVIS (155). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Edward DAVIS, of this Parish, who died the 28 January, 1830, aged 74 years. Also Mr. Edward Davis, son of the above, who died the 12 June, 1826, aged 42 years. Also Sophia HOPKINS, granddaughter of the above, who died December 24, 1837, aged 4 years. Also Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, wife of the above Mr. Edward Davis, junr, who died April 10, 1838, aged 57 years. Also Mary Davis, daughter of the above, who departed this life 13 Novr, 1856, aged 49 years.

67. DOBBS (207). Sacred to the memory of John DOBBS, son of John and Ann Dobbs, of this Parish, died April 13, 1814, aged 16 months. Also William Dobbs, brother of the above, died Novr 8, 1831, aged 12 years. Also Ann Dobbs, died Janry. 10, 1841, aged 54 years. Much lamented by her husband and children. Also Henry Dobbs, died November 9, 1853, aged 30 years.

68. DOWDING (125). Sacred to the memory of Miss Mary Ann DOWDING, late of Montpelier Row, Blackheath, who departed this life Novr 11, 1850, in her 74th year.

69. DOWSON (275). Sacred to the memory of W. Dalrymple DOWSON, Esq., formerly of London, who departed this life at Greenwich, 4 June, 1849, aged 74 years. And of Sophia, widow of the above, who died Septr 10, 1854, in her 73rd year. Also of George Graham, the infant son of Charles Edward and Jane LANG, and grandson of the above. Also Sophia Charlotte, their eldest child, who died April 12, 1855, in her 14th year.

70. DRAKE (133). Sacred to the memory of Mary DRAKE, wife of Francis Drake, who departed this life Septr 25, 1816, aged 51 years. Also George DRAKE, son of the above, who died at Port Royal, Jamaica, Octr 25, 1815, aged 22 years. Also Captain John Jeffery Drake, who departed this life April 27, 1833, aged 42 years.

71. DUCE (135). In memory of Samuel Roger DUCE, son of Samuel and Sarah Duce, who departed this life 7 June, 1796, aged 2 years 5 months and 2 days. Also the above Sarah Duce, who departed this life the 27 February, 1816, aged 69 years.

72. DUGAN (118). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Alexander DUGAN, of this Parish, who departed this life May 22, 1848, aged 47 years.

73. DUNBAR (4). Here are interred the remains of Janet DUNBAR, wife of Major Malcolm Nicholson Dunbar, of the Bengal Army, who died at Blackheath the 1 October, 1834, aged 42 years. Also of Janet Isabella, daughter of the above, who died at the same place the 5 November, 1837, aged 13 years. Also of Mary Dehany St. Clair TRAILL, fourth daughter of James Traill, of Rattar, N.B., and Lady Janet Traill, died the 30 May, 1868, aged 77 years.

74. DUNCAN (156). The remains of the late Captn Alexander Duncan, of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, are here deposited. He died the 21 February, 1782, in his 52nd year. Also the remains of Margaret, his wife, who died the 25 Novr, 1794, aged 62 years.

75. DURRANT (214). Sacred to the memory of William DURRANT, late Boatswain of H.M’s Navy, who died January 22, 1840, aged 66 years. "For I know that my Redeemer liveth". – John xix, 25.

76. DUST (200). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Jacob DUST, the beloved wife of Mr. William Dust, Gunner R.A., who departed this life Septr 11, 1849, aged 36 years.

77. DYER (289). Sacred to the memory of Thomas DYER, Esq., of Blackheath Park, who departed this life the 7 April, 1837, aged 54 years. He was an affectionate husband and a father of the fatherless. Also Mrs.Elizabeth Dyer, wife of the above, who died August 1, 1849, aged 74 years. Deeply lamented by her family and friends.

78. EATON (188). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Mary EATON, died Septr 7, 1842, aged 78 years.

79. EDWARDS (265). Sacred to the memory of Mr. John EDWARDS, who departed this life April 7, 1814, aged 33 years. Also of John Edwards, son of the above, who died in his infancy.

80. EELES (146). By his brother Officers of the 1st Batt. Rifle Brigade this stone is raised to the memory of the late Lieut-Colonel William EELES, K.H., to one whom they loved and esteemed as a friend and comrade as much as they regarded and appreciated his high qualities as a soldier. Born Oct. 12, 1783, died at Woolwich Oct. 12, 1837.

81. ELDRIDGE (84). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Ann ELDRIDGE, died the 19 Novr, 1845, aged 68 years. For 25 years the kind and affectionate nurse of the family of the Right Hon. Spencer PERCEVAL, who have erected this stone in remembrance of her long and faithful service.

82. ELSON (165). Sacred to the memory of Thomas ELSON, Esq, R.N., Master Attendant of H.M. Dockyard at Woolwich, who died 10 August, 1848, aged 54 years.

83. ENGLEHEART (122). Sacred to the memory of William Hayley ENGLEHEART, Bachelor, second son of Nathaniel Brown and Mary Jane Engleheart, of Blackheath, who died the 8 June, 1853, in the 37th year of his age. Also of Nathaniel Brown Engleheart, eldest son of the above-named Nathaniel Brown and Mary Jane Engleheart, who died the 8 June, 1853, in the 39th year of his age.

84. ENGLISH (228). In memory of Frederick ENGLISH, Colonel of the Royal Engineers, who died in command of the above Corps at Woolwich, on the 30 June, 1849, aged 59 years. "The memory of the just is blessed". – Proverbs x, 7.

85. EVE (262). Sacred to the memory of Ellen EVE, daughter of Edward and Harriet Eve, died the 9 February, 1835, aged 2 years and 8 months. "But Jesus said, Suffer little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven". "Set your affections on things above and not on things on the earth". – Cor. iii. Also of their beloved son, Charles Henry Eve, who died the 3 Novr, 1851, aged 9 years. "He shall gather the lambs in His arms and carry them in His bosom". – Isaiah x. "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes". – Revelation xxi, 4.

86. EWBANK (86). In memory of Marianne Charlotte EWBANK, eldest daughter of the Revd William and Theodosia Ewbank, who was born May 5, 1821, and died July 3, 1840. "She is not dead but sleepeth, but them that sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him". – Luke viii, 52; 1 Thess. iv, 14.

87. FISHER (305). Sacred to the memory of Major-General Sir George Bulteel FISHER, K.C.H., Commandant of Woolwich Garrison, who departed this life the 8 March, 1834, aged 70 years.

88. FLARTEY (197). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Ann FLARTEY, beloved wife of Mr. James Flartey, who died August 2, 1835, aged 64 years. Also the above Mr. James Flartey, who died Janry. 21, 1841, aged 75 years. "My flesh shall slumber in the ground/Till the last trumpet’s joyfull sound,/Then burst the chains with sweet surprise/And in my Saviour’s image rest". (sic).

89. FLOOD (49). In memory of Mr. John FLOOD, who died October 20, 1813, in the 77th year of his age. Also Mr. John Low PECKHAM, who died July 27, 1839, in his 53rd year.

90. FLOYD (187). In this grave are deposited the remains of Mr. Henry FLOYD, of this Parish, died the 13 January, 1809, aged 71 years. Also Richard, his son, died the 20 April, 1808, aged 44 years. And close on the South side Ann GOTTS, his daughter, died 7 June, 1809, aged 23 years. Also Mrs. Martha Floyd, relict of the above, died May 12, 1812, aged 67 years. Also in memory of John Floyd, died 2 March, 1811, aged 23 years, at Messina, in Sicily, and was there buried.

91. FORSTER (203). Sacred to the memory of Thomas FORSTER, Esq., of Berwick on Tweed, who departed this life at Blackheath, Janry. 4, 1843, aged 68 years. Also Henry Vaughan Forster, son of the above, who departed this life at Kilburn, Octr 31, 1835, aged 5 years.

92. FOSTER (205). In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth FOSTER, who departed this life June 1, 1812, in the 77th year of her age. Also of Mrs. Mary Foster, who departed this life August 25, 1828, aged 59 years.

93. FRASER (294).Here lie the remains of Hugh FRASER, son of Lieut-Col. FRASER, R.A., who died 19 May, 1822, aged 3 years. Also to the memory of the above-named Hugh Fraser, Lieut-Col. of the Royal Regt of Artillery, who died at Colombo, in the Island of Ceylon, on the 30 June, 1828, aged 56 years. After service to his Country and his King of 34 years. Also here lie the remains of Alexander FRASER, youngest son of the said Lieut-Colonel Fraser, who died the 20 October, 1830, aged 5 years and 6 months. Also Mrs. Ann WALLACE, who died 2 October, 1836, mother to the above children, distinguished in her life for charity, benevolence, singleness of mind, a good Christian, a kind friend and an affectionate wife. [Note: This stone has now (1908) been removed and replaced by a cross of white marble with coping and rail. The "LIDDLE" stone near it has also been removed and placed against the rail of the "ROCHFORT" tomb]. The inscription on the cross is as follows: [Eastern face]. In moving memory of "Annie", widow of John THORNBER, Esq., and only daughter of the late Lieut-Col. Hugh Fraser, Royal Artillery. She entered into rest, Feby. 14, 1906, in the 85th year of her age. "The Lord bless thee and keep thee, Beloved". [Southern face]. In memory of Lieut-Col. Hugh Fraser, died 30 June, 1828, at Colombo, where he was interred, aged 56 years. After a service to his King and Country of 34 years. Also Anne, widow of the above, and wife of Captn St. Aubin WALLACE, died Oct. 21, 1836. Distinguished for her charity, benevolence, and singleness of mind. [South side of coping]. Also of Hugh, died May 19, 1822; also of Alexander, died Oct. 20, 1830, aged 5 years and 6 months, children of the above. Also of Captn Hugh John Arthur Fraser, shot in Brazil, while bravely quelling a mutiny, Nov. 22, 1876. Also of James Henry Mansell Fraser, died of grief, in Rosario, May 5, 1878, sons of Major James Fraser. [East side of coping]. In memory of Major James Fraser, 60 Royal Rifles, only surviving son of Lieut.-Col. Hugh Fraser, R.A., died at Thayetmyo, Burma, May 21, 1863, aged 42.

94. FRAZER (66). Here lie the remains of Henry FRAZER, who was born of African parents, and departed this life on the 19 Decr, 1826, aged 55 years. In grateful testimony of his fidelity and devoted attention the master whom he served 30 years has raised this tomb.

95. FRAZER (307). Sacred to the memory of Colonel Sir George Augustus Simon FRAZER, K.C.B., R.H.A., who departed this life the 11 June, 1835, in his 59th year. Andrew James Frazer, his second son, who departed this life the 8 July, 1845, aged 32 years.

96. FRY (101). In memory of Ann FRY, who fell asleep in Jesus Septr ....(Eight lined inscription illegible).

97. FYERS (80). Sacred to the memory of Major-General Peter FYERS, C.B., Colonel Commandant 7th Batt. R.A. Born in Edinburgh Castle the 21 December 1769, died at Charlton the 17 May, 1846. And his wife, Frances Fyers, 5th daughter of John BOLLAND, Esq., M.P., born Febry. 21, 1792, married Novr 7, 1812, died Janry. 14th 1867. [At the north side]. Underneath this stone were interred on the 24 May, 1846, the mortal remains of Major-General Peter Fyers, C.B., Colonel Commandant of the 7th Batt. R.A., who died on the 17 of the same month, aged 75 years. Honored and beloved by all and most deeply regretted by his attached family and friends. He served his Country for 54 years, many of which were passed in active service and in arduous and trying duties, and after a pious and serene old age he resigned his soul to God who gave it, trusting solely in the merits of his Redeemer.

98. GARDNER (212). In this grave are deposited the remains of the Revd William GARDNER, Rector of Haversham and Hardmede, Coy. Bucks. He departed this life at Blackheath, 12 Janry., 1802, in the 71st year of his age.

99. GARMAN (28). This stone is erected as a memorial of the long and faithful service of Elizabeth GARMAN, who died August 12, 1849, aged 82 years. "Servants, obey your Masters in everything, fearing God".

100. GARNER (258). [East side]. In memory of Lieut-Colonel Joseph GARNER, of the Bengal Army, born the 13 Septr, 1786, died the 20 April, 1851. Among other arduous duties he served with forces on four occasions, who received the thanks of Parliament, and the toils of war being over he now rests here in peace. [West side]. "Ye Christian mourner who this tablet view,/Let grief be turned to joy, and cease to weep./Jesus, who shed His precious blood for you,/Hath made the grave a bed and death a sleep".

101. GARRETT (195). In this grave are deposited the remains of Mrs. Mary GARRETT, wife of Mr. John Garrett, of Greenwich, who died the 23 February, 1810, aged 58 years. A loving wife, a good neighbour and a sincere friend. "Affliction sore long time I bore-/Physicians were in vain-/Till God did please to give me ease/And relieve me of my pain". Also the above Mr. John Garrett, who died 16 Decr, 1812, aged 70 years.

102. GASTON (64). In memory of Bathsheba GASTON, wife of Richard Gaston, of this Parish, who died 20 June, 1821, aged 78 years. "Grieve not, husband and children dear,/Tho’ sudden death has brought me here". Also Ann TAYLOR, wife of William Taylor and daughter of the above, who died the 9 October, 1825, in the 43rd year of her age. Also the above Richard GASTON, who died the 18 Novr, 1826, in his 78th year. "Within this grave my body lies at rest/Till Christ the Lord shall cause it to be blest,/When at whose glorious coming I shall behold/My righteous Judge, the Saviour of the World. Amen". Also the above William Taylor, of the Parish of St. Olave’s, Southwark, who died the 8 June, 1828, aged 38 years. Also Elizabeth, wife of Joseph DARK and daughter of the above Ann Taylor, who departed this life October 26, 1852, aged 48 years. Deeply regretted by her beloved husband and family.

103. GILBERTSON (256). Sacred to the memory of Thos GILBERTSON, late Quartermaster of the R.A., born May 6, 1782, died January 19, 1828. Erected by his family in remembrance of his love and kindness to them.

104. GILLMAN (121). Sacred to the memory of Robert GILLMAN, who died at Pentonville, Coy. Middx., 28 Decr, 1828, aged 64 years. Also of Ann Gillman, widow of the above, who, after suffering with Christian resignation severe bodily affliction for many years, departed this life at Lee, in this Parish, 14 Novr, 1851, aged 74 years. Also of Augustus FABER, their grandson, who died on the 26 Janry., 1852, at Carvilla, Blackheath, aged 19 years.

105. GLASGOW (220). Sacred to the memory of Maria, daughter of Major-Gen. GLASGOW, R.A., who died the 25 March, 1811, in the 14th year of her age. Also the above Lieut-Gen. Glasgow, died the 28 Octr, 1820, aged 64 years. Also Bertha Jane, daughter of Capt. Glasgow, R.A., and granddaur. of the above Lieut-Genl Glasgow, who died 17 Septr, 1848, aged 13 years. "I will wash my hands in innocency, oh Lord, and so I will go to Thine Altar". – Psalm xxvi, 6.

106. GOSSET (192). Major-Gen. Sir William GOSSET, Serjeant-at-Arms attending the House of Commons, burn 18 Janry, 1872, died 27 March, 1848. Also Dame Gertrude Martha, his wife, born 27 Octr, 1789, died the 13 Octr, 1849. "Bless the Lord, oh my Soul, and forget not all His benefits, Who forgiveth all thine iniquities and healeth all thy diseases, Who preserveth thy life from destruction" . – Psalm ciii.

107. GOULTY (318). In memory of Margaret GOULTY, died Feb. 19, 1827, aged 25 years.

108. GOURD (107). In memory of Mr. Charles Deane GOURD, late Paymaster and Purser R.N., who died the 11 March, 1850, aged 38 years. "In the midst of life we are in death". Also Fanny Deane and Charles Deane, children of the above, who died in infancy.

109. GRACE (235). Here are deposited the remains of Mrs. Mary GRACE, widow, daughter of the late Israel and Mary RUSSELL, she died the 19 Octr, 1802, aged 62 years. "May she rest in peace".

110. GRAHAM (304). In memory of Lieut. Chas Davidson GRAHAM, fifth Dutch Light Dragoons, youngest son of the late Lieut-Col. Colin Dundas Graham and of Mary Magdalene his wife, who died at Charlton 9 Augt, 1835, aged 27 years. This stone is placed in tribute of affection by his afflicted family, deeply deplored by them and lamented by all who knew his worth.

111. GREGORY (288). In memory of Cap. Wm GREGORY, of the R.E., 3rd son of the late Revd William Gregory, of Canterbury, who died the 17 Novr, 1853, aged 59 years.

112. HALL (162). Sacred to the memory of Susanna Charlotte, the beloved wife of Henry John HALL, junior, Esq., of Blackheath Park, in this Parish, who departed this life February 8, 1847, in the 23rd year of her age. Also an infant son of the above, who died 27 February, 1848.

113. HALLIBURTON (303). [On top slab]. In memory of Isabella Baildon HALLIBURTON, youngest daughter of James Halliburton, Esq., Commander in the H.E.I.C.S., and Elizabeth his wife, died Septr 18, 1831, aged 20 years. Also of the above James Halliburton, who died at sea April 10, 1815, aged 50 years, and was interred in the Island of St Helena. Also to the above Elizabeth Halliburton, who died at Blackheath Park, Novr 5, 1851, aged 72 years. Also of Charles Drummond Halliburton, only son of the above James and Elizabeth Halliburton, who died in Australia, June 17, 1861, aged 47 years. Also of Elizabeth Hall Halliburton, eldest daughter of the above James and Elizabeth Halliburton, who died at Blackheath Park, Novr 10, 1878, aged 71 years. And of Katherine Young Halliburton, second daughter of the above James and Elizabeth Halliburton, who died at Blackheath Park, Septr 28, 1890, aged 82 years. [On the west side]. In a vault beneath rest the remains of Margaret, wife of John LINDSAY, of Lewisham, Kent, and of Laurence Pountney Lane, London, born 1 April 1789, died the 8 Octr, 1833. Also of the above-named John Lindsay, who died at Blackheath Park, 6 Decr, 1847, in his 82nd year.

114. HAMILTON (227). Agnes HAMILTON, Jacobi Hamilton, Armigeri, Uxor, ob. Augusti 15, 1766. Easque animi sanctosque recessus mentis et in coctum generoso pectus honesto. Lady Margaret Hamilton, mater ejus, ob. Novr 17, 1768, æt. 77. Mrs. Charlotte Mary Hamilton, died the 11 October, 1822, aged 60 years. Colonel Alexander Hamilton, late of the 30th Regt, died at Woolwich the 4 June, 1838, aged 73 years. Also to the memory of his youngest son, William James Hamilton, Lieut. of H.M. 3rd Regt of the Buffs, who died at Kernal, 21 October, 1811, aged 26 years. Deeply regretted by his brother Officers, by whom a tomb is erected as a token of their regard and esteem.

115. HAND (184). Here lieth the body of John HAND, of Austin Friars, London, Gentn, who died the 28 Octr, 1747, and was interred in this place in ye 66th year of his age.

116. HANDYSIDE (112). Sacred to the memory of Catherine, the beloved wife of Company-Serjeant Wiliam HANDYSIDE, of the Royal Artillery, who departed this life the 10 Septr, 1853. She was ....../all that a wife and mother could be. This monument was erected by the non-commissioned Officers and Gunners of the 1st Coy. of the 11 Battalion R.A., as a tribute of respect and esteem.

117. HARDING (219). Sacred to the memory of Colonel John HARDING, of the Royal Artillery, who after having distinguished himself in several engagements died 10 June, 1809, in his 49th year. An honor to his honorable profession. Also Mary Ann, his wife, who departed this life August 15, 1820, aged 55 years. Also to the memory of Sophia Maria, second daughter of Lieut.-Col. Harding, R.E., and grand-daughter of the above, who departed this life January 2, 1834. She was born February 10, 1832.

118. HARPER (138). In memory of Mr. Alexander HARPER of Woolwich, died the 18 day of April, 1748, aged 53 years. Also Mrs. Mary Harper, wife of the above Mr. Alexander Harper, died the 1 day of January, 1762, aged 64 years. Also in memory of Mr. Robert Solomon WEST, of this Parish, who died the 18 April, 1832, in the 40th year of his age. He was a most affectionate husband. A kind and tender father.

119. HARRIS (162). Here lieth the body of Thomas HARRIS, Esq., of Blackheath, who died the 23 March, 1795, in the 71st year of his age. Also of Joseph, son of the above Thomas Harris, Esq., who departed this life the 16 July, 1846, in his 91st year. Also Mary, wife of the above Mr. Joseph Harris, who departed this life the 27 March, 1847, in her 70th year.

120. HARRISON (201). Beneath this stone lieth the remains of Mr. John HARRISON, Master B---------------/, who departed this life the 7 November, 1800, aged 71 years. Also Mrs. Susanna Harrison, relict of the above, who departed this life the 19 July, 1802, aged 62 years.

121. HERBAGE (284). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Edward HERBAGE, of this Parish, who died April 16, 1834, aged 47 years.

122. HICKS (186). To the memory of Raymond HICKS, Esq., of Lee Road, Blackheath, who departed this life Septr 19, 1847, aged 80 years.

123. HILL (198). In memory of Mr. Samuel HILL, late of the Royal Marines, who departed this life the 28 Febry., 1856, aged 53 years.

124. HILLIER (298). Depositum Sarah Elizabeth, wife of William HILLIER, Esq., of the R.N., ob. July 7, 1792, æt 25, and George, their son, who died in infancy, and Alicia, the second wife of the above, nati. 6 July, 1774, ob. 31 May, 1811.

125. HINDE (268). In tender remembrance of Allan HINDE, Esq., who died May 16, 1836, in the 68th year of his age. Also Miss Emily PEAco*ck, died August 6, 1845, aged 45 years. Also Mrs. Sarah Hinde, widow of the above Allan Hinde, Esq., died Decr 1, 1846, aged 72 years. Mrs. Catherine Peaco*ck, died the 26 June, 1854, in her 47th year. "Happy in Jesus in life,/In death happy".

126. HISLOP (2). In a vault beneath repose the remains of General Sir Thomas HISLOP, to whom a tablet is erected in this Church. And of Emma, his wife, daughter of the Right Hon. Hugh ELLIOTT; she died August 10, 1866. Their only child erects this cross to the memory of her beloved mother. "Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ". – Gal. vi, 2.

127. HOLDSWORTH (89). Sacred to the memory of Anne, wife of William HODSWORTH, who died May 5, 1809, aged 46 years. Also the above William Holdsworth, died Decr 5, 1811, aged 42 years. Also Martha, their daughter, who died in its infancy. Also Mr. Isaac WHEELER, a friend of the above, who died June 4, 1834, aged 76 years. Also Mary, wife of the above, who died August 3, 1840, aged 80 years. Also Sarah, wife of William SHARP and daughter of William and Ann Holdsworth, who died April 16, 1852, aged 52 years.

128. HOLL (18). This tribute of affection is inscribed to the memory of Thomas Llewelyn HOLL, eldest son of Thomas Holl, of Worcester, Esquire, and grandson of Thomas Holl, formerly High Sheriff of County Radnor, Esq, died January 2, 1807, aged 31 years. Also to the memory of Maria Llewelyn Holl, widow of the above and youngest daughter of the late Christopher FOWLER, of Soho Sqr., Esq., died Febry. 19, 1808, in the 34th year of his age. "Oh thou with sails how swift/Hast reached the shore/Where tempests never beat/Nor billows roar".

129. HOPPER (168). Sacred to the memory of Sarah, lamented wife of Lieut. Adjutant Jacob HOPPER, of the 4th Garrison Battalion, and late of this Parish, ob. 16 June, 1824, æt. 46. Also her son-in-law, Mr. William UNSWORTH, of this Parish, ob. 17 January, 1837, æt. 54. They lived respected and died deeply regretted. Also Dr. Jacob Hopper, husband of the above Mrs. Sarah Hopper, who died the 19 March, 1847, in the 75th year of his age. Deeply regretted by his family and friends.

130. HOSTE (225). [North side]. Beneath rests the body of Col. Sir George Charles HOSTE, C.B., K.S.B., late Commanding Royal Engineers Woolwich District. He entered the Army A.D. MDCCCII, at the age of 16, and after a distinguished and varied career of 43 years departed this life the 21 April, MDCCCXLV. Deeply regretted by his Widow, family and private friends, and sincerely regretted by a large circle of brother Officers in both Services. [East side]. Here likewise are interred the remains of William Theodore, youngest son of Col. Sir George Charles Hoste and Mary his wife, born the 11 March, MDCCCXXIX, entered the Royal Military Academy August, MDCCCXLV, died at Woolwich the 22 May, MDCCCXLVI. "All flesh is as grass and all the Glory of Man is as the flower of grass". "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom".

131. HUNT (274). Sacred to the memory of Esther Jane, beloved daughter of Jesse and Esther HUNT, of Beresford Street, Woolwich, who departed this life July 31, 1850, aged 16 years. "Oh happy Saints, may we, like thee, be blest,/In life be faithful and in death find rest".

132. HUSBAND (193). Beneath are deposited the mortal remains of Jane, daughter and last surviving child of the late Robert HUSBAND, Esq., of Egloss Marther, in the Parish of Marther, Co. Cornwall, born April the 22, 1765, died at Woolwich, 16 December, 1836. "There is rest in Heaven". In memory of Capt. James RIVERS, Royal Marines, died at Jersey, 1 Febry., 1846. In memory of James Henry NICHOLSON, Royal Marines, died the 8 June, 1839, aged 61 years.

133. HUTTON (197). [North side]. Here lieth interred the remains of Charles HUTTON, LL.D., F.R.S., etc. Professor of Mathematics during a long series of years in the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. He terminated his valuable life at his home in Bedford Row, London, 27 January, 1823, in the 86th year of his age. Here also are interred the remains of Margaret, second wife of the aforesaid Charles Hutton. She departed this life the 15 March, 1817, aged 65 years. [South side]. Here also are interred the remains of Charlotte, daughter of Dr. Dutton, who died the 24 Septr, 1794, aged 16 years. Also the remains of Charles Henry Hutton, Gentleman Cadet at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, departed this life the 13 Febry, 1815, aged 15 years. He was grandson of Dr. Hutton, son of Lieut-Gen. Henry Hutton, by Ann, his first wife, who died the 26 July, 1800 (greatly lamented, in the flower of her youth), at Harbledown, nr Canterbury, and is buried in the Church of that place.

134. IRELAND (140). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Emma IRELAND, who died the 23 April, 1832, in her 86th year. Also of Mrs. Elizabeth JONES, sister of the above, who died the 20 November, 1835, in her 88th year. Relict of the late William Jones, Esq, of Chappell Street, Pentonville. Also Elizabeth, wife of Thomas A.H. DICKSON, Esq., of Nottingham Place, New Road, grandson of the above William and Elizth Jones, who died 26 October, 1843, aged 24 years. Also Thomas Jones, Esq., of St Germans Terrace, Blackheath, son of the above William and Elizabeth Jones, who died the 16 June, 1848, aged 62 years.

135. JOHNES (105). Sacred to the memory of Arthur Owen Oakeley JOHNES, youngest son of the late Revd Arthur Owen Johnes, of Lower Garthmyl, Montgomeryshire, and Rector of Ludlow, in the Coy. of Shropshire. He died suddenly June 1, 1849, aged 8 years and 9 months. "Be ye also ready, for the Son of Man cometh at an hour when ye think not". – Luke xii, 40. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord". – Rev. xiv, 13.

136. JOHNSON (75). In memory of Frances, wife of C. JOHNSON, Esq., who died the 20 of Septr, 1794, aged 22. Also Sir William LEIGHTON, Knight, of Kemnall House, Chislehurst, in this Coy., who died the 26 April, 1826, aged 74 years. Also of Lady Leighton, relict of Sir William Leighton, Knight, who died the 5 November, 1828, aged 82 years. Also of Lieut-Col. William Leighton WOOD, K.H., who died 19 Septr, 1843, aged 58 years. Also Frances Mary Wood, widow of the above-named Lieutenant-Col. William Leighton Wood, K.H., who died the 28 March, 1865, in the 71st year of her age.

137. JOHNSON (111). Sacred to the memory of Ann Elizabeth, the wife of William Johnson, of this Parish, who departed this life the 9 Septr, 1821, aged 21 years. Also their infant daughter. Also the above William Johnson, who departed his life the 6 Febry., 1836, aged 45 years.

138. JOLLY (131). In memory of Annie Elizabeth JOLLY, daughter of William and Jane Jolly, died March 16, 1846. Also to the memory of Catherine, beloved wife of John MINISTER, of 8 Buckingham Street, Strand, and friend of the above. She departed this life Septr 6, 1848, aged 55 years. Much beloved by all that knew her. "My dearest wife, I drop a tear/Upon your dust that slumbers here./And while I read this state of thee/All earthly pleasures may go free". Also of Emily Jolly, sister of the above, who died May 8, 1850, aged 20 years and 6 months. [On the back of the stone]. In memory of Mrs. Mary Jones, who departed this life April 11, 1852, aged 75 years.

139. JONES (308). In memory of Mr. Benjamin JONES, died Septr 19, 1797, aged 36 years. Also Mrs Elizabeth SMITH, sister of the above, died July 27, 1813, aged 57 years.

140. JOYCE (7). Sacred to the memory of Mattw. John JOYCE, son of Mr. John and Mrs. Margaret Joyce, of the Parish of Woolwich, who departed this life March 10, 1807, aged 2 years and 11 months. "Sweet child that warmed a parent’s breast,/Thy Saviour calls thee to an heavenly rest./So meet the radiant smile of Jesus’ face,/So reap the fruits of mighty wondrous grace".

141. KEMP (30). In memory of James KEMP, Esq., of Blackheath Park, who departed this life the 23 August, 1844, in the 57th year of his age. Also Louisa Augusta Kemp, widow of the above, who departed this life on the 19 Augt, 1871, in the 84th year of her age.

142. KEMPSTER (316). In memory of Captn George KEMPSTER, late of the Royal Artillery, who died 25 March, 1837, in his 79th year.

143. KENDALL (52). Within this tomb are interred the remains of the Revd John KENDALL, M.A., 40 years Vicar of Budbrooke, in County Warwick, and 50 years Master of Lord Leicester’s Hospital. He died at Blackheath, April 25, 1844, in the 81st year of his age. He bore with patience the trials of this life, looking forward by faith to their end in the next.

144. KENNEY (88). In memory of Thomas KENNEY, who died June 21, 1833, aged --/ years.

145. KEYMER (150). In memory of James KEYMER, Esq., 34 years in the Marine Service of the Hon. Company at Bengal, and during 12 years of that period was senior branch Pilot, who departed this life the 19 Febry., 1832, aged 66 years. He was a most affectionate husband, an indulgent parent and a sincere and valuable friend.

146. KIDD (36). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth KIDD, late wife of Mr. Henry Kidd, of the Parish of Woolwich, who departed this life 9 January, 1829, aged 41 years. And of Hannah, the beloved wife of Quartermaster William MARVIN, R.A., and daughter of the above, who died at Woolwich the 3 Septr, 1848, in the 38th year of her age. Also the above Mr. Henry Kidd, who departed this life May 1, 1852, aged 71 years.

147. KIDD (221). In memory of Elizabeth Ann KIDD, daughter of Samuel and Ann Kidd, departed this life August 28, 1858, aged 8 years and 3 months. "This little babe like a harmless lamb/Is here laid down to sleep,/While Christ, the Saviour of her soul,/Doth her in safety keep". Samuel KIDD, born Septr 18, 1769, died Decr 22, 1855. Ann Kidd, wife of the above, born Decr 25, 1778, died Janry. 15, 1861. Samuel Kenneth, a grandson of the above, born August 19, 1834, died Febry. 5, 1840.

148. KIDGER (179). Here lieth the body of Jane KIDGER, wife of William Kidger, who departed this life the 4 July, 1750, aged 55 years. She was a virtuous and loving wife, a tender mother, a peaceable neighbour and a good Christian. She was charitable to her enemies and faithful to her friends. "My time on earth is past,/The longer is my rest,/God called me hence/Because it pleased him best,/I sleep in rest, I lived in pain,/I hope in Christ to rise again". [Note: Her footstone is now at the base of the ANDRES tomb.

149. KING (113). Sacred to the memory of Margaret Lavinia, daughter of William Charles and Margaret KING, of Blackheath Park, who died the 6 April, 1836, aged 7 months.

150. KIRBY (44). In memory of John KIRBY, who departed this life August 27, 1829, aged 50 years, leaving Mary his wife, and Maria, Mary, John, Elizabeth, William, Hester, Sarah, Caroline, Jane, Samuel and Henry, his 11 children, to mourn his loss. "Weep not, my wife and children dear,/I am not dead, but sleeping here./And at the last trumpet’s awful sound/I shall be saved and here be found". Also William Kirby, son of the above John and Mary Kirby, who died in India, January 1, 1843, in the 27th year of his age. Also the above-named Mary Kirby, who departed this life February 27, 1854, aged 73 years. [On back of the stone]. In memory of Maria LYONS, grand-daughter of John and Mary Kirby, who departed this life May 10, 1844, aged 1 year and 10 months. The adjoining grave.

151. KIRKE (183). [South side]. In memory of Joseph KIRKE, Esq., senior, who died in the year 1745. Of Susannah Kirke, who died in the year 1751. Of Elizabeth Kirke, who died in the year 1756. Of Susannah RAYNES, who died in the year 1759. Also Joseph Kirke, junr, who died in the year 1765. This monument was erected by the Revd James HARRIS, Rector of Cheveley, Cambridge. [West side]. James Brown HORNER, Esq., aged 68, and Helen Catherine, his wife, aged 64 years, both died in Paris, Decr 20, 1839. [North side]. James BROWN, Esq., died 14 April, 1787, aged 56 years. Robert McCULLOCH, Esq., died 27 May, 1789, aged 49 years. Francis McCulloch, Esq., died the 1 April, 1816, aged 46 years. George Boone ROUPELL, Esq., died the 19 January, 1838, aged 75 years. Francis Browne Roupell, Esq., died the 8 February, 1853, aged 83 years. George Leith Roupell, M.D., died 29 Septr, 1854, aged 57 years. Charles Morris Roupell, born 24 January, 1812 [date of death not filled in].

152. LAKE (59). Sacred to the memory of Sir Willoughby Thomas LAKE, K.C.B., Admiral of the White, who died Febry. 18, 1847, aged 71 years.

153. LAMB (279). In this grave are deposited the remains of Mr. John LAMB, of Blackheath, much respected for his integrity. He departed this life 23 Janry., 1801, aged 67 years. Also Mary, relict of the above, who departed this life the 8 July, 1819, aged 63 years. And of Miss Mary Lamb, their daughter, who departed this life 9 January, 1854, aged 70 years.

154. LANG (177). Sacred to the memory of Oliver LANG, Esq., late Master Shipwright of H.M. Dockyard, Woolwich, and Lieut-Col. of the Royal Dockyard Brigade, born the 6 May, 1777, died the 12 April, 1855. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord from henceforth, yea, said the Spirit, for they rest from their labours and their works do follow them". Also of Oliver William Lang, Esq., eldest son of the above, late of Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, and formerly Master Shipwright of H.M. Dockyard, Chatham, and Lieut-Col. of the Royal Dockyard Brigade, who departed this life the 28 July, 1868, aged 60 years. "Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out". Also Louisa, wife of the above Oliver William Lang, Esq., who departed this life 15 Septr, 1869. "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life". [Note: Above is a very much decayed coat of arms. The bearing looks like a cross fretty].

155. LAWES (241). Here lieth interred the body of Martha LAWES, who departed this life the 28 January, 1740, aged 59 years. Here also lieth interred the body of George Lawes, Citizen and Bitt maker to His Majesty, who departed this life 14 Novr, 1742, aged 63 years. "Attend, sweet reader, spend a tear,/Think on the dust that slumbereth here,/And when thou read’st the estate of we/Think on the glass that runs for thee". Also here lieth the body of [The remainder of this inscription is below the surface. On the back of the stone is the following in large letters]: Also the body of Henry George LAWES, son of Henry John Lawes, died July the 17, 1752, aged 5 years. Ann CLARKSON, daughter of George and Martha Lawes, died July 16, 1760, aged 47 years.

156. LAYTON (252). Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Layton, wife of Benjamin Layton, Gentn, of Greenwich, who departed this life October -/, 1816, aged 75 years. Also the above Benjamin Layton, who departed this life 4 April, 1824, aged 86 years."A pleasing form, a gentle generous heart,/A good companion, honest without art,/Just in his dealings, faithful to his friend,/Beloved thro’ life and honoured in his end". Also Martha Maria Layton, who departed this life the 11 March, 1847, aged 70 years. [On the back of this stone]: In front of this stone are deposited the remains of Mrs. Frances Sophia EDWARDS, who died the 21 June, 1845, aged 62 years. "My flesh shall slumber in the ground/Till the last trumpet’s joyful sound,/Then burst the chains with sweet surprise,/And in my Saviour’s image rise". Also Harriet Layton, spinster, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Layton, who died the 1 August, 1854, aged 86 years.

157. LEE (191). Sacred to the memory of Thomas LEE, Gentn, who departed this life Septr 15, 1808, aged 73 years. Also of Mrs. Mary Lee, relict of the above, who departed this life 10 January, 1822, aged 59 years. Also Mr. Thomas Kirk COOPER, son-in-law of the above Thomas and Mary Lee, who departed this life Novr 29, 1815, aged 43 years. Also of Mary Isabella Lee, daughter of the above Thomas and Mary Lee, who departed this life April 11, 1803, aged 12 years. Also of Mr. Thomas William Lee, only son of the above Thomas and Mary Lee, Consul at Zante, who died there Novr 5, 1821, aged 32 years.

158. LEE (102) Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth LEE, wife of Mr. John Lee, of H.M. Dockyard, Woolwich, formerly of Devonport, Devon, who died the 14 August, 1848, aged 55 years.

159. LESLIE (245). Memoriae Sacrum of William LESLIE, second son of Thomas Leslie, Merchant of Dundee, who departed this life July 13, 1807, in the 29th year of his age, leaving an inconsolable wife and two daughters, from an insidious disease which he contracted in the service of his Country and which he bore with exemplary fortitude. His widow, Margaret Leslie, erected this monument. Also Mrs. Margaret Leslie, widow of the above, who departed this life October 18, 1809, aged 22 years.

160. LEWIS (90). Sacred to the memory of William LEWIS, R.N., late of Devonport, who departed this life the 3 December, 1852, aged 73.

161. LEWIS (199). In memory of Charlotte, the beloved and affectionate wife of Charles Walter LEWIS, of Putney Hill, Surrey, Esq., born Septr 26, 1821, died Augt 9, 1863. "In the midst of life we are in death".

162. LIDDLE (293). Sacred to the memory of Miss Margaret LIDDLE, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, who departed this life February 17, 1852, aged 24 years.

163. LINDSAY (144). In the vault beneath are placed the bodies of Jane LINDSAY, the daughter, who died the 22 April, 1829, aged 26 years, and Ann Lindsay, the wife, who died the 20 May, 1829, aged 69 years, of Captn Lindsay, R.N., who died the 27 Novr, 1837, aged 80 years, of Miss Anne Lindsay, eldest daughter of the above Captn and Mrs. Lindsay, who died the 8 July, 1849, aged 56 years, of George Lindsay, Bengal Civil Service, youngest son of the above, who died 25 October, 1849, aged 49 years.

164. LITTLE (26). Caroline, wife of Robert John LITTLE, of the Royal Marines, died January 12, 1832, aged 42 years. Richard Rosdew Little, late Captain of the Madras Horse Artillery and Commissary of Ordnance, there died August 23, 1861, aged 46 years. Robert John Little, died October 6, 1861, aged 74 years. He had served in the Corps of the Royal Marines nearly 55 years, joining the R.M.A. in early life and returning in 1837 as Major and Barrack Master of the Woolwich Division, which appointment he held for 28 years. Anna Victoria, relict of the above-named Major Little and daughter of Capt. Henry INMAN, R.N., and sometime Naval Commander at Madras, died March 5, 1866, aged 72 years.

165. LITTLE (153). Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Little, wife of George Little, Esq., who departed this life 13 day of August, 1838, aged 64 years. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God".

166. LUARD (278). Mary LUARD, wife of Captain Robert Luard, R.A., died March 8, 1841, aged 37. Maria Louisa Bettima Luard, daughter of the above, died March 12, 1841, aged 7 days.

167. LUMLEY (60). In memory of Robert Wheatley LUMLEY, second son of the late Robert and Jessie Lumley, who died on the 21 Augt, 1846, in the 27th year of his age. "Lord, I am Thine, save me, for I have sought Thy precepts".

168. MACBEAN (263). Underneath this stone lies Margaret, widow of Major Alexander MACBEAN, of the 11th Regt of Foot, and eldest daughter of the late William MURRAY, Esq., formerly of Ardbanie, N.B. She died the 19 Septr, 1830, aged 75. "Forgive us our trespasses".

169. MACKENZIE (25). Sacred to the memory of Francis Lascelles MACKENZIE, son of William and Frances Mackenzie, who died Octr 6, 1842, aged 20 months and 16 days. "The Lord gave, the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord".

170. MACLEAN (243). In memory of Elizabeth and Mary, most beloved children of Major-General MACLEAN, of the R.A., and his wife, Charlotte, daughter of Lieut-General Sir William CONGREVE, Bart. The first died August 28, 1823, the latter August 6, 1826; both of these innocents being 13 years of age. Also Miss Eleanor Maclean, daughter of the above, who died July 16, 1829, aged 11 years. Also in memory of their father, Lieut-General Sir Joseph Maclean, K.C.H., who died the 19 Septr, 1839, in the 71st year of his age. And of Charlotte, relict of the above, died at Hampton Court Palace, 1845, aged 70 years. Also of Ann, their daughter, who died the 13 April, 1847, aged 40 years. And of Allan, their eldest son, who died the 10 June, 1847, aged 49.

171. MANNERS (285). Sacred to the memory of Margaret Sabina MANNERS, fifth daughter of the late Lieut-Col. Henry Herbert Manners, who died the 18 April, 1845, aged 16 years.

172. MARCHANT (85). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Richard MARCHANT, who died February 17, 1854, aged 66 years.

173. MATHER (249). [North side]. Here lieth interred the body of James MATHER, Esq., late a Merchant of London, who died Janry. 19, 1796, aged 58 years. [South side]. Also the body of Jane, wife of the aforesaid James Mather, who died Octr 9, 1807, aged 68 years. [Top slab]. Here also are deposited the remains of Ann, wife of William MORLEY, Esq., of Broad Street Buildings, London, and eldest daughter of the aforesaid James Mather and Ann his wife. She deceased Septr 15, 1813, aged 40 years. Likewise John and Harriet Morley, children of the above, who died in their infancy.

174. MATHEWSON (19). In memory of Ann MATHEWSON, wife of Robert Mathewson, of Woolwich, who died the 22 Decr, 1812, aged 66 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, yea, said the Spirit, for they rest from their labours, and their works do follow them". Also M.H. MANNING, died the 18 January, 1850, aged 60 years.

175. MAULE (242). Here are deposited the remains of Captn George Silvester MAULE, of the Royal Regt of Artillery, who died the 18 October 1839, aged 46 years.

176. McCALLUM (236). In memory of James McCALLUM, late Boatswain of H.M. Dockyard, Woolwich, who departed this life the 13 day of May, 1849, aged 62 years. Also of Mrs. Mary Ann STUART, daughter of the above, who departed this life 16 Janry., 1852, aged 20 years.

177. McDONELL (91). Sacred to the memory of Adela Louisa McDONELL, who departed this life the 8 May, 1839, aged 7 years and 9 months. "Here I am, for Thou didst call me".

178. McNAUGHTAN (58). In memory of Mr. William McNAUGHTAN, who died 4 Novr, 1847, aged 74 years.

179. METCALFE (83). In memory of Lydia Margaret Christina, daughter of John Gibson METCALFE, of Blackheath, and Margaret Christine, his wife, who died 30 July, 1852, aged 3 months.

180. METHUEN (78). [North side]. Sacred to the memory of Cathcart METHUEN, Esq., youngest son of the late Capt. Thomas METHUEN, R.N., who died at Woolwich the 18 day of Janry., 1847, aged 20 years. [South side]. Sacred to the memory of Catherine Meldrum Methuen, the beloved wife of Dr. William Lambert Methuen, Surgeon, R.N., who died at Woolwich the 11 January, 1847.

181. MILLWARD (255). In memory of Mr. George MILLWARD, late of Blackheath Park, who died August 9, 1808, aged 52 years. "Weep not, my wife and children dear,/I am not dead, but sleeping here,/Until the Almighty God alone/Doth call me to His Heavenly Throne". Also Thomas PINNOCK, grandson of the above, who died February 27, 1826, aged 6 months. Also Mr. Thomas Millward, son of the above, who died April 10, 1838, aged 38.

182. MITCHEL (56). Sacred to the memory of John Wray, second son of Cap. MITCHELL, R.A., and Ann, his wife, died at Woolwich, 14 March, 1844, aged 1 year.

183. MITFORD (45). Sacred to the memory of Charles Henry, the beloved son of Henry George MITFORD, Lieut. in the Royal Marines, and Jane, his wife, who died April the 22, 1833, aged 6 years.

184. MOLE (119). Sacred to the memory of James MOLE, who departed this life the 2 Septr, 1849, aged 35 years. Also his mother, Mary Mole, who departed this life the 6 Septr, 1849, aged 61 years. Also Mr. James Mole, who died the 30 August, 1853, aged 63 years.

185. MONDAY (92). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth MONDAY, beloved wife of Mr. Joseph Monday, of H.M. Dockyard, Woolwich, who departed this life 9 August, 1848, aged 66 years. "Happy in Jesus".

186. MORGAN (33). In memory of Ann, wife of John MORGAN, Esq., of Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, second daughter of Captn CRABTREE, of Brisbane, who departed this life after a lingering illness on Sunday, the 22 August, 1852, aged 41 years. And of Geraldine, beloved and only daughter of John Morgan, Esq., whose brief and saintly life terminated 14 July, 1875, at the early age of 21.

187. MORRIS (299).Depositum Mrs. Margaret MORRIS, of Vine Street, St James, mother of Mrs. Alicia HILLIER, ob. 9 August, 1813, æt 75.

188. MORRISON (175). [North side]. Mrs. Margaret Winifred MORRISON, mother of General Morrison. She died 28 Novr, 1766, aged 72. Mrs. Hannah JENKINS, mother of Mrs. Mary Morrison by her first husband, Edward BECHER, Esq. She died the 26 April, 1788, aged 74. [On the top slab]. Beneath this tomb lieth deposited the remains of General George MORRISON, who departed this life Novr 30, 1790, aged 69 years. He was Colonel in the King’s Own Regt of Foot, and for upwards of 38 years Quartermaster-General of H.M. Forces. Also the remains of two of his infant children, Maria Christian Marianne, born 18 Oct. 1758, she died Octr 18, 1762; George Charles, died the 5 August, 1761, aged 3 months. Also the remains of 2 children of his daughter, Charlotte Mary PETERS, wife of Henry Peters, Esq. Harriet Elizabeth, born the 25 August, 1789, died March 8, 1797; Charles John, born March 19, 1795, died Janry. 1, 1797. Also Mrs Mary Morrison, relict of General George Morrison, daughter of Edward BECHER, Esq., of Kingstown, Jamaica, born the 11 April, 1737 O.S., married the 8 October, 1756, died the 21 June, 1822.

189. MUNDAY (103). Sacred to the memory of Thomas MUNDAY, of the firm of ............./& Munday, Threadneedle Street, London, who died at Woolwich, March 6, 1849, aged ../ years.

190. N. (50). To I.I.N., ob. Novr 27, 1813, æt. 2 years. H.N., ob. June 10, 1813, æt. 4 years and 6 months.

191. N. [Headstone worn out by drippings from trees. Inscriptions all over both sides]. Footstone 14 feet to the east, as follows: H.N. 1796. S.N. 1797. A.N. 1807. M.N. 1811. C.W.N. 1827. I.D.N. 1829.

192. NAPIER (97). In memory of Lieut Archibald NAPIER, of the Royal Marine Artillery, who departed this life the 26 June, 1821, aged XXXI years. [This inscription is in the middle of the stone].

193. NORTHWOOD (127). In hopes of a glorious resurrection here lieth the body of Jane NORTHWOD, who departed this life the 3 Septr, 1737, aged 29 years. To whose memory John CONYERS has caused this stone to be erected. Here also lieth the body of the above said John Conyers, who died the 8 April, 1746, aged 38 years.

194. PAINE (8). In memory of Mrs. Ann PAINE, of the Parish of Woolwich, who died the 13 Novr, 1808, aged 19 years. Also Elizabeth, late wife of Serjeant John FISHER, of the R.A., and sister of the above, who departed this life the 25 April, 1809, aged 25 years.

195. PARKER (196). Beneath this place lie the remains of Mr. James PARKER, and Mary, his wife; also 2 daughters, Sarah and Rebecca; also Mr. Richard POTTEN; likewise Mr. Joseph FINCH, who died Janry. 3, 1795, aged 70 years; also Mrs. Mary Finch, widow of the above Mr. Joseph Finch, who died August 21, 1800, aged 73 years.

196. PARKER (281). Major-Genl. John Boteler PARKER, C.B., died the 25 March, 1851, aged 66. [A tablet is erected to his memory in the adjoining Church].

197. PARR (129). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Richard PARR, who died May 28, 1851, aged 45 years.

198. PARRATT (314). Sacred to the memory of Jean McDERMEIT, beloved wife of J.E.T. PARRATT, Esq., Assistant Surveyor R.A., who died at Woolwich, Novr 12, 1838, aged 29 years, after a short and painful illness, which she bore with exemplary Christian fortitude and resignation.

199. PARRY (269). Sacred to the memory of Lieut-Genl Sir Spencer Claudius PARRY, Col.-Commandant of the 9th Batt. of the R.A., who died the 11 June, 1845, aged 80 years.

200. PASCALL (110). In memory of Mrs. Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. Henry PASCALL, who departed this life July 17, 1852, aged 28 years. "Farewell, afflicting hopes and fears,/Where lights and shades alternate dwell./Hope with the unchanging morn appears,/Farewell, inconstant world, farewell".

201. PATERSON (306). Sacred to the memory of Sarah WELLS, Wd of Capt. William PATERSON, R.N., C.B., who died the 3 Decr, 1847. "When Christ, Who is our life, shall appear, then shall we appear like Him in Glory". – Col. iii, 7.

202. PATTERSTONE (43). In memory of Rebecca Harriett PATTERSTONE, late of the Parish of Woolwich, who departed Augt, 1799, aged --/ years.

203. PAYNE (254). In memory of Hammond PAYNE, who departed this life February 14, 1801, aged 54 years. "How loved, how valued once, avails thee not,/To whom related, or by whom begot,/A heap of dust alone remains of thee,/’Tis all thou art, and all the proud shall be". A tender father and a generous friend has left a wife and four small children to lament his loss. Also Miss Jane PAYNE, daughter of the above, who died Decr 4, 1807, aged 3 years and 8 months. Also Mrs. Jane Payne, wife of the above Mr. Hammond Payne, who died the 17 Novr, 1812, aged 36 years. "Long while afflicted have I been/Physicians tried in vain,/Until it pleased my blessed Lord/To ease me of my pain". Also Mrs. Mary LEE, daughter of the above, who departed this life August 18, 1821, in the 31st year of her age. Also Miss Anne Lee, daughter of the above, who died May 3, 1822, aged 1 year.

204. PEAKE (62). In memory of Jane, the wife of James P. PEAKE, Esq., of H.M. Dockyard, who departed this life at Woolwich, the 1 October, 1851, in the 42nd year of her age.

205. PEDDIE (79). In memory of Annie Eliza PEDDIE, daughter of John Peddie, Esq., Surgeon, R.N. and Eliza Matilda, his wife, died 12 February 1849, aged 4½ years. "Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for us such is the Kingdom of God". Also in memory of John Stuart Peddie, Esq., father of the above, Surgeon H.M.S. Terror, who perished in the Polar Regions in the Expedition under Capt. John FRANKLIN.

206. PEEBLES (41). Sacred to the memory of Thomas PEEBLES, Esq., Colonel and Commandant of the Woolwich Division of the Royal Marines, who died the 3 January, 1848, aged 62 years. Deeply regretted. A tablet has been erected to his memory in the Episcopal Chapel of Perth, N.B., by those Officers who served under his Command in Ireland, A/D., 1846-7.

207. PEIPERS (39). Sacred to the memory of Gustavus William PEIPERS, who died June 6, 1839, aged 26. [This inscription is in the middle of the stone].

208. PERCEVAL (171). The family vault of Frederick James PERCEVAL, Esq. In a vault near this place are deposited the remains of Mary, the beloved wife of F.J.P. [The rest is covered by the tiles].

209. PERCIVAL (96). Sacred to the memory of Maria, daughter of John and Isabella PERCIVAL, died the 31 Jny., 1807, aged 17 years. Also John Lowther Lothian, son of John Lowther and Isabella Percival, died 19 Febry., aged 4 months. Also Isabella, wife of John Percival, died the 26 April, 1812, aged 61 years. Also Thomas William PERCIVAL, son of John and Isabella Percival, died the 8 Febry., 1827, aged 38 years. Also Isabella, wife of the above Thomas William Percival, who died July 17, 1852, aged 55 years.

210. PHILLIPS (210). In memory of Mr. Samuel PHILLIPS, late of this Parish, who departed this life the 29 January, 1839, in the 55th year of his age. In memory of Ann, wife of the above said Mr. Samuel Phillips, who died Septr 24, 1853, aged 67 years.

211. PIDco*ck (237). Sacred to the memory of Benjamin PIDco*ck, Gentn, ob. 26 Augt, 1796, aged 61 years. Also Anne Pidco*ck, wife of the above, ob. 28 Febry., 1820, aged 80 years.

212. PINNOCK (257). In memory of Mr. Henry PINNOCK, who departed this life May 30, 1828, aged 65 years. Also Mrs. Rebecca Pinnock, wife of the above, who departed this life Septr 19, 1830, aged 68 years. Also Mrs. Harriet Pinnock, who died the 10 Decr, 1830, aged 41 years. Also Jane Pinnock, who died the 11 Decr, 1837, aged 1 year. Also Mr. Thomas Pinnock, husband of the above Mrs. Harriet Pinnock, who died March 18, 1843, aged 52 years.

213. POLLARD (247). Here are deposited the mortal remains of John POLLARD (died 1825, aged 83?).

214. PONTIFEN (53). Sacred to the memory of Helen, youngest daughter of Edmund PONTIFEN, Esq., who died the 1 day of March, 1846, aged 22 years."Her’s was a meek and gentle spirit,/All who knew her greatly loved her,/Yet none knew how greatly they loved her/Till Death snatched her away". In a firm hope that she has exchanged this for a happier state, a fond and affectionate parent has affixed this tablet to her memory. [This may be meant for PONTIFEX].

215. PREBLE (68). In memory of Thomas PREBLE, son of James and Mary Preble, who died Febry. 11, 1809, aged 7 months. Also Elizabeth HOBDAY, daughter of Elgar and Mary Hobday, who died March 11, 1809, aged 2 years. [On the left hand side of stone]: Also of Elizabeth PREBBLE, daughter of Michael and Mary Prebble, died aged 3 months. [On the right hand side of stone]: Also of George PREBLE, son of the above, who departed this life 1 November, 1811, aged 2 years. Also Henry Prebble, son of the above, who departed this life the 19 February, 1813, aged 10 weeks. Also Sarah Prebble, daughter of the above, who departed this life the 2 Febry., 1820, aged 3 years and 6 months. [On the footstone the following]: T.P. 1809. E.H. 1809. 1811. H.P. 1813. S.P. 1820.

216. PREBBLE (74). In memory of Ann PREBBLE, daughter of Mr. Michael and Mrs. Elizabeth Prebble, of the Parish of Woolwich, who died May 7, 1814, aged 3 years 3 months and 13 days. Also the above Mrs. Elizabeth Prebble, who died Septr 10, 1820, aged 31 years.

217. PREBBLE (71). In memory of George, son of Richard and Clarissa PREBBLE, of the Parish of Greenwich, who died the 14 January, 1815, aged 2 years 3 months and 12 days. Also Jonathan Prebble, son of John and Ann Prebble, who died the 6 February, 1815, aged 2 years and 7 months. Also Margaret Prebble, daughter of the above, who died --/August, 1823, aged 11 years. Likewise Mrs. Ann Prebble, wife of the above, who died 10 March, 1827, aged 45 years.

218. PREBBLE (37). Sacred to the memory of Susannah PREBBLE, daughter of Henry &Susannah Prebble, of the Parish of Woolwich, who departed this life the 29 Septr, 1818, aged 4 months. [Two more children who died 1821. Stone worn out].

219. PREBBLE (73). In memory of Mrs. Mary PREBBLE, late wife of Mr. John Prebble, of this Parish, who departed this life Febry. [Rest illegible].

220. RANDALL (160). In memory of Mr. William RANDALL, of this Parish, who departed this life October 25, 1847, aged 50 years. He was a good husband, a kind father and a faithful friend, and is sincerely and deservedly regretted by all that knew him. Also Mrs. Elizabeth Randall, wife of the above, who died March 14, 1853, aged 53 years. Also Joseph RANDALL, son of the above, who died April 3, 1831, aged 4 days. Also Fanny Elizabeth, daughter of the above, who died February 19, 1837, aged 6 weeks. Also Joseph Randall, brother of the above, who died Sep. 20, 1827, a. 17 years. Also Mr. John PACKET, brother-in-law of above, who died Oct. 25, 1843, a. 40 years. Also Mrs. Eliz. Randall, mother of above Mr. William Randall, who died Oct. 26, 1848, aged 73 years.

221. RANDFEILD (142). In memory of Mrs. Catherine RANDFEILD, wife of Mr. James Randfeild, Shipwright, of Rotherhithe, who departed this life the 10 March, 1809, aged 67 years. Also the above Mr. James Randfeild, who departed this life the 15 May, 1810, aged 70 years. Also Benjamin WATTE, son-in-law of the above, who died the 8 Febry., 1811, aged 17 years.

222. RANKING (17). Sacred to the memory of Henry RANKING, son of Henry & Francis Helen Ranking, of Blackheath Park, in this Parish. He died June 22, 1840, aged 4 years. "Except ye be converted and become as little children ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven". – Matt. xviii, 3. Also Harriet Elizabeth, 3rd daur. of the above. She died August 12, 1840, aged 8 years. "Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season". – Heb. xi, 25. Also of Lewis Henry ........./.

223. REDPATH (27). Sacred to the memory of Eleanor, wife of James REDPATH, of Shooters Hill, who died the 16 March, 1833, aged 53 years. Also Susannah Frances, wife of J.W. LETTS and daughter of the above, who departed this life the 11 May, 1847, aged 31 years. Also the above named James Redpath, who was born the 1 April, 1777, died the 16 March, 1861.

224. REED (63). In memory of Mr. John REED, of the Parish of Greenwich, who died Decr 23, 1818, aged 68 years. Also Mrs. Mary Reed, wife of the above, who died Septr 16, 1837, aged 81 years. Also Mr. William Reed, son of the above, who died January 12, 1840, aged 60 years.

225. REES (147). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Thomas REES, of Aldermanbury, London, and formerly of Lampeter Velfrey, South Wales, died Janry. 27, 1854, aged 51 years.

226. REID (106). In memory of Lucy Alexandrina REID, daughter of Lieut-Col. REID, R.E., who died Octr 24, 1850, aged 29 years.

227. REYNOLDS (109). Sacred to the memory of Letitia, wife of Mr. John REYNOLDS, born at St John’s Worcester, Octr 30, 1781, died at Charlton, Augt 21, 1847. Also Marie Louisa Matilda BAVENT, died April 21, 1851, aged 8 months.

228. RICHARDS (145). Here lieth entombed the body of Mrs. Ann RICHARDS, who died Decr 25, 1709, aged 72. [Note: Above is a lozenge bearing a cross-crosslet fitchée between 3 cinque-foils].

229. RICHARDSON (213). I.H.S. Beneath are deposited the remains of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Major William RICHARDSON, who in faith and fear departed this life Novr 22, 1839, aged 54 years. Also the body of the above William Richardson, Esq., who in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to Eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ, fell asleep 28 April, 1848, in his 78th year. A memorial also of their children: James William, who died at Cork, 1810, aged 8 months. Francis Vincent, at Darlington, Devon, 1817, aged 11 months. Charles Cardale, at Heavitree, Devon, 1823, aged 4 years. Horatio Calmady, at Heavitree, Devon, 1826, aged 11 years. James William, in London, 1830, aged 18 years. "Them who sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him". George Rycroft, who fell at Wairat, N.Z., 1843, aged 28 years. Frederick Augustus, died at Ahmednigg*r, Bombay, 1844, aged 26 years. "In the day of Judgment, Good Lord, deliver us".

230. RICHARDSON (124). In memory of Gerald Murray, infant son of Lawford and Anne Emily RICHARDSON, of Blackheath, who died Septr 27, 1849, aged only 2 days. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven". Mark x, 7.

231. RICHARDSON (11). James Mallcott RICHARDSON, of Blackheath Park, in this Parish, died March 3, 1854, aged 83. Pennington James Richardson, sixth son of the above James Mallcott Richardson, died 23 Novr, 1858, aged 22.

232. RICHARDSON (67). [West side]. Sacred to the memory of William RICHARDSON, Esq., Assistant Commissary F.T.R.A., died the 24 March, 1869, aged 85 years. Also Elizabeth, his beloved wife, died the 6 Febry., 1865, aged 64 years, both of this Parish. "The family vault of William Richardson. Esq". [Note: These last words are repeated twice on this side]. [North side]. Caroline, youngest daughter of William and Elizabeth RICHARDSON, born the 14 July, 1841, died the 8 June, 1880. [East side]. Captain John TAVERSHAM, died at Antwerp, 15 Septr, 1844, aged 62 years. Of this Parish. [South side]. Arbiner Richardson, died the 29 Decr, 1835, aged 45 years. Caroline Oldham WATSON, died the 1 June, 1841, aged 21 years. Daniel SLATER, Esq., died the 9 Novr, 1841, aged 63 years. Sarah, wife of Daniel Slater, died the 14 August, 1853, aged 78 years.

233. ROBERTS (280). In memory of Mrs. Catherine ROBERTS, wife of Mr. Thomas Roberts, of Blackheath, died the 23 June, 1802, aged 63 years. Also the above Mr. Thomas Roberts, who died the 21 February, 1803, aged 69 years. Also Mr. Richard TYE, who died the 28 Septr, 1812, aged 40 years. Also Mrs. Anne BRYANS, daughter of the above Mr. Thomas Roberts, relict of the above Mr. Richard Tye, wife of Mr. John Bryans, who died the 16 March, 1828, aged 54 years.

234. ROBINSON (169).Here lieth interred the remains of Elizabeth ROBINSON, wife of Mr. William Robinson, Carpenter, who left this world of trouble 3 Novr, 1812, aged 53 years.

235. ROBINSON (218). In memory of Major Charles ROBINSON, Royal Marines, died 2 Octr, 1849, aged 57 years. And of Mary Robinson, his widow, who died at Woolwich, 4 May, 1853, aged 55 years.

236. ROCHFORT (291). Lieut-Gen. George ROCHFORD, Royal Regt of Artillery, Chief Firemaster to the Royal Laboratory, Woolwich, died the 24 Febr., 1821, aged 83 years. Also Elizabeth Rochfort, wife of the above, died May 8, 1832, aged 89 years.

237. ROGERS (253). Sacred to the memory of Colonel Thomas ROGERS, R.A., who died the 9 August, 1830, aged 62 years. "To die is gain".

238. ROSKRUGE (292). In memory of Harriet Anne ROSKRUGE, of the Parish of Plumstead, who departed this life 6 May, 1797, in the 19th year of her age. Also of Lieut. George William ROSKRUGE, of the Royal Regt of Artillery, who departed this life the 12 June, 1798, in the 21st year of his age. Also Mrs. Betty WALLACE, who died the 10 March, 1803, aged 78 years. Also Mrs.Ann ROSKRUGE, who died the 23 May, 1826, aged 81 years. Mother of the above named Harriet Anne and George William Roskruge, and relict of Capt. Thomas Roskruge, of the Royal Regt of Artillery, who died in the West Indies.

239. ROSS (24). Sacred to the memory of Frances Caroline ROSS, daughter of Sir Hew and Lady Ross. She died the 18 May, 1850, aged 15 years.

240. RUSSELL (16). Sacred to the memory of Jane Anne RUSSELL, widow of the late John Russell, Esq., of Greenwich, who died April 14, 1837, aged 84 years.

241. RYMER (266). Here lieth the body of Mr. Richard RYMER, of the Parish of Greenwich, Joiner, who departed this life 21 July, 1760, aged 55 years. Also Mrs. Sarah HUGHES, daughter of the above Richard Rymer, who died the 19 August, 1763, aged 27 years. Also Ann Hughes, her daughter, who died the 25 August, 1763, aged 2 months. Also Eleanor Rymer, wife of the above, who departed this life 2 April 1765, aged 66 years.

242. SANDILANDS (57). In memory of Lieut-Col. Patrick SANDILANDS, who died at Woolwich, Janry. 5, 1847, in his 59th year. Also to the right of this stone, GeorgeAinslie, infant son of the above Lieut-Col. Patrick Sandilands, died the 2 June, 1838, aged 16 months.

243. SAUNDERS (185). Sacred to the memory of William SAUNDERS, of this Parish, who died the 8 Decr, 1808, aged 47 years. Also Maria Saunders, daughter of the above, died the 6 August, 1806, aged 8 months. Also William Saunders, died the 27 Janry., 1807, aged 2 years. Also Christopher Saunders, died the 3 August, 1807, aged 5 months. Also William Saunders, died the 10 Janry., 1809, aged 7 months. Also Elizabeth Saunders, died the 1 June, 1810, aged 4 years.

244. SAUNDERS (22). Sacred to the memory of Major William SAUNDRES, R.H.A., born the 13 May, 1789, died the 12 Augt, 1839. Also Isabella Susanna, wife of John James Saunders, died the 22 February, 1868, aged 63 years. Also Elizabeth Caroline, infant daughter of the above, died the 13 Febry., 1815, aged 9 months. Also George Robert, son of the above Major William Saunders, formerly Capt in the Prince Consort’s Own Rifle Brigade, born the 21 Novr, 1836, died the 28 May, 1868.

245. SHELTON (48). In memory of Samuel SHELTON, who died the 12 Decr, 1803, aged 75 years. Also Mary Shelton, who died 21 August, 1806, aged 73 years.

246. SHERMAN (240). Sacred to the memory of Thomas SHERMAN, Esq., late Major of the Royal Marines, many years resident in this Parish, who departed this life at Stratford, in Essex, the 29 day of Septr, 1851, in the 76th year of his age. Also of Selina, his daughter, who died the 31 Decr, 1819, aged 3 years. Also of Sara, widow of the above Major Thomas Sherman, who died the 7 Septr, 1860, aged 84 years.

247. SKINNER (317). In memory of Anne, widow of Lieut-Col. SKINNER, R.A., who died July 15, 1852. "For we believe that Jesus died and rose again. Even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him".

248. SLIGHT (273). Sacred to the memory of John SLIGHT, Esq., who died October 4, 1851, aged 78. For 40 years a faithful Public Servant, a tender husband, an affectionate father, of singular kindness and courtesy to all. Constant in his attendance on the sacred Ordinances of the Church, beloved and regretted by a numerous circle of friends, he fell asleep in Jesus in a joyful hope of a better life, through his Redeemer’s merits.

249. SMITH (230). In memory of Mrs. Dorcas SMITH, who departed this life 1 April, 1776, aged 29 years.

250. SMITH (259). In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH, widow of James Smith, Esq., late Capt R.N., died the 26 Septr, 1803, aged 65 years.

251. SMITH (270). [North side]. Sacred to the memory of Grace Lady SMITH, dearly beloved and affectionate wife of Lieut-Genl Sir John Smith, R.A., G/C.N., who departed this life 9 May, 1832, aged 80 years. Sacred also to the memory of Genl Sir John Smith, G.C.N., Colonel-Commandant of the Royal Horse Artillery and Senior Officer of the Corps. Who departed this life the 2 July, 1837, aged 83 years. Sincerely lamented by a numerous and affectionate family, having served his Country 66 years with honour in many parts of the Globe. [South side]. Deposited in this vault the 12 January, 1855, Eliza, youngest daughter of Lady JEPHSON, and grand-daughter of Lieut-General SMITH, R.A., aged 5 years and 6 months. Also Grace, third daughter of Lieut-Col. Gilbert BUCHANAN, Commander of the R.E. at Chatham. Harriet WILKS, daughter of Lieut-General Smith, born June 23, 1811, died Septr 23, 1829. [West side]. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Harriet Wilks Buchanan, relict of the late Lieut-Col. Buchanan, 3rd daughter of Lieut-General Smith, R.A., who died Febry. 18, 1831, aged 42 years.

252. SMITH (295). In memory of Col. Francis SMITH, R.A., died the 26 June, 1837, aged 66 years.

253. SMITH (10). Sacred to the memory of Frederick Walter, beloved and only son of Frederick WICKINGS and Emma SMITH, of Lee Road, Blackheath, who departed this life 21 Febr., 1840, aged 11 months. "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the Name of the Lord". "Farewell, dear soul, the loss is ours,/For thou art gone to rest. The Shepherd hath [resumed] thy soul/To keep it in His trust".

254. SMITH (161). In memory of Jane SMITH, daughter of Thomas Smith, of St. Laurance, Coy. Northumberland, who departed this life Novr 8, 1849, in the 64th year of her age. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, yea, said the Spirit, for they rest from their labours and their works do follow them". – Rev. xiv, 13.

255. SNODGRASS (290). [North side]. In memory of Gabriel SNODGRASS, Esq., an old and faithful servant of the East Indian Coy., born the 5 Janry., 1720, died the 30 June, 1799. Also to the memory of his consort, Mary, born the 17 Janry., 1742, died the 16 March, 1798. Both excellent in all conditions of human life, may their souls rest united in Heavenly peace. This monument is erected by their dutiful and affectionate son, Thomas. [South side]. In the vault beneath are deposited the remains of their son, Thomas Snodgrass, of Chesterfield Street, Mayfair, Esq., late of the Hon. East India Coy.’s Civil Service at Madras, who departed this life the 28 August, 1834, in the 73rd year of his age.

256. SPILLER (232). The family vault of Col. George SPILLER.

257. STAGG (209). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Jane STAGG, wife of Thomas Stagg, of this Parish, who departed this life Novr 19, 1797, aged 59 years. Also of the above Mr. Thomas Stagg, who departed this life April 5, 1820, aged 72 years.

258. STANES (272). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sarah STANES, wife of Lieut. James Staines, R.N., who departed this life 21 Septr, 1829, aged 35 years. She was unfortunately burnt to death, leaving a husband and 6 small children to mourn their irreparable loss. Hebrews v, 6. Also the above Lieut. James Staines, R.N., who departed this life the 11 October, 1831, aged 45 years. Job xix, 25.

259. STANSFIELD (260). Sacred to the memory of Mary, the wife of John STANSFIELD, Esq., Civil Engineer, late of H.M. Royal Dockyard, Woolwich. She departed this life 7 Decr, 1838, in the 55th year of her age. Also of the aforesaid John Stansfield, Esq., who died Septr 30, 1847, aged 56. "Lost to sight, to memory dear".

260. STAUNTON (301). Sacred to the memory of Andrew Aylmer STAUNTON, Esq., M.D., R.A., who died at Woolwich, April 28, 1848. Also Frederica, wife of the above, who died Decr 2, 1834, aged 66 years.

261. STEPHEN (234). Sacred to the memory of Sibella Benn STEPHEN, eldest daughter of the late Capt. W.S. Stephen, of the Bengal Engineers, grand-daughter of the late Revd Thomas T-------------/, who departed this life at Creswell Park, Blackheath, 27 Janry., 1837, aged 15 years and 6 months. She survived her elder brother only 18 months, who departed this life at Cheltenham, aged 17 years. "He shall gather the lambs in His arms, and carry them in His bosom".

262. STOPFORD (1). Sacred to the memory of Cordelia Winifreda, wife of the Hon. Montagu STOPFORD, R.N., and daughter of Lieut-Genl Sir Geo. WHITMORE, R.E., K.C.H., and Cordelia, his wife, who died at Woolwich, on the 4 day of Septr, 1851, aged 47 years. May the many who deplore her loss as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend seek to imitate the virtues which in each of these relations were her ornament and their delight. Also of Charlotte Elizabeth Catherine, the infant daughter of the above, who died the 27 April, 1847, aged 4 weeks. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven".

263. STRICKLAND (224). In memory of Henry Stonestreak STRICKLAND, Esq., late of Blackheath, in the Parish of Greenwich, who departed this life 17 day of Septr, 1835, in his 69th year.

264. TARRANT (69). Sacred to the memory of Mr. Joseph TARRANT, who died Decr 8, 1841, aged 57 years. "Oh Lord my God, I cried unto Thee, and Thou hast healed me". – Ps. xxxvii. Also Susannah, wife of the above, who died November 19, 1851, aged 76 years.

265. TAYLOR (170). Mrs. Margt TAYLOR, died 28 July, 1784, aged 30 years. Mrs Elizabeth Taylor, died 18 March, 1790, aged 40 years.

266. TAYLOR (40). Sacred to the memory of Lydia, beloved wife of Mr. Thomas TAYLOR, of this Parish, who died Septr 17, 1837, aged 26 years. Also Mary Ann Taylor, daughter of above, who died Decr 11, 1852, aged 17 years. "Weep not". - :Luke xiii.

267. TAYLOR (21). Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann, wife of Capt. W. TAYLOR, of the Royal Marines, who died 30 August, 1842, aged 48 years.

268. TENANT (29). [South side]. Sacred to the memory of Charlotte, the beloved wife of the Revd Sanderson TENANT, of Blackheath Park, who died Septr 26, 1845, aged 34. [On the top slab]. Here, in the same grave, with her only daughter, Charlotte Tenant, are interred the remains of Martha, wife of Robert OGDEN, Esq., of Leeds. She died at Lakefield, Esthwaite Water, Lancashire, April 20, 1849, aged 68 years.

269. THOMAS (315). Here lieth interred the body of Mrs. Bridget THOMAS, who departed this life 10 October, 1729, in the 84th year of her age. She was ye daughter of Christopher BROWN, of Tolethorpe, in ye Co. Rutland, who married one of ye daughters of Sir Edward HARRINGTON, of Ridlington, in ye same County, Baronett. She was first married to Richard TORLESSE, Doctor of Physic, who was Physician of St Thomas Hospital, Southwark, Fellow of Royal College of Physicians in London, by whom she had two sons, Christopher and Anthony. She afterwards married Revd Mr. Thomas, Rector of Casterton Parva, in ye Co. of Rutland, Clerk. "Live to die, for die you must;/Die to live amongst the just".

270. THOMASON (233). Sacred to the memory of Maynard Eliza, beloved wife of James Thomason, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service, daughter of J.W. GRANT, Esq., of Elchies, N.B., who died November 8, 1839, aged 28. Surrounded by everything which could make life dear to her she was called to resign all, that she might be found with Christ. Rev. vii, 15, 16, 17. Also to the memory of Rowland Fawcett Thomason, youngest son of James Thomason, Esq., who fell asleep in Jesus, November 28, 1850, aged 12 years. Rev. xxi, 7.

271. THOMPSON (148). [On the top]. St Quintin THOMPSON, Esq., ob. 1 October, 1736, aged 38 years. St Quintin Bladen PERKINS, Esq., died Octr 20, 1756, aged 22 years. Sir Lambert MIDDLETON, of Belsay Castle, County Northumberland, Bart, died March 2, 1768, aged 63 years. Thomas Middleton, Esq., died 30 June, 1769, aged 27 years. Elizabeth REESSEN (late Middleton), wife of Jacob Reessen, of London, Esq., died 29 November, 1770, aged 30 years. Anna Maria (late PERKINS), wife of William JACKSON, of Chigwell, in Essex, Esq., died 23 July, 1776, aged 43 years. Erected by Anne Perkins, Executrix, afterwards Lady Middleton, wife of Sir John Lambert Middleton, who died April 12, 1762, aged 52 years. [North side]. Sir William Middleton, of Belsay Castle, in County Northumberland, Bart, died July 7, 1795, aged 39 years. [South side]. Lady Middleton, wife of Sir William Middleton, of Belsay Castle, in County Northumberland, Bart, died June 17, 1794, aged 47 years.

272. THOMSON (93). Sacred to the memory of Mr. George THOMSON, of Blackheath, who died on the 27 Septr, 1846, in the 73rd year of his age.

273. TOZER (173). Sacred to the memory of Mary, late wife of William TOZER, of Woolwich, who died 28 May, 1818, aged 54 years.

274. TRENCH (222). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sarah TRENCH, wife of Mr. William Trench, who died the 25 February, 1820, aged 29 years. "Best of wives the grave encloses here,/And also tender to her children dear./Great was our loss, for her eternal gain,/But hope in Christ that we shall meet again".

275. TROUNCE (223). Sacred to the memory of Stephen TROUNCE, Esq., R.N., of Blackheath, who died 9 April, 1839, aged 65 years. Also of Elizabeth, his wife, who died 19 April, 1842, aged 62 years. Also of Elizabeth, eldest daughter of above, who died at Bath, 12 January, 1848, aged 35 years.

276. TUACK (248). Here lieth the body of G.E. TUACK, an infant, who died 3rd Decr, 1757. Also the body of Elizabeth Moore Tuack, who died ye 10 July, 1758, aged three years and 10 months. Also M.M-------------/ Tuack, who died 1 May, 1759, æt. 5 months.

277. TURNER (163). Here lieth interred the body of Mr. Richard TURNER, of this Parish, who departed this life 13 May, 1779, aged 72. Also Margaret WEEKS, of this Parish, who departed this life Novr 6, 1830, aged 84 years. Also Charles Weeks, died Octr 24., 1838, aged 52 years.

278. TURNPENNY (246). [South side]. To memory of John TURNPENNY, Esq., who departed this life Decr 9, 1756, aged 57, who by industry acquired, by economy improved, and with equity dispensed, a considerable fortune among his surviving friends. His afflicted Widow caused this plain inscription to be drawn. [East side]. Here also lies interred the body of Mrs. Jemima Turnpenny, relict of John Turnpennny, Esq. She departed this life the 13 Novr, 1780, in the 83rd year of her age. [North side]. In memoriam Johannes ALTREE, M.D., Medici, Peritissimi, Conjugis Amantiesimi, Patris Pientissimi, Fratris Diligentissimi et amici fidelissimi, Johannes Turnpenny Armig. Hoc fieri jussit, et sibi Anno Domini, MDCCL. Me prosunt domino qua prosunt omnibus artes.
279. UNDERWOOD (61). Sacred to the memory of George Pye, son of Joseph and Emily UNDERWOOD, of Blackheath Park, who departed this life 29 August, 1847, aged 2 years and 7 months. Also Catherine Jane, daughter of the above, who departed this life 12 March, 1849, aged 1 year and 3 months. (Other inscriptions below ground).

280. UPWARD (94). Sacred to the memory of Mary Sarah UPWARD, relict of Monsieur M.H. CLEMENT, of Chateau, Combaulty, En Brie, France, and formerly of Durham House, Chelsea, who departed this life on 19 February, 1853, aged 75 years.

281. VERE (76). Mary VERE, died Decr 25, 1826, aged 56 years. Erected to memory of a faithful servant by her mistress, with whom she lived 16 years.

282. WALKER (120). In memory of Mr. Henry Edward WALKER, late of this Parish, who died Augt 12, 1850, aged 32 years.

283. WALLOP (159). Wife of Honble. Henry WALLOP, died 20 August, 1789, aged 42 years. "In the deep shades of night lies buried here/A loving sister and a wife most dear./The Lord who gave has taken her away/To rest within the grave till judgment day./Altho’ her corpse is here interred in dust,/I hope, one day, ‘twill shine amongst the just".

284. WARD (70). Here lies buried James WARD, of Parish of Woolwich, who departed this life the 7 day of March, 173¾, aged 38 years.

285. WARE (149). In memory of Mr. Thomas WARE, of this Parish, died Decr 5, 1817, aged 50 years. "In love and unity with all". Also Mrs. Esther LEGGATT, relict of above, and late wife of Mr. James Leggatt, who died 18 December, 1822, aged 42 years.

286. WEEKS (126). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Mary Ann WEEKS, wife of Mr. Abraham Weeks, of this Parish, died Decr 10, 1843, aged 44 years.

287. WEEKS (104). Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Mary WEEKS, wife of Mr. Thomas Weeks, of this Parish, who died Novr 1, 1849, in her 65th year. "Forgive, oh Lord, affection’s tear/For her, which has been shed,/The loving wife and mother dear/Now mingled with the dead./Oh, may the angels bear away/Her never-dying soul,/Far from the reach of Saturn’s* sway,/Far from his dire control./By Thee we pray to be forgiven/When free from worldly pain,/With her we hope to live in Heaven,/Where joys immortal reign". (*Altered to "Satan’s").

288. WELLADVICE (100). In memory of Mrs. Alice WELLADVICE, wife of Mr. Henry Welladvice, of this Parish, who died the 5 Decr, 1789, aged 59 years. Also in memory of Mr. Henry Welladvice, who died the 28 July, 1792, aged 63 years. Also Mrs. Hannah PRUDO, died 31 January, 1808, aged 31 years.

289. WHALLEY (208). Sacred to the memory of Sarah, relict of the late Charles WHALLEY, Esq., second daughter of John LEWIS, Esq., Harpton Court, Coy. Radnor. She died a Christian, 25 March, 1840, in the 70th year of her age.

290. WHITMORE (95). Sacred to the memory of Major George Vincent WHITMORE, R.E., eldest son of Lieut-General Sir George Whitmore, R.E., K.C.H., and Cordelia, his wife, who died at Charlton, 12 November, 1851, aged 52, after a lingering illness, borne with much fortitude and resignation. "Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth".

291. WILKINSON (130). Sacred to the memory of Miss Jane Grant WILKINSON, who died June 9, 1846, aged 30 years.

292. WILKINSON (313). Scared to the memory of Elizabeth Warden, beloved wife of Robert Wilkinson, Esq., of late of Canton, who departed this life 21 July, 1840, aged 21 years.

293. WILKS (302). (Ornamental top, conventional tree spreading over an urn): Sacred to the memory of Eliza WILKS, beloved wife of Thomas Wilks, of Parish of Woolwich, who departed this life 12 Septr, 1849, aged 54 years. "Hurried from life, by suffering’s shroud o’ercast./She died resigned, and breathed in peace her last./This stone, erected o’er her narrow bed,/Pays tribute to her dust, her spirit fled/To distant realms beyond life’s fleeting day,/Unknown to death, to sadness or decay". Also of Mr. Thomas Wilks, husband of above, who died 4 December. (There may be other inscriptions below the earth).

294. WILLIAMS (108). Sacred to the memory of Ann, the beloved wife of William WILLIAMS, of this Parish, who died May 15, 1849, aged 68 years.

295. WILSON (206). In memory of Catherine Jane WILSON, born Febry. 9, 1806, died April 10, 1838. Also of Emma Wilson, born June 4, 1816, died Febry. 15, 1840, buried at Brompton, Middlesex. Also Mrs. Eliza Wilson, born Novr 9, 1800, died March 8, 1853.

296. WILSON (296). Sacred to the memory of Mary WILSON, spinster, who died at Woolwich, 11 June, 1816, aged 65 years. Also of Margaret MALLE (?), relict of the late Capt. George Malle and sister to the above, who died at Woolwich Common, 8 August, 1819, aged 74 years.

297. WINDER (215). In memory o0f Mar, wife of John WINDER, of Woolwich Common, who departed this life the 6 August, 1786, aged 20 years. "Farewell, vain world, I know enough of thee,/And now am careless what thou sayest of me./Thy smiles I court not, not thy frowns I fear,/My trials are past, my head lies quiet here./What faults you knew in me take care to shun,/And look at home, enough there’s to be done". Also Thomas FAIRHEAD, who died June 7, 1846, aged 1 month. And Martha Fairhead, who died Septr 24, 1848, aged 7 years and 5 months. Grandchildren of the above.

298. WINGROVE (180). Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, second daughter of Lieut-Colonel WINGROVE, Royal Marines, who departed this life 1 October, 1854, aged 69 years.

299. WOLFE (204). Sacred to the memory of Commander James WOLFE, R.N., who departed this life 28 November, 1849, aged 48 years. He was a sincere friend, a kind parent, an affectionate husband and a pious Christian. "O Lord, in Thee have I put my trust".

300. WOOD (239). In memory of Mrs. Margt WOOD, wife of Mr. Charles Wood, late of Hemingstone, Coy. Suffolk, who died 7 Novr, 1815, aged 69 years. In memory of Jemima Pheasant, second daughter of above, who died 6 July, 1816, aged 6 years.

301. WOOD (115). Sacred to the memory of Mr. John WOOD, Brigadier, of this Parish, who died 25 March, 1844, aged 58 years. And Mrs. Mary Wood, wife of above, who died 27 July, 1849, aged 72 years.

302. WOODHAMS (211). Here lies interred the bodies of Thomas and John WOODHAMS, sons of Thomas Sarrah Woodhams, of this Parish. Thomas died ye 17 Septr in ye 6th year of his age, and John ye 8 May, 1737, in ye 6th year of his age. (There may be other inscriptions below the earth).

303. WRIGHT (51). (Note: This tomb belonged to the BELL family, but the inscriptions have been plastered over and others painted on the plaster). [West side, in black letters on the plaster]: In loving memory of Mr. William WRIGHT, who departed this life 26 March, 1877. 46 years Churchwarden of this Parish. "Grant him Thine eternal rest, O Lord". [Visible portion of the original inscription]: Sacred to the memory of John William BELL ............/1847. [North side, painted on the plaster in black letters]: Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Mary Ann WRIGHT, the beloved wife of Mr. William Wright, of this Parish, who departed this life --/Decr, 1849. [East side]. Sacred to the memory of John Wm Bell, nephew of William and Mary Ann Wright, of this Parish, who departed this life the 3 Octr, 1847, aged --/.

304. YEATHERD (271). Sacred to the memory of Mr. William YEATHERD, who departed this life March 9, 1834, aged 61 years. "Farewell, vain world, I’ve seen enough of thee,/And now am careless what thou sayest of me./Thy smiles I court not, not thy frowns I fear,/My cares are past, my head lies quiet here./What faults you see in me take care to shun,/And look at home, enough there’s to be done". Also Mr. Thomas William Yeatherd, son of above, who departed this life 29 Decr, 1851, aged 42 years. Deeply regretted by all who knew him.

305. YOUNG (311). Sacred to the memory of Sarah, widow of Colonel Sir Aretas William YOUNG, Lieut-Govr of Prince Edward Island, and daughter of the late John COX, of Coolcliffe, in Coy. Wexford, Esq. She departed this life at Woolwich, the 23 of May, 1838, in the 60th year of her age. "Tell them it is an awful thing to die,/’Twas even to her. But the dread path once trod/Heaven lifts its everlasting portals high,/And bids the pure in heart behold their God".
Monumental Inscriptions inside the Church There is no plan of the interior layout of the church306. This church was rebuilt by the Trustees of Sir Adam NEWTON about the year 1630. The north isle was added in 1693 by the BLOUNTS of Wricklemarsh, and the chancel in 1840. The church was repewed and the vestry built in 1874. There is a small portion of the old flint and stone wall of the previous church incorporated in the present south wall and encased with brick.

307. The numbers in (brackets) attached to these monuments and tablets inside the Church are only given as indicating a rough idea of their position; the Church being so small that we did not think it necessary to more closely identify them. They read from the north-west corner up the north aisle into the chancel and down the nave. Thus the big Langhorne monument is No.1, while the big Newton monument is No.50, and those in the chancel are roughly from 20-30. Where the inscriptions are given in italics without numbers they are not now to be seen, but are mostly extracted from Thorpe’s "Registrum Roffense", p.843.

308. BADHAM (27). Sacred to the memory of Harriet Jane BADHAM, wife of Edward James Badham, who died in this parish the 24th November, 1861, at an early age, and after an illness borne with Christian fortitude, deeply regretted, and immeasurably beloved by all who knew her, but especially by her family, who alone can feel their irreparable loss. Her remains are interred in Charlton Cemetery. "The Lord is my Shepherd, therefore shall I lack nothing" – Ps. xxiii, 1.

309. BARNETT (55). In a vault beneath are deposited the remains of Maria Catherine BARNETT, youngest daughter of the late Benjamin Barnett, Esq., of Theobalds, County Herts. She died at Blackheath the 7 June, 1832. "And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. Yea, saith the Spirit, for they rest from their labours, and their works do follow them".

310. BEARDMORE. A black marble gravestone now missing (with inscription in Roman capitals). Here lieth the body of Thomas BEARDMORE, M.A., eldest son of John Beardmore, late Rector of Whitwell in the Cy. of Derby, who was 15 years Rector of this Parish, and died the 26 day of October, 1702, in the 43rd year of his age. Also ……../Beardmore, his excellent wife, younger daughter of Mr Robert MAUNDRELL, of Compton Bassett, in the Cy. of Wilts, Gentn, who died the 6th day o May, 1707, in the 33rd year of her age, leaving one only son, Thomas Beardmore, aged about 5 years.

311. BILL (54). In a vault beneath lie the remains of Mary Louisa BILL, eldest daughter of the late Robert Bill, Esq. She died at Blackheath Park on the 24 April, 1835, aged 14 years. Also those of Emma Bill, the second daughter of the above, who died at the same place on the 18th of June, 1844, aged 22 years. "As we have borne the image of the earthy we shall also bear the image of the heavenly". – 1 Cor. xv, 49.

312. BLOUNT (65). A brass plate. Here under resteth the body of Edward BLOUNT late of the Middle Temple London Esq. who had to wife first Septima daughter of Wm. DORMAR of London and had issue by her 3 daughters, Elizabeth Rachel and Susan, whereof Elizabeth yet liveth. Secondly he had to wife Fortune daughter of Sr William GARWAY, Knight, and had issue by her Thomas William Anne Elizabeth Edward Edward Garway and John of which 8 only Thomas, William, Edward the younger and John remain alive, the rest lie buried near unto their father. He was born in January 1559 and after he had lived to God and the world a Godly life righteous and a sober life 48 years he comfortably rendered his soul to God his Creator 1st January 1617 and his body to the Yearth on the Eight of the same month. The coat of arms pertaining to the above brass is nailed on the wall opposite: 1 and 4, barry nebuly of 6 or and sable (for Blount); 2 and 3, argent a lion rampant gules (armed and langued az. and crowned or) within a border sable bezantée. In the fesse point a mullet gules for difference; motto: "Evasi". (These arms are repeated in the stained glass).
313. BULL (60). Sacred to the memory of Robert, eldest son of Lieut.-Colonel BULL, C.B., K.H., R.H.A., and of Harriet, his wife, a Lieutenant of the Royal Engineers, who fell a victim to the fever at Gibraltar, in September, 1828, aged 25 years. Also of Norman, their fourth and youngest son, whose remains are interred in a vault near this tablet. He was killed by a shot from a howitzer gun while witnessing the practice on Woolwich Common, May 14th, 1833, aged 17 years, when within a few days of receiving a commission in the Royal Artillery. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Louisa, fourth daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Bull, R.H.A., who departed this life the 9 November, 1831, in the 19th year of her age. "And they shall be mine, saith the Lord, in that day when I make up my jewels". – Malachi iii, 17.

314. BURNETT (46). In affectionate remembrance of Eliezer Lewery BURNETT, of Old Charlton, born the 14 February, 1807, died the 3rd November, 1887, also of his beloved wife, Mercy, born the 24 August, 1808, and died the 13 November, 1878.

315. CHAMBERLAYNE (39). M.S. The Revd. Thomas CHAMBERLAYNE, many years Rector of this Parish. Ob. 25 January, 1781. Ætat 74 years. The Revd. Thomas Chamberlayne, son of the above, also formerly Rector of this Parish. Ob. 31 July, 1788. Ætat 46 years. Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Catherine Chamberlayne, Relict of the last-mentioned Thomas Chamberlayne, who departed this life the 11 February, 1819, aged 63 years.

316. COLLINS (59). This tablet is erected to the memory of John COLLINS, Esq. (late Commander H.C.S. Warley) who departed this life the 1st Septr., 1816, aged 37 years, also Jane, widow of the above, who died June 27th, 1866, aged 81 years. Arms above: Azure, on a chief argent, a bull passant of the first impaling azure a fesse between 3 wolfs heads erased argent charged with a cross-crosslet between 2 cinquefoils gules.

317. CONGREVE (38). Near this marble are deposited the mortal remains of Sir William CONGREVE, Baronet, late Lieut.-General of His Majesty’s Forces and Col.-Commandant of the 8th Batt. of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, Controller of the Royal Laboratory and Superintendent of the Royal Military Repository, of which most valuable Institution he was the Founder. His ardent devotion to his country’s service in his military character and his inflexible integrity in the discharge of his civil offices are universally acknowledged. In the former he served with distinguished reputation at the sieges of Louisburg, the Havannah and Martinique, in most of the campaigns during the American War, and commanded the Brigade of Artillery under H.R.H. the Duke of York, in Flanders. In the latter he had the happiness of saving his country more than One million sterling, yet died unenriched himself on the 30th April, 1814. Dame Julia Elizabeth, his widow, [she was daughter of Daniel OLIVER, of Blackheath, and widow of General EYRE] died the 6th December, 1832, in the 78th year of her age, humbly trusting in the atonement of the Redeemer, Whose example she prayerfully strove to follow throughout a life of unobtrusive charity. Beneath this tablet are the arms: Sable, a chevron argent between 3 battle axes heads to the dexter or over all an oak-tree proper.

318. CONGREVE (69). In memory of Mrs. Rebecca CONGREVE [she was the daughter of Fleet ELMSTONE, Esq.], the wife of Major William Congreve, of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, who died the 1st of April, 1791, aged 32 years.. Also of Miss Rebecca Janet Congreve, daughter of the above, who died the 29 of March, 1780, aged 7 months and 8 days. Also in memory of Lieutenant General Sir William Congreve, Bart., Commander of the 8 Battalion Royal Regiment of Artillery and Controller of the Royal Laboratory. He died 30 April, 1814, in the 71st year of his age.

319. CRAGGS (20). Here lieth the body of James CRAGGS, late of London, Esquire, one of His Majesty’s Postmasters General. He was the son of Mr. Anthony Craggs, of Holbeck, in the Parish of Walsingham, County Palatine of Durham, Gentn, and died 16 March, 1722. [It ought to be Wolsingham, both here and on the Robinson tomb. We have suggested a theory in the Preface to account for the mistake]. He had issue 1 son and 3 daughters, viz. the Right Hon. James Craggs, Esquire, one of the principal Secretaries of State to His present Majesty, who died one month before his said father, and 3 daughters who survived him. Anne, who married Mr. NEWSHAM, of Chadshunt, in the Coy. of Warwick, Esq., and Elizabeth, who married Edward ELIOT, of Port Eliot, in the Coy. Cornwall, Esquire, and Margret, who married Samuel TREFUSIS, of Trefusis, in the said Coy. of Cornwall, Esq., which 3 daughters in duty erected this monument to the pious memory of the best of fathers. [Note: On the north wall of the Church is an achievement of arms in stone with the words "James Craggs, Esqre", above it: Sable on a fesse or between 3 unpierced mullets ermine as many cross-crosslets of the last].

320. CRAGGS (19). In memory of the virtuous and pious Elizabeth CRAGGS, wife of James Craggs, Esquire, who departed this life the 20 day of January, 1711, in the 49th year of her age. "Morum/suavitate, et facili/sui defideratisima vixit/pietate/coelo matura/levi suspirio animam efflavit/et Firma/Quid enim non possit fides/Refugendi spe munita/Quiescit." Translation: "She lived beloved to her own people by the gentleness and easiness of her manners, by her piety ripe for heaven she yielded up her soul with a light sigh and fortified by a strong hope of rising again (for what cannot faith do) she rests". (Bust above the monument and coat of arms in colours below, i.e. Craggs, maker, S. EDWARDS, Sen., Church Hill, Woolwich. See also Church Plate at the end of the section).

321. CRICKETT (47). In memory of John George CRICKETT, Esq., Proctor of Doctors Commons, who died May 22, 1840, aged 45 years. The departed (whose loss is deeply felt by a widow and 9 children) was distinguished by clearness of judgment, integrity of conduct, kindness of manner, and warmth of affection. He was highly respected by the members of his profession and beloved by a numerous circle of friends. He counted all worldly honours dross for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus. Through life he was ever anxious to adorn the doctrine of the Saviour, and died simply depending on his precious blood and glorious righteousness, as his alone hope of everlasting salvation.

322. CROFTON (49). Sacred to the memory of Miriam, wife of Frederick Lowther CROFTON, Esq., who died the 9 August, 1842, in her 31st year; and of Miriam Lowther, her daughter, who died the 12 Decr., 1841, aged 2 years. (The vault of Capt. William WHITE and Frederick Lowther Crofton, Esq., 1841, No.68).

323. DEEVER (36). Two brass Plates: (1) inscription, (2) coat of arms. Nailed separately on south wall. Here lieth buried Robert DEEVER, 3rd son of John Deever, Earl of Oxenford, which said Robert deceased the XXVIII of Aprill in A.D. 1598. Quarterly of 8 pieces: 1, VERE; 2, lion rampant; 3, barry wavy of 6; 4, a fess double cotised (Badlesmere); 5, a saltire; 6, 3 chevronelles; 7, a lion rampant, over all a fesse charged with 3 cross-crosslets fitchée; 8, a frette charged on the body with roundels.

324. DINGLEY (14). Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, daughter of Henry THOMPSON, Esq., of Kirby Hall, Co. York, the most deservedly beloved wife of Robert Dingley, of London, Merchant, a tender parent of 3 children, whom she nourished at her own breast, two only surviving, Susanna Cecilia and Robert Henry, whose praises are beyond the reach of pen and can be truly estimated only in that Blissfull Region to which she was translated in the year of her Redeemer, 1759. "Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory? Thanks be to God who hath given her the victory through Christ". Bust above the monument and shield on which were formerly these arms: Quarterly 1 and 4, az. a fesse argent on a chief of the second a mullet between 2 bezants of the field; 2 and 3, az. on two sceptres in saltire a crown or, impaling parted per fesse embattled argent and sable three martlets countercharged. (On a black marble slab at the base of the Monument was Elizabeth DINGLEY, obiit 18 September, 1759, aetatis 50).

325. DINGLEY (15). In memory of Robert DINGLEY, Esq., F.R.S., late of Lamb Abbey, in this County, one of the principal Promoters of the Magdalen Charities, who died the 8 August, 1781, aged 72, and lies interred in a vault in front of this marble. Also in the same vault lieth interred Esther, the second wife of the above Robert Dingley, Esq., who died the 17 June, 1784, aged 66.

326. DOUGLAS (48). Near this spot were deposited with Military Honors the remains of the much lamented Sir John DOUGLAS, Knight, late Major-Genl. in the Army, Lieut.-Col. of the Royal Marines, and Groom of the Privy Chamber of his Royal Highness, the Duke of Sussex. He was second son of the late Lewis Douglas, Esq., of Garvault, in Scotland, born at Ivanfields, Dalkeith, October 12, 1762, and died at his house at Greenwich, March 4, 1814, aged 52 years.
His death called forth the following general order to his Corps: Whilst the impressions attendant on the remains of our late brother officer, Sir John Douglas, are present in our minds, I would fain draw the attention of the Junior members of his corps to the animating prospects which his career holds out. In him will be perceived an officer of a corps almost constitutionally serving in subordinate detachments possessing the confidence of all in command with the love of those who obey. He is seen equally admired and trusted on every service; whether in the West Indies, America or Cape of Good Hope; whether animating his corps in defending one fortress or leading them to the reduction of another; whether in executing the most arduous duties or in bearing the most confidential and important dispatches. I need not repeat to you the distinguished part he acted in the long, glorious, and successful struggle for the defence of Acre or the reduction of El Arich; the siege of which he conducted in person, commanding the allied British and Ottoman Forces.
The historian will associate Douglas and marines with the 1st discomfiture of the greatest conqueror on record. In his life will be found not only every honourable incentive to the soldier, but in his example the marine officers will see that Royal Approbation, confidence, and the bounty of a grateful country have been opened to reward his exertions. Death is equally the fate of all. May we be held in readiness for the unknown summons, and may the success of this brave soldier and worthy man be as indelibly engraven on the memory of the young marine as on the walls of Acre and of El Arich. Signed: Andrew BURN, Major-General.

327. DOWNEY (newly inserted in South Wall). In loving memory of Frances Winifred, the beloved daughter of Fairbairn and Mary DOWNEY, formerly of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Born 27 April 1898. Entered into Rest 20 May, 1905. "And a little child shall lead them".

328. DRUMMOND (30). In memory of Margaretta Maria, the wife of the Revd. Arthur DRUMMOND, Rector of this Parish, who died the 5 August, 1854, aged 46. "I waited patiently for the Lord".

329. FISHER (22). In memory of Major-Genl. Sir George Bulteel FISHER, K.C.H., late Commandant of the Garrison at Woolwich, who departed this life on the 8 March, 1834, in the 70th year of his age. This tablet is erected by his affectionate daughter. Also in memory of Elizabeth, widow of the above, who departed this life the 27 September, 1860, in the 90th year of her age. Above are arms: Sa. on a mount vert 2 stags salient combatant arg. (for Fisher), impaling a coat containing 3 swords proper barwise points to the sinister arg. hilts and pommels or (for RAWLYNS).

330. FRASER (24). In memory of Sir Augustus Simon FRASER, K.C.B., F.R.S., Colonel of the R.H.A., Director of the Royal Laboratory, who died the 11 June, 1835, aged 59 years. With zeal rarely exceeded he took a distinguished part in the Campaign of Holland and Flanders in 1794, in South America in 1807, and in those of 1812 and 1815 in Portugal, Spain and France. He obtained honorable distinction for services at Vittoria, Nivelle, Nive, Toulouse and Waterloo. In times of peace equally ready to promote the public service. His attentions to Official duty were unwearied, few have died more extensively and deeply lamented. This tablet is erected by those who were nearest and dearest to him in testimony of their irreparable loss.

331. In memory of Emma, widow of Sir Augustus Simon FRASER, K.C.B., F.R.S., Colonel of the R.H.A., born Dec. 20, 1785, died Novr. 22, 1856. Interred in Charlton Cemetery. Also of the 2 children, Augustus Henry Fraser, Captain in the R.A., born Aug. 15, 1810, and died in Syria, Jun. 11, 1848. Interred at Suedia; and Andrew James Fraser, born Oct. 5, 1812, died July 8, 1845. Interred in his father’s grave in the Churchyard of this Parish. Shields above: 1st, quarterly 1 and 4, azure three cinquefoils argent; 2 and 3, argent 3 antique crowns or all within an orle embattled gules, over all on a cross patée or a lion segant regardant, the cross being surmounted by a mural crown for Fraser. 2nd, on a lozenge FRAZER as above impaling a demi-lion rampant encircled with 8 annulets (or crescents).
332. GEARY (12). A modern brass Plate. In loving memory of the following children of Lieut.-General Sir Henry le GUAY and Lady GEARY. Mildred Sophia, died at Charlton 24 April, 1886, aged 19 years. Henry George Frederick, Lieut. Of the Royal Artillery, died at Jubbulpore, East India, 23 March, 1897, aged 27 years. Arthur Hamilton, died at Charlton 4 April, 1881, aged 8 years. Francis Sandham, Lieut. In the Huntingdon Regt., killed in action near Thabancha, South Africa, 27 April, 1900, aged 26 years. "Death hath no more dominion over them".

333. GRIFFITH (67). (Now obliterated). Here lieth the body of John GRIFFITH, Esq., who in the reigns of King James and King William was Brigadier in the 3rd Troop of Guards, under the Command of His Grace John Duke of Marlborough. He departed this life on the 20 day of September, 1713, in the 63rd year of his age, at his house in Greenwich, in Kent. He married the widow of William HALTON, Esq., of Lincolnshire. She in respect to his beloved memory laid this stone.

334. HISLOP (32). Sacred to the memory of Sir Thomas HISLOP, Bart., G.C.B. He was born July 5, 1764, and having served 65 years, died May 3, 1843. He was present at the memorable siege of Gibraltar, at that of Toulon, and at the occupation of Corsica. He also served with distinction at the capture of the Dutch Colonies now forming British Guiana and Guadaloupe. He subsequently was appointed Governor of Guiana and Trinidad. In 1814 he went to India as Commander-in-Chief of the Madras Army, and in 1817 had the exclusive command of the Army in the Deccan. On the 21 Dec., 1817, he commanded in person in the action of Mahedpore, when he totally defeated the army of Holcar, and thus after a short and brilliant campaign put an end to the Mahratta War. The Pindarees were extirpated and a peace concluded highly honourable to the army and favourable to the British interests in India. For the signal ability, energy, and promptitude displayed by him in these services he received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament, and created by his Sovereign King George the IV, K.C., C.B. In private life his goodness of heart and kindness of feeling were unfailing, and she who best knows the rare excellence of her beloved and lamented husband’s character erects this tablet in testimony of her affectionate sorrow. "If we be dead with Christ we shall also live with him". – Romans vi, 8. His wife was Emma, daughter of the Rt. Hon. Hugh ELIOT. Arms above: On a mount vert a buck couchant under a tree all proper on a chief azure a mount vert theron a lion tearing a flag all proper and beneath the word Madripore. The whole of the HISLOP achievement is a good example of the very worst period of English Heraldry. Thorne attributes this monument to WESTMANCOTT.

335. JONES (13). In memory of Mrs. Margaretta Maria JONES, the wife of John Jones, Esq., and widow of John Badger WELLER, late of Romford, County Essex, Esquire, by whom she had issue only one child. She died the 19 June, 1777, aged 64 years. This monument was erected by her only child, Dame Jane WILSON, wife of Thomas Spencer Wilson, Bart. Also to the memory of the Hon. Charles Thomas PERCEVAL, first son of the Right Hon. LORD ARDEN. Also Charles Perceval, second son of the Hon. Spencer Perceval. Also John Wilson TREVELYAN and George Thomas Trevelyan, first and second son of John Trevelyan, Esq., all died in infancy. Also Raleigh Trevelyan, third son of John Trevelyan, died 26 of July, 1814, aged 14 years.

336. LANGHORN (1). In the pious memory of the Right Hon. The Lady Grace, VISCOUNTESS of ARDMAGH, second daughter of the Right Hon. John, EARL of RUTLAND, and in second marriage wife to Sir William LANGHORN, Bart., who exchanged this life for a better the 15 February, 1699/1700, in the 69th year of her age. Her mortal remains are here deposited in hope of a blessed resurrection, whose admirable endowments, conspicuous virtues, nobleness of mind, conjugale affection, sincere and exceptional piety, were illustrious instances that the wise King required no impractical accomplishments in His perfect Matron. In the same affiance the body of Sir William LANGHORN, who deceased the 26 February, 1714, in the 85th year of his age, is here disposed to its rest by that of his beloved consort. Arms: Langhorne (sa. a cross argent on a chief of the same 3 bugle horns of the field stringed gules) impaling the well-known coat of MANNERS (borne by the DUKE of RUTLAND). See Benefactions337. LANGHORN (28). In a vault is interred the body of Dame Mary LANGHORN, relict of Sir William Langhorn, Bart., and late wife of George JONES, Esq., in the Parish of Twickenham, in the Coy. Of Middx., who departed this life May 26, A.D. 1730, aged 33 years. Arms: Argent a chevron sable between 3 crows proper impaling argent a fesse and in chief 3 lozenges conjoined sable.
338. LIVINGSTONE (?) (66). Here lieth the body of Mr. Francis LIVINGSTONE, of London, Merchant. He departed this life ../March, 1694/5, aged ../years. (On a shield a castle with a griffin rising out of it). Blue floor slab. This stone is very much worn, but we believe it is correctly identified: 1, because the name Livingstone occurs among the burials in the old note book referred to later; 2, because the old Livingstones, Barons Livingstone, EARLS of NEWBURGH, bore a castle in their ancient coat, and a castle is not a very common bearing.

339. LUARD (58). Sacred to the memory of Mary, wife of Captn Robert LUARD, of the Royal Regt of Artillery, and second daughter of Richard ELMHURST, Esq., of Fulletby, Coy. Lincs., who died the 8 March, 1841, aged 37 years. Also of Robert Reginald Luard, Ensign in Her Majesty’s 9th Regt. of foot, son of the above, who died from an accident on his passage from Canada the 27 October, 1857, aged 19. His mortal remains were committed to the deep.

340. MAJENDIE (43). A modern brass Plate. Sacred to the memory of Captn Henry Grylls MAJENDIE, the Rifle Brigade, who died of wounds received at Dekielsdrift, South Africa, 12 Febry., 1900, aged 34 years (son of Colonel Sir Vivian Majendie, K.C.B., of Adelaide, and Frances his wife). This brass is placed here by some of his brother Officers of the 4th Battalion. "The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God". See also Inscription on Screen, etc.

341. MAUDE (42). Sacred to the memory of Daniel Salusbury MAUDE, Esq., of Wakefield, in the Coy. Of York, who departed this life the 25 of May, 1840. His remains lie interred in the porch of this Church in the vault of his brother-in-law, Sir Robert McCLEVERTY. This tribute of affection and respect to the memory of their uncle is erected by the families of his two sisters, Sarah NAYLOR and Elizabeth McCLEVERTY. "The Lord shall be thy everylasting light and the days of thy mourning shall be shortened".

342. McCLEVERTY (62). Sacred to the memory of Robert McCLEVERTY, Captn of the 79th Regt of the Cameron Highlanders, and second son of Major-Genl Sir Robert McCleverty, C.B., K.C.H., who died the 6 March, 1845, aged 36 years. His remains lie interred in the family vault in the porch of this church.

343. McCLEVERTY (41). In a vault beneath the porch are deposited the remains of Major-General Sir Robert McCLEVERTY, C.B., K.C.H., who died the 22 November, 1838, aged 75 years; and of Elizabeth, his wife, who departed this life the 24 March, 1827, aged 56 years. "Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy".

344. MILLER (57). Sacred to the memory of Major-Genl James MILLER, of the Royal Regt of Artillery, who departed this life the 24 of March, 1825, aged 67 years. Also Jane, relict of the above, and daughter of the late General BRAMHAM, R.E., who departed this life the 7 March, 1838, in her 85th year. Likewise her beloved daughter, Jane Sarah COOPER, who died in the same week, in her 58th year.

345. MOFFAT (51). In memory of James MOFFAT, Esq., who departed this life 12 Octr, 1790, aged 62 years. Arms above: Moffat (arg. a saltire gules and a chief azure) impaling arg. an eagle displayed sable on a chief dauncette az. 3 cross-crosslets of the field (WHITE of Scotland).

346. MORRISON (44). Sacred to the memory of General George MORRISON, in whose peculiar goodness of heart and strength of understanding were united the most active benevolence and endearing manners. In grateful remembrance of his exceeding worth this testimony of departed happiness is placed by his widow, Mary Morrison, who humbly hopes a blessed reunion. He died November 26, 1799, aged 69 years. Arms below: Or on a cross sable 5 fleur-de-lis of the field (for MORISON, of Cadby, Lincolnshire, and Standen, Herts) impaling on a field vairy arg. and gules a canton or charged with a buck’s face cabossed proper. (A field vairy argent and gules is very uncommon, but it may be a mistake of the stonemason for the ordinary argent and azure).
347. MORRISON (45). Mary, the daughter of Edward BECHER, Esq., of Kingston, in Jamaica, the beloved and affectionate wife of General George MORRISON; she died the 24 June, 1822, in her 86th year. Most deeply and deservedly lamented.

348. NEWTON (50). D. Katherinae PUCKERING. M.S. Katherinae NEWTON, D Joannis Puckering, Angliae procancellarii, sive magni sigilli custodis natarum minimae, sed matronali virtutum choro, modestia, probitate, pudicitia, nulli feminarum secundae, D. Adamus Newtonus Illustrissimo Waliae principi Henrico Primitus a studiis dien ab Epistolis secretis eoque praematura morte praerepto, excellentissimo Principi Carolo fratri ab aerario vir integerrimus lectissimae foeminae et maritus amantissimus carrissimae conjugi monumentum hoc P.C. ipse in eodem Sarcophoro sicut animo destinavit Brevi condiendus. Dominus Adamus Newtonus Praenominatus aliquot jam Annis, post Confectionem epataphii suprascripti (quod ipse superstes et plenae salutis compos dilectissimae conjugi defunctae composuerat) a Jacobo Rege in Baronettum creatus posteaque a rege Carolo in secretarium Concilii in Walliae limitibus constabiliti cooptatus, sub isto eodem monumento, sicut ipse annuerat executorum pia cura conditus jacet Beatam resurectionem per Christum redemptionem suum laete expectans, corpus ejus concessit 13 Die mensis Januarii, A.D. 1629 (anima diu antea in coelis versante) liberis quinque uno nempe virilis caeteris feminei sexus post se relictis.
Translation: Sacred to the memory of Dame Katherine Puckering. This monument, erected by an upright man to a distinguished lady, by a dearly loving husband to a sorely missed wife, was raised to the memory of Katherine Newton, youngest daughter of Sir John Puckering; Chancellor or Keeper of the Great Seal of England; a woman second to none in the quire of womanly Virtues, in Modesty, Uprightness and Chastity, by Sir Adam Newton, first Tutor then Private Secretary to Henry, most Illustrious Prince of Wales, and after he was cut off by an early death Receiver General to the Most Excellent Prince Charles, his brother. It is his fixed intention shortly to be interred in the same tomb. The above-mentioned Sir Adam Newton some years after he had written the above epitaph, which he composed while surviving in the enjoyment of complete health [the death of his wife], was created Baronet by King James and afterwards appointed Secretary to the Council of the Marches of Wales. He lies buried beneath this monument, as the pious devotion of his executors fulfilled his will, gladly awaiting the Resurrection through Christ his Redeemer. He yielded his body to death on the 13th of January, 1629, but his soul had long dwelt in the heavenly regions before that. He left behind him five children, to wit one son and the rest daughters.
This handsome monument was erected by the elder Nicholas Stone*, and formerly stood in the north chancel. It is surmounted by a very fine shield of arms in white marble with the twin visors, crests and mantling of Newton and Puckering. (* Walpole, "Anecdotes of Painting").
The arms are: NEWTON with the honourable augmentation granted by King James, i.e. azure, 2 ostrich’s feathers in saltire (because Sir Adam Newton was tutor to Henry, Prince of Wales) between 3 boars’ heads couped at the neck, heads to the dexter, argent bristled and tusked or; impaling, PUCKERING of 6 pieces; 1 and 6, sable a bend fussily cotised argent (Puckering of Warwickshire); 2, ..../a mullet of 5 points unpierced (ASHTON); 3, ermine in a fesse, 3 annulets (BARTON, of Wherby, Yorks, or of Norfolk); 4, paly of eight (LANGLEY (?); 5, a bend dauncettée and in base a bendlet plain (LEVER of Lever, Lancs).
349. PARKER (33). In memory of Major-General John Botteler PARKER, C.B., Lt-Col. of the Royal Horse Artillery, Life Governor of the Royal Military Academy, who died at Woolwich, May 25, 1851, aged 66 years. His remains are deposited in a vault on the north side of this Church. He was second son of Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, and served in the Expedition to Walcheren in July, 1809. He was present at the siege of Flushing. He commanded a Brigade of Artillery at the battle of Vittoria and served at both sieges at San Sebastian, the battle of Orthez, the action of Tarbes and at the battle of Toulouse, and in 1815 he lost his leg at the battle of Waterloo.

350. PERCEVAL (2). Near this place are the mortal remains of the Right Hon. Spencer PERCEVAL, first Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer, who died on the 11 May, 1812, in the Commons House of Parliament, in the 56th year of his age. His noblest epitaph is the regret of his Sovereign and his country, his most splendid monument the glory of England by his counsels maintained, exalted, amplified. But the hand of the Assassin not only broke asunder the brilliant chains of duty which bind a Statesman to his native land and made a void in the high and eloquent Councils of the Nation. It severed ties more delicate, those of conjugal and parental affection, and turned a home of peace and love into a house of mourning and desolation.
Above the inscription is a beautiful portrait bust executed by the celebrated Sir Francis CHANTREY. There is another memorial tablet to Perceval in Lincoln’s Inn Chapel; and his achievement of arms, with the list of his honours, hangs in the Great Hall there.
It would be useless to record a few isolated facts in the career of this most brilliant statesman. In the awful opening of the nineteenth century his fame was almost European. His terrible death by the hand of a madman in the very midst of all his labours for his country’s good plunged all England into mourning. The Rt. Hon. Spencer Walpole is his most recent biographer.

351. PERCEVAL (3). A modern brass Plate. Sacred to the memory of Jane, second daur. of Sir Thomas Spencer WILSON, Bart, born the 7 July, 1769, died the 26 January, 1844. married Augt 10, 1790, the Right Hon. Spencer PERCEVAL, first Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer, seventh son of John, 2nd Earl of Egmont; married secondly Lieut-Col. Sir Henry William CARR, K.C.B.

352. PERCEVAL (4). Here rests in blessed hope of everlasting life Jane, the wife of the Hon. Edward PERCEVAL, daughter of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, nat. 23 Octr, 1791, nupt. 20 March, 1821, ob. 13 Janry., 1824. "Gentle lady, may thy grave/Peace and quiet ever have,/After this thy travail sore/Sweet rest seize thee evermore,/Who to give the world increase/Shortened hast thine own life’s lease".

353. PERCEVAL (5). Sacred to the memory of the Hon. Edward PERCEVAL, fourth son of the Right Hon. Charles George Lord Arden, who departed this life on the 10 March, 1840, in the 45th year of his age.

354. PERCEVAL (26). In a vault near this place are deposited Mary, the beloved wife of Frederick James PERCEVAL, Esq. (second son of the late Right Hon. Spencer Perceval), who died the 24 April, 1843. Also James Francis Horatio, son of the above Frederick James and Emma Perceval, ob. 21 Octr, 1852, anno ætatis 7 months.

355. PERCEVAL. Lady Charlott PERCEVAL. (Formerly on a small square stone near Font).356. RICHARDS (34). In memory of the Hon. Brigadier Michael RICHARDS, Surveyor General of Ordnance to his late Majesty King George the 1st, ob. the 5 Febry., 1721, æt 48. This monument is erected by his 3 nieces and executrix, daurs. of James CRAGGS, Esq., Anne, wife of John KNIGHT, of County Essex, Esq., Elizabeth ELIOT, widow, relict of Edward Eliot, of County Cornwall, Esq., and Dame Margaret, wife of Sir John Hind COTTON, County Cambridge, Barronett. This is a large monument with a representation of the deceased clothed in armour standing in martial attitude upon a pedestal. Behind are cannon and flags, and above a gauntlet and a shield with 3 roundels upon it (possibly his arms). There is a very similar monument to this in the chancel at Sawbridgeworth Church, Herts.

357. ROBINSON (21). Here lieth the body of Mrs. Ann ROBINSON, wife of Mr. George Robinson, late Merchant of the City of London, and daughter of Mr. Anthony CRAGGS, of Holbeck, in the Parish of Walsingham, County Palatine of Durham, Gentn, who died Janry. 23, 1736, aged 79 years, and sister of James CRAGGS, Esq. (deceased), lately one of His Majesty’s Postmasters General, whose monument is very near this place erected (being at the east end of this Church).
On the north wall is a lozenge of arms possibly formerly connected with this monument: A chevron charged with 3 wavy stars of 6 points between 3 bucks tripping 2 above 1 below (the Suffolk ROBINSONS bear a very similar coat, only with cinquefoils instead of 6 pointed stars), impaling Craggs as given earlier.
358. ROBINSON (31). In memory of Major Charles ROBINSON, of the Royal Marines, who, having served with distinction by sea and land upwards of 43 years, died the 2 Octr, 1849, aged 57 years, greatly respected and esteemed by his brother Officers, and deeply lamented and beloved by his family and friends. This tablet is placed as a tribute of affection by his widow. Mary Robinson, widow of the above, died at Woolwich, 14 May, 1853, aged 55 years.

359. ROGERS (40). Sacred to the memory of Lieut-Col. Henry ROGERS, R.A., who departed this life the 23 April, 1833, aged 74 years, and whose remains are interred in a vault near this tablet. Also Isabella, second daur. of the above and Isabella his wife, who departed this life 13 October, 1838, in the 45th year of her age.
Arms above: Argent a chevron between 3 bucks passant sable (for Rogers, of Connington, Somerset).

360. RUSSELL. A black marble stone with inscription in Roman capitals, now missing. Thomas RUSSELL, Esq., a pious Christian, charitable neighbour, true friend, and loving husband, deceased the 27 September, 1656, aged 63 years, and Martha, his only wife, who followed him in his virtuous life, sickness and death, deceased 17 Decr, 1656, aged 55 years, ly heer interred together. "As some beheaded bodies seem to live/And move awhile, so she did./Marriage doth make one flesh of man and wife,/Love them one soul did make and gave one life./So death, which others doth divorce and sever,/Them in another wedlock joined for ever"./Of four sons and 3 daughters born between them they left only one daughter, Elizabeth, married to Anthony BATEMAN, of London, Merchant, who dedicates this monument to their memory.
Above are these arms: A chevron between 3 cross-crosslets fitchée within a border charged with 6 besants, impaling a chevron embattled between 3 owls. Crest: on a wreath a demi-lion holding a cross-crosslet fitchée.
361. SEGER (35). A brass plate. Here lieth George SEGER, Gent., who was buried the 16 June, 1594. There is a very small brass shield nailed to the wall on the other side of the window, which may be part of this brass. Quarterly 1 and 4, three oak leaves 2 and 1; 2 and 3, three roundels 2 and 1.
362. SMITH (23). Sacred to the memory of John Weatherall SMITH, Captn of the R.A., whose beloved remains are deposited in a vault near this tablet. He departed this life on the 22 April, 1839, aged 48 years. Was the only surviving son of General Sir John Smith, G.C.H., Colonel Commandant and Senior Officer of the same Corps, sincerely regretted and truly respected by all classes, and deeply deplored by his affectionate wife and son. Also to Charlotte, wife of the above, who died 15 July, 1868, aged 77 years.
Arms above: Azure a chevron between 3 birds*, (*most probably "pelicans in their piety"), 2 above 1 below, impaling a fir (?) tree proper. Two mottoes illegible.

363. SMITH (52). In memory of Colonel Francis SMITH, R.A., died the 22 June, 1837, aged 66 years.

364. STAUNTON (29). Sacred to the memory of Andrew Aylmer STAUNTON, M.D., R.A., who died at Woolwich on the 28 April, 1848. Also to the memory of Frederica, wife of the above, who died the 2 Decr, 1854.

365. STOPFORD (63). In a vault near this spot are deposited the mortal remains of Mira Sophia STOPFORD, wife of Capt. W.H. Stopford, of the R.A., and daur. of Lieut. Colonel BULL, C.B., of the same Corps. After fulfilling with Christian fidelity the duties of daughter, wife and mother, she exchanged time for eternity on the 9 July, 1830, in the 25th year of her age. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God".

366. TEESDALE (25). In memory of Lieut. Harry S. TEESDALE, R.E., eldest son of Lieut. Col. H.S. Teesdale, Royal Military Academy, who after being severely wounded at the battle of the Alma, on the 20 Septr, died at Scutari, the 27 Octr, 1854, aged 23 years.

367. TREVELYAN (6). To the memory of Dame Marie TREVELYAN, third daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer WILSON, Bart, wife of Sir John Trevelyan, Bart, Nettlecombe, Coy. Somerset, and Wallington, Coy. Northumberland. Married August, 1791, died the 5 April, 1851, in the 80th year of her age.

368. WALKER (16). In loving memory of Frederick Howard Forestier WALKER, Captn on the Staff of the Egyptian Army, son of Colonel Edmond Walker, R.E., grandson of General Sir George Walker, Bart, G.C.B., etc. who fell at the battle of El Teb, Soudan, Febry 4, 1884, aged 21. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life".

369. WELLADVICE (56). In memory of Thomas WELLADVICE, Esq., who departed this life the 23 Decr, 1807, aged 54 years. Arms above: Vert on a chief arg. a bull passant regardant, impaling gules a chevron between 3 snakes heads erased at the neck argent.
370. WILKINSON (37). Master Edward WILKINSON, Sen., late Master co*ke to the Most Excellent and our Sofferayne Ladye Queene Elyzabeth, of Her Majesty’s Householde, and Clare, his wife, the which Edward WYIRINSON deceased the XXIII day of Febry., in the year of our Lord, 1567, and the X year of Her Majesty’s Reign. There was possibly a prayer at the end of the inscription where the stone seems to have been cut away. This is a piece of square sandstone with achievement of arms and inscription beneath. At each of the 4 corners of the achievement the dexter coat is repeated in miniature. Arms: Party per fesse embattled or and azure 3 demi-griffins segreant azure membered beaked and eared gules (Wilkinson, of Charlton), impaling a chevron between 3 martlets theron an escutcheon of pretence a cross Moline between 4 crescents. (These arms were granted to Wilkinson the 20 April, 1559, see Harl. MSS, 1470, fo. 269). Edward Wilkinson was also Yeoman of the Month to King Henry the 8th and Anne Boleyn and Edward the 6th. In 1559 he had "for the space of 30 years and no more continued in these offices without blot of dishonesty in any of his services".

371. WILLOCK (61). Sacred to the memory of Alexander Charles WILLOCK, Esq., of the Royal Regt of Artillery, who remains are interred in a vault beneath this Church, ob. the 6 April, 1821, aged 31.

372. WILSON (11). In memory of Sir Thomas Spencer WILSON, Bart, a Gentleman of His Majesty’s Forces and Col. of the 50th Regt of Foot. He married Jane, the only child of John Badger WELLER, of Romford, Co. Essex, Esq., by whom he had issue one son and 3 daughters all alive at the time of his decease, viz., Thomas Maryon Wilson, who succeeded to the title, Margaretta Elizabeth, married to Charles George Lord ARDEN, Jane, married to the Hon. Spencer PERCEVAL, and Maria, married to John TREVELYAN, Esq., eldest son of Sir John Trevelyan, of Nettlecombe, Co. Somerset, Bart. He departed this life the 29 August 1798, in the 75th year of his age. This monument was erected by his widow, Dame Jane WILSON. Above is a shield of arms, containing quarterly of 6 pieces: 1 and 6, Wilson; 2, SMYTHE; 3, sable a chevron between 3 bugle horns proper argent on a chief or 3 griffins heads erased of the first GARDINER (?); 4, may be HADDON, as stated by Hasted, but is now too much worn to identify; 5, sable a chief and 5 roundels in saltire or (for BYFIELD); over all on an inescutcheon of pretence the coat of WELLER, i.e., sable 2 chevronelles ermine between 3 roses argent.
373. WILSON (9). In memory of Dame Jane WILSON, widow of the late Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, Bart. She departed this life Augt 17, 1818, in the 71st year of her age. On a lozenge are the arms of Wilson: Sable a wolf rampant and 3 estoiles in chief or, with WELLER in pretence.
374. WILSON (7). In memory of Sir Thomas Maryon WILSON, Bart, late Lord of the Manor, seventh in succession from Sir William Wilson, of East Bourne, in Coy. Sussex, who was created a Bart on 4 March, 1660. He died the 22 July, 1821, aged 48. To the memory of Charlotte, second daughter of the above, who died the 7 Septr the same year, aged 16. This monument was erected by Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, Bart, his son and heir, as a testimony of filial duty and of love and affection. Also the memory of Spencer Maryon Wilson, Esq., his third son, died the 31 Augt, 1826, aged 22 years. Also to the memory of Jane Elizabeth Wilson, eldest daughter, who died the 10 April., 1838, in the 37th year of her age. Also to the memory of John Maryon Wilson, junr, Esq., a Lieut in H.M. 3rd West India Regt, son of John Maryon Wilson, Esq., second son of the above-named Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, who died at Up Park Camp, Kingstown, Jamaica, the 12 Augt, 1853, aged 25. Also to the memory of Elizabeth, his widow, who died the 8 Septr, 1853, aged 21 years, leaving one only child, an infant daughter. "In the midst of life we are in death".
Shield of arms below: Quarterly of 16 pieces: 1 and 16, WILSON; 2, arg. on a bend gules between 2 unicorns heads erased of the first 3 lozenges or (SMYTHE); 3, sable 3 peaco*cks 2 and 1 proper (PEco*ck, of Finchley); 4, arg. a fesse sable in chief 3 mullets of 5 points unpierced (TOWNLEY, of Townley, Co. York); 5, argent on a bend sable 3 covered cups (RIXTON); 6, paly of 6 or and azure on a chief of the second a griffin passant guardant of the first wings displayed (WHITE ,of Winchelsea, Sussex); 7, arg. a chevron gules within a bordure sable besantée (VANNELL, of Norfolk); 8, or on a chief azure 3 cinquefoils of the first (MOCKET, of Kent); 9, az. 2 lions rampant combatant or (CARTER, of St. Cullumbe, Cornwall); 10, chequy gules and or over all a chevron azure charged with 3 annulets or (GILDRIDGE, of East Bourne, Sussex); 11, argent 2 lions passant azure (LOVETT?); 12, GARDINER (?); 13, or a naked human leg couped at the thigh az. HADDON; 14, BYFIELD; 15, WELLER; all impaling SMITH as coat number 2 above. The DALES of Yorkshire, the GOLDINGTONS of Bedfordshire, and the HANMERS also all bear the coat number 11 as above.

375. WILSON (53). This monument was erected by Sir Thomas Maryon WILSON in memory of his beloved mother, Dame Elizabeth, wife of Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, who died the 15 Novr, 1818, in the 48th year of her age.
Wilson impaling SMITH the same as impaled and quartered on the tomb of her husband. The quartering being almost certainly for an earlier connection of the Wilsons with the same Smith family. This would explain the arms in the glass windows described by Mr Swainson, one of them representing quarterly Wilson, Smith, HADDON and WELLER, and being of earlier date than the above connection.
376. WILSON (64). Sacred to the memory of William Maryon WILSON, Esq., fourth son of Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, Bart, by Dame Elizabeth, his wife, who died June, 1808, aged 16 months. Quarterly Wilson and WELLER. It is curious that he should bear his grandmother’s arms quarterly, seeing the Wilsons did not incorporate the coat of Weller permanently in their arms.

377. WILSON (8). Sacred to the memory of Sir John Maryon WILSLON, 9th Bart., of Charlton House, Kent, born the 13 Decr, 1802, died the 11 May, 1876. Also Dame Charlotte Julia Wilson, his wife, born the 13 February, 1808, died the 8 March, 1895. Also Jane Charlotte Wilson, eldest daughter of the above, born 7 January, 1827, died the 22 Janry, 1902. "Christ our life!. [Monument of white and black marble].

378. WILSON (10). This monument is erected by Sir John Maryon WILSON, Bart, of Charlton House, in memory of his dearly beloved son, Captn Dudley Maryon Wilson, R.H.A., who died at Rawail Pindee, India, 24 Novr, 1871, aged 31 years.

Inscriptions on the Windows and Ornaments There is no plan of the interior layout of the church
West Window.
379. To the glory of God and in loving memory of her father and only sister this window is erected by Maria RICHARDSON, 1881.

North Aisle.
380. This window is erected to the glory of God and in loving memory of Edward Arthur WILLIAMS, C.B., Lieut-General of the Royal Artillery, who entered into rest June 20, 1898, aged 74 years. Also of his son Robin, who died August 8, 1898, of yellow fever, at Rio di Janeira, aged 24 years.

381. Heraldic window of 6 pieces described by Rev. Chas. SWAINSON in the Annual Report of the Woolwich Antiquarian Society for 1897-8. Beneath this window is a stone with the following inscription: The north west aisle of this Church was erected in the year 1693 by the executors of Sir William NEWTON, Bart, Patron of the living and Lord of the Manor. Francis CAMERON, D.D., Rector, William WRIGHT, Charles CURTOYS, Churchwardens. [Note: This inscription is inaccurate, as Sir William Newton was alive in 1700.]

382. To the glory of God and in thankful memory of our mother, Charlotte DALGETY, who died the 13 June, 1888. Below this window is a coat of arms in brass with the motto "Evasi". (See BLOUNT, to which it belongs).

383. To the memory of Thomas GROVES, died May, 1874., aged 80 years, and to Sophia, his wife, died March, 1879, aged 82 years. Arms: Ermine on a chevron gules 3 escalops or. Crest: a Talbot passant sable.
In the Vestry.
384. This Church was repewed and enlarged, and this new vestry built by voluntary contributions during the years 1873-4. Francis CAMERON, D.D. Rector, Chas. CURTOYS, S.H. ELYARD, Churchwardens. Sept., 1874, Wms. & Sons, Builders.

385. This Charity School and Vestry Room were erected at the charge of Sir William LANGHORNE, Bart, a Patron of this Church, Anno Domini 1713. The above stone was removed from the old school room on the site of which the east end of the chancel stands, 1840. Arthur DRUMMOND, Rector, William WRIGHT, John DOBBS, Churchwardens.

386. May we suggest that the Bugle Horn Inn outside the Church is far more probably named or renamed out of compliment to Sir William Langhorne, whose arms contain 3 bugle-horns, than from any vague connection with one of those numerous "horn fairs" formerly held in so many places.

East Window.
387. The east window is the work of Isaac OLIVER. The centre figure was inserted in 1882, when the half lengths of Moses and Aaron were made whole lengths. Of the three lower panels the two outside ones have coats of arms as follows:
1. Argent on a saltire gules an escallop or (SEE of Rochester, impaling quarterly. 1 & 4, grand quarters quarterly 1 and 4 per bend embattled sable above argent below; 2 and 3, azure a fleur-de-lis [for WARNER, Bishop of Rochester, consecrated A.D. 1637 (founded Bromley College, 1666)].
2. Azure three boars’ heads couped at the neck argent langued gules tusked or. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or a boar’s head argent, James NEWTON, dated A.D. 1639. James Newton was brother of Sir Adam and Gentleman Usher to King Charles I.
3. In the third panel is the following inscription: This window was glazed at the cost of James Newton, Esq., uncle of Sir Henry Puckering Newton, Barronett, son and heir to Sir Adam Newton, Baroronett, deceased, A. 1639. [Note: There is still a small portion of a Latin inscription at the base of this window which may have belonged to some other window].

South Aisle.
388. In memory of Sir Thomas Maryon WILSON, Bart, who died May 5, 1869, and Sir John Maryon Wilson, Bart, died May 11, 1876. In this window is a plate showing the descent of the Baronetcy, which is given in full later.

389. Another window in the south aisle has "The gift of Charles CURTOYS, Churchwarden MDCCCLXXIX".

The Screen.
390. To the glory of God and in memory of Vivian Derring MAJENDIE, April 24, 1898.

The Faldstool.
391. To the glory of God and in memory of Henry Grills MAJENDIE, February 12, 1900.

The Candlestick.
392. Taken from a Mahdi tomb on the 2 Septr, 1898. by the Field Battery R.H.A., and presented to Lieut-Col. HELMSLEY, R.A., who commanded the Battery on that day, it having been looted by the Dervishes from the Christian Church at Khartoum at the sack of that place in 1885, restored to the services of the Church to the glory of God, 1899.

The Font.
393. This is classical, of wine glass shape, and of late date, and without inscription, with four escallops on the four faces, three turned inwards and one outwards, and a cover ornamented with fruit and flowers.

There are three Tables of Benefactions at the west end on the south wall. They are as follows:
394a. A full and particular account of the foundations, endowments of the schools, alms houses, and hospital within this parish of Charlton, and also of all such benefactions as have been left unto the Church and poor belonging to the said Parish, the value and uses for which they were given.
£1000 given by Sir William LANGHORNE, Bt., to be laid out in freehold lands for the augmentation of the yearly income of the said rectory, etc.
£100 to be laid out in the purchase of freehold lands of inheritance for the use and benefit of such poor people as shall from time to time be placed in the almshouses belonging to the said parish by the minister and churchwardens for the time being.
£300 to be laid out in the purchase of freehold lands of inheritance for the use and benefit of a charity School which the said Sir William Langhorne did will, order, direct and appoint should be kept in the Vestry house or room over it being built at his own charge in the Churchyard of Charlton for that purpose and the rents issues and profits thereof to be paid to such schoolmaster as should from time to time be chosen and placed in the said school by the rector or minister for the time being when such school shall be erected and settled, for his pains in teaching such children of the said parish gratis as shall come thither to be instructed and in the meantime to be applied by the Rector or minister of Charlton aforesaid for or towards such charities and in such manner as he shall think fit.
£2.12.0d. given by Mr Thomas RUSSEL to be paid yearly on Easter Tuesday to the Churchwardens and to be by them laid out in bread weekly for 6 poor house holders.
£4 a year given by the Revd William COREY formerly rector of this parish £3.13s.4d. to be distributed for the use of the Poor and 6/8 to the minister together with 13/4 more out of 2 Tenements of the parish of East Greenwich for a Commemoration Sermon yearly for ever.
8s 8d per annum given by the Revd Mr. A. COLFE formerly Vicar of Lewisham in Kent and to be paid out weekly in 2d. loaves of wheaten Bread and to be distributed to the poor householders of the said parish.
A house in Queen Elizabeth’s College at Greenwich belonging to Charlton where the Drapers’ Company are Trustees.
Sir Richard RAYNES rebuilt the almshouses at Charlton. The founder of the old ones not known.
An hospital or College on Blackheath founded by Sir John MORDEN Bt. for 40 decayed merchants the endowment not yet fully settled. The Chapel belonging to the said hospital endowed £20 per annum. The Chaplain’s yearly salary £50 and £100 left by the founder’s last will and testament the interest thereof to be applied to the augmentation of the Chaplain’s yearly salary. The Revd Thomas CHAMBERLAYNE, Rector. Joseph COOPER, Farmer FLOYD, Churchwardens. 1817.

394b. Benefactions that was left by the will of the Revd William COREY to this parish of £4 a year for the land and tenements in the parish of East Greenwich was let on lease in the year of our Lord 1810 to the Governors of Greenwich Hospital for 61 years at the yearly rent of £28 to be paid quarterly £2.6s.8d. to be paid to the Rector per annum and the remainder £25.13s.4d. to be given to the Poor of the Parish. A Copy of the lease is in the Vestry. In 1656 the Revd Abraham COLFE by his will did direct that 1 poor boy of the parish of Charlton should be taught gratis at the free Grammar School at Lewisham. The Revd Thomas CHAMBERLAYNE, Rector. Wm. BASSETT, James LONGER, Churchwardens. May, 1823.

394c. Mr William MADDOCKS of Plumstead in the Co. of Kent bequeathed in the Year 1850 the sum of £937.10s.0d. 3% consols in trust to the Rector and Churchwardens of this Parish for the time being to distribute the interest thereof as they may see fit among the inmates of the Almshouses opposite to the Fairfield at Old Charlton. Arthur R. DRUMMOND, Rector. William WRIGHT, Thomas WEEKS, Churchwardens. Charlton, Oct., 1859.
There are other benefactions, by Miss Georgina CAFFIN, in 1888, about £600; Mr William FLEMING, 1895, about £180; and Mrs Jane Webster FOX, 1903, about £90. The first two for the benefit of the poor of the Parish and the last for the upkeep of her husband’s tomb in Charlton Cemetery.
These latter have not yet been inscribed on the boards in the Church, but particulars are to be found in the book of the Churchwardens’ Accounts.

The Pulpit.
395. This is a very nice plain example of Jacobean work, very slightly ornamented above the panels with cherubs heads and scroll work. On it are the arms of Sir David CUNINGHAM (?), Kt. and Bt., one of the trustees for the rebuilding of the Church under Sir Adam NEWTON’s will. These arms are very curious. All the CUNNINGHAMs (Whether CONYNGHAM, CUNINGHAM, or CUNYNGHAM) seem to bear the ordinary shake-fork, but here is what is anciently described as a Bishop’s pall, that is a shake-fork which only terminates at the very edge of the shield. There is also in the chief angle an inescutcheon charged with a lion rampant crowned, while in the two base angles are castles embattled and machicolated all proper. The whole with the cherub face and scrolls below making a very pretty piece of Jacobean carving.

396. Under the tower of the Church inside is nailed what seems to be the old sounding board although apparently of different wood to the pulpit.

Royal Arms.
Three is a small example of the Royal arms, painted on wood of later date, surrounded by four little cherub heads. It is of the time of George III, being quarterly 1 and 4, England; 2, Scotland; 3, Ireland; over all Hanover ensigned with a royal crown. Up to 1816 the inescutcheon of Hanover was ensigned by an electoral bonnet. Hence it must be later than that date. Mottoes: "Honi soit qui mal y pense" and "Semper Eadem".
There is another example of the royal arms in a large gilt frame also on the west wall, of the Stuart period, most probably put up in the time of Queen Anne, but certainly not later than the Union with Scotland, at which time the Royal arms underwent a change. This coat is: Quarterly first and fourth grand quarters, France and England quarterly; second grand quarter, Scotland; third, Ireland. Same two mottoes as above.
Nailed to the west wall is a small lozenge-shaped tin plate of about 1ft. square bearing these arms: Per pale sable and gules a chevron per pale gules and argent in the dexter 3 arrows 2 and 1 heads to the base and feathered proper (probably argent) and in the sinister 3 roundels sable 2 above and 1 below flaming or. Above is a baron’s coronet and below the motto "Zeal and Honour", while the supporters are a stag and a unicorn.
Above on the same west wall is a very handsome hatchment containing: Quarterly first and fourth grand quarters, PERCEVAL; second and third grand quarters, BLOUNT and CORNWALL quarterly: all impaling WILSON.
The Registers.
397. The older volumes of the registers are as follows:
One folio size. "The gift of Anthony BATEMAN", Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, 1653-1753.
One small volume. Christenings, Marriages and Burials, 1695-1715.
Two small volumes of Baptisms, Burials and Marriages by special licence, 1754-1798 and 1799-1812.
A Churchwardens’ Account Book, 1709-1726.

398. On the splay of the south window over the squire’s pew is a brass plate bearing at the top the arms of WILSON with the motto: "Pro lgeibus et Regibus" and the following Inscription: In Memoriam. Sir William WILSON, b. 1605, created Baronet for his loyalty on Mar. 4, 1660, by the title of Willelmus Wilson de Eastborne, Master of Horse to Earl of Suffolk, High Sherriff of Sussex, 1655, died 9 Dec., 1684, buried at Eastborne.

Sir William Wilson, 2nd Bt., b. 1644, died Dec. 26, 1718, buried at Eastbourne.

Sir William Wilson, 3rd Bt., b. 1705, Cornet in Royal Horse Guards, d. June 23, 1723, buried at Eastbourne.

Sir Thomas Wilson, 4th Bt., born 1684, died Oct. 6, 1759, buried at Uckfield.

Sir Edward Wilson, 5th Bt., F.SA., born 1717, died June 1, 1760, buried at Uckfield.

Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, 6th Bt., born 1726, M.P. for Sussex in 1774, died August 29, 1798, buried at Charlton.

Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, 7th Bt., born Mar. 2, 1774, died 22 July, 1821, buried at Charlton.

Col. Sir Thos. Maryon Wilson, 8th Bt., born April 14, 1800, died May 5, 1860, buried at Charlton.

Sir John Maryon Wilson, 9th Bt., born Dec. 14, 1802, died May 11, 1876, buried at Charlton.

Sir Spencer Maryon Maryon-Wilson, 10th Bt., born Dec. 4, 1829, Lieut. R.N., High Sheriff of Sussex, 1890, died Dec. 31, 1897, buried at Fletching.

Church Plate.
399. One covered flagon inscribed "Ex dono Elizabethae CRAGGS Uxoris Jacobi Craggs, Armigeria; Vicesimo Quinto Die Decembris Annoq. Domini 1711". Also arms and crest of Craggs.

400. Two patens inscribed "The gift of Sir Richard RAYNES, Knt., A.D. 1710" (Arms as given by Rev. Chas. SWAINSON: Chequy, on a bend a leopard’s face between two annulets, a canton ermine charged with a mullet, which coat differs slightly from that of Raynes of Hampstead, Middlesex and Marwood, Kent. The family seem to have originated in Buckingham, where they bore plain chequy argent and gules a canton ermine, which coat is differenced and elaborated for very many branches).

401. Chalice inscribed "The gift of Mrs. Sophia GROVES, A.D. 1858".

And others not inscribed.

402. Bells.
1. R. PHELPS, Fecit, 1713.
2. Ch made me, 1685. Abraham WHELOR, Church Warden.
3. Christopher HODSON made me, 1685. Abrm. WHELOR, C. Warden.
4. Joseph COOPER, Farmer FLOYD, Church Wardens, 1818. T. MEARS of London, Fecit.
Further list of Charlton Burials (with out gravestones)
403. The following is an uncorroborated list of persons buried in Charlton Churchyard, but not commemorated by any inscription now to be seen. It is extracted from an old note-book originally kept by Henry CARVER in 1833, but added to irregularly for many years after. The only virtue of this list lies in the fact that any name found in it would suggest a search in the Parish Register. It, however, also shows incidentally what a very large number of people are buried in our old churchyards without any memorial stone of any kind. The figures wherever given refer to the date and the age of the person at death, and where the actual day is given, if it is not the day of death, but the day of burial. In this list we have made no attempt at corroboration of any kind, either by reference to the registers or otherwise.

ALLEN, Mary Anna. 1844.
ANDERSON, Ellen. 1843.
ANDREWS, Elizabeth. 1846.
ANDREWS, Milicent. 1846.
ANDREWS, Richard.
ARCHER, Mrs. 7 June, 1828. 75.
ARCHER, Wm. 7 Mar., 1841.
ASH, Wm.
ASHTON. 5 Dec. 1826. 88.
ATKINS, (See description of vaults at end).

BAILEY, Master. Oct., 1840.
BAILEY, Wm. 10 Mar., 1835. 70.
BAKER, Miss Sally, 1816. 21.
BALFORD (See description of vaults at end).
BARRETT, H. 23 Oct. 1836. 40.
BARRETT, John. April, 1820.
BASTON, John. 1831.
BENFIELD, Thos. 7 Aug. 1838. 53.
BERRY, Michael (ostler from White Horse), 31 Dec.,1834. 52.
BIBBER, Wm. Newman. 17 Nov., 1837. 75.
BIRD, John (Mr Davis’ carter, killed on Woolwich Rd).
BLACKHALL. 1 May, 1830. 42.
BLAND, Catherine. 24 July, 1834. 57.
BOLTON, Mrs. 26 Nov. 1827. 50.
BOWES, Mrs. Martha. 1740. 59.
BOYD, Mrs., and child.
BOYD, John. Dec. 1833.
BRAM, Hy. Alfred. 18 Oct. 1837.
BUDGE, Samuel. 1846.
BROWN, Wm. 1846. 76.
BURBAGE, Edw. 25 June, 1834.
BURNSIDE, Margaret. 1846.
BURTON, Mr. 1834.
BUSBY, Daniel. 5 May, 1831. 22.
BUXTON, Thos. (of the Langhorne family).
BYERS, Ann Emma. 1 April, 1812.
BYRNE, Peter. 1845.

CAMPBELL, Sergt.-Major W.
CARRICK, Mr. (Mrs. CHURCHE’s first husband).
CARTER, Stephen. 9 Aug. 1840.
CARVER, Thos., 1825. 68.
CARVER, Mrs. (Wife of above). 1826. 68.
CHAMBERLAYNE. (See description of vaults at end).
CHAPMAN, Wm. Mark. 4 Feb. 1839.
CHATTEN, Mary. 1845.
CLARK, John. June, 1839.
COATSWORTH, David. 1846.
co*ckBURN, John. 22 Dec. 1829. 90.
COLEMAN, Charlotte. 31 Dec. 1837. 38. (Removed for alteration of Church).
COLLINS, Mrs. (late SIBLEY).
COOPER, Thos. Kirk. 29 Nov. 1815. 43.
COPELAND, Mr. 1832.
CORNSDALE, Solomon. 25 Feb. 1827. 48.
COTTRELL, Richard. 1727.
COULSON, Mary. 1846.
COVENEY, Elizabeth. 1843.
COWAN, Mary (wife of John Cowan, and only daughter of Robt. KNOX). 2 June, 1778. 23.
(Now the PERCEVAL Vault – Mary Perceval 1843). [This tomb is mentioned by LYSON).
COXEN, Mrs. 1833.
COYTENOR, F.E. Winn Balasyse. 30 July, 1836. 76. (See WYNN).
CRAGGS, James (removed).
CRANE, Charlotte. 1843.
CRANE, Samuel Jacob. 1845.
CROCKER, Emily. 1843.
CRODE, Mrs. Ann. April, 1829. 74.
CROFTON. (See description of vaults at end).
CURREY, Lydeas. 1843. 61.
CURREY, Miss. 1842.

DAY, Robert. 10 June, 1841. 65.
DAY, Mrs.
DENNS, James. 2 Aug. 1825. 74.
DODDS, Allan. 23 April, 1831. 57.
DOUGLAS. (See description of vaults at end).
DOWNS, Mrs. 27 Jan, 1837. 49.
DOWNS, Sergeant. Feb. 1841.
DOWNS, Wm. 21 June, 1834. 39.
DUFFEY, Mrs. June, 1837. 29.

EARL, Ann. 1847.
EARNEY, Geo. 31 May, 1835. 18.
EARNEY, Wm. 29 April, 1836.
EARNEY, Elizabeth. 17 Dec. 1837. 13. (Removed for alteration).
EDGAR, James. 1 Aug. 1831. 19.
ELDRIDGE. Mr. Samuel. 1785. 75.

FAIRLAMB. (See description of vaults at end).
FAIRGREAVE, Robt. (Drowned) 7 Aug. 1834.
FALKINGHAM, Thomas (Comptroller of the R.N.). 18 Sept. 1757. 77. [Tomb mentioned by LYSON).
FARNHAM, Wm. 1832. 60.
FARNHAM, Mary. 1829. 56.
FEATHERSTONE, Rebecca C. 1799.
FIRTH, Susannah. 1847.
FISHER, James. 1846.
FISHER, Mrs. Elizabeth. 1808.
FISHER, Elizabeth. 31 Mar. 1838.
FISHER, Chas. 11 Dec. 1841. 45.
FISHER, Wm. 5 Feb. 1837. 46.
FISHINGTON, Wm. 1842. 57.
FLOYD, Wm. 2 June, 1828. 50.
FRENCH, George. 8 Jan. 1836. 30.
FRENCH, Mrs. Sarah. 1825. 29.
FRENCH, Mrs. Mar. 1832.
FRENCH, Mr. (Senr).
FRENCH, Mr. (Jnr).

GARDNER, Richard. 1842.
GEORGE, Sarah. 26 Aug. 1839. 45.
GOODHEW, John. 1845.
GORDON, Emily G. 1843.
GOUBOT, Miss Sophia. 1 Mar. 1837.
GOW, Mrs. 27 Dec. 1835. 88.
GRAHAM, Philip.
GRAMANI, Mrs. and her Sister.
GREEN, Jane. 17 May, 1837. 23.
GREEN, Margaret. 1846.
GRIGGS, Wm. 19 Jan. 1835. 65.
GRIMALDI, Mary Anne Catherine. 7 Feb. 1835. 52. (From Woolwich).
GUYMORE, 28 June, 1834.

HAMLIN, Sarah. 1846.
HAMMOND, John. 1 Aug. 1831. 72.
HAMPSHIRE, Thos. 7 May, 1837. 77.
HARDS, James. 1846.
HARMOND, Mrs. 12 May, 1826. 86.
HARPER, Elizabeth. 1842.
HATCHARD, Mrs. 29 Jan. 1837.
HAYNES, Mrs. Mary. 15 Dec. 1759.
HAYWOOD, Bridget. 1845.
HEARTBURN, Elizabeth.
HEMMING, James. 1846.
HENNEY, Joseph.
HICKS, Matthew. 3 Aug. 1841.
HINTON, Harriet. 1842. 45.
HOADS, John. 1757.
HOGE, Mr. Aug. 1825.
HOGE, Samuel. 11 May, 1836. 22.
HOGE, Isabella. 24 Oct. 1837. 27.
HOGE, Jas. 1846. 30.
HOPGOOD, Mrs. 31 Aug. 1834.
HUDSON, Mrs. Elizabeth. 10 Mar. 1841. 27.
HUDSON, Mrs. Ann. 1807. 52.
HUGGAN, Andrew. 1842.
HUMPHREYS, Abigail. 1846.
HUMPHREYS, Ann. 9 Feb. 1834.
HUSBAND, Mrs. Jane. 24 Dec. 1836. 62. (Samuel St., Woolwich).

JACKSON, Elizabeth. 15 Oct. 1840. 75.
JANIS, Mrs. 1832. 60.
JANIS, Ann. 11 Jan. 1838. 64.
JANIS, Richard. 18 Feb. 1838. 72.
JENKINS, John. 1843. 35.
JEX, Letitia Matilda. 31 July, 1836. 14.
JONES, Warren Miller. 1844.

KEMP, Elizabeth. 1844.
KERSEY, Samuel. 21 Oct. 1843. 52.
KNIGHT, Maria. 1846.

LAFARGEN, Vilhelmina.
LANDON, Bartholomea & Isabella.
LANE, Catherine. 5 May, 1834. 62.
LANE, Mary. 1843.
LANGHORN, Dame Mary. 26 May, 1730. 33 (Removed).
LEE, Henry. 22 July, 1836. 46.
LEE, General Thos. 15 Sept., 1808. 73.
LINDSAY, Mrs. Ann. 20 May, 1829. 69.
LISTER, James. 1807. 29.
LONG, Sarah. 1844.
LONGLANDS. (See description of vaults at end).
LOWNES, Miss. (Vault under entrance to East of ROSKRUGE monument, now divided.
Northern Part: BUCHANAN. Southern Part: LUARD).

LUXFORD, G. 1831. 5.
LYONS, Maria. 1844.

MACHIN, Elizabeth. 1844.
McCLEVERTY. (See description of vaults at end).
McGOWAN, Samuel.
McQUEEN, Alex. 17 Sept., 1836. (Removed for alteration).
MEADOWS, Thos. and Mrs.
MEDCALF, John. (Drowned). 1846.
MERCER, Mrs. 1846.
MIL, George
MILBURN, Wm. (Mrs. WOOD’s brother).
MILLINGS, John. 15 Dec. 1838.
MITCHELL, Elizabeth. 1844.
MOFFAT, Mrs. Allen.
MOFFAT. (See description of vaults at end).
MONCH, Capt. Thos. 1716. (Only mentioned by LYSON).
MONTAGUE, James. 13 Feb. 1842. 42.
MOORE, Alice. 1845.

NAYLOR, Hy. 26 Jan. 1826. 80.
NEALE, Thos. 1 April, 1838. 45.
NEWMAN, Richard. 7 Oct. 1835. 79.
NEWTON, Mary. 31 Oct. 1834. 36. (St Martin’s Lane, London).
NICHOLS, Mr. James.
NICHOLS, Mrs. Ann. 3 June, 1838. 86.
NICHOLSON, James. 16 Feb. 1826. 60.
NICHOLSON, Samuel Dunbar. 8 Oct. 1834. 42.
NOBLE, Mrs. Susanna. 4 Nov. 1834. 64.
NOBLE, Ellen. 1842.
NODRUM, 30 April, 1837. 75.
NODRUM, W.H. 15 Oct. 1837.
NODRUM, H.S.A. 1845.

OGDEN, Mrs. Rachel. 1 Sept. 1835. 64.
OLD, Ann. 1842. 31.
OWEN, Elizabeth. 14 Nov. 1834. 60.

PAIGE, Clara. 9 Feb. 1742. 41.
PAIGE, Barbara. 8 Feb. 1752. 83.
PALMER, Edward. 13 Nov. 1840.
PARK, Thos. 27 May, 1836. 65.
PARKER, John. 1801. 41.
PARKS, George. 11 Sept. 1834. 34.
PAVELEY, Richard. 1845.
PAYNE, Miss Ann. 1808.
PEARCE, James. 7 Oct. 1838. 72.
PEARCE, Mrs. 1842.
PERCEVAL, Mary. 1843. (see COWAN).
PERCEVAL. (See description of vaults at end).
PERRIN, Priscilla, 1846.
PICKERNILL, Mary. Feb. 1839. 83.
PICKETT, Thos. 23 June, 1834. 84.
PICKETT, Ann. 11 Mar. 1835. 82.
PIKE, Wm. 1842.
PINNOCK, Mrs. 30 Dec. 1836. 41.
PITT, Chas. 1833. 76.
PLUCKROSE, Ann. 10 Dec. 1837. 47.
POco*ck, Elizabeth. 11 Oct. 1840. 25.
POILO, Samuel. 18 Dec. 1840. 32.
PREBBLE, Mr. John. 1795. 48.
PREBBLE, Thos. 1819.
PRICHITT, Hugh. 1831.
PRICHITT, Mrs. Elizabeth. 1840. 77.

QUANCE, Mrs. S. 23 Oct. 1836. 42.

REDMAYNE, Wm. 14 Jan. 1747.
REED, John. 1818. 68.
REED, Mrs. 24 Sept. 1836.
REED, Wm. 19 Jan. 1840.
REID, Charlotte. 13 Dec. 1833. 29.
RICES, Wm. 2 Sept. 1836.
RIDDLE, Gabriel. 1827. (Vault).
RIMER, Richard. 1768. 55.
RITCHIE, Alex J. 1846.
ROBINSON, Mrs. Ann. 23 Jan. 1736. 79. (Removed).
ROBINSON, Margaret Winifred (mother of General Robinson). 1766. 72.
ROCKET, Susan. Oct. 1836.
ROGERS, Col. Oct. 1839. (Woolwich Common).
ROOK, Samuel. 27 May 1825. 84.
ROSS, Hannah. 1843. 71.
RUSSELL, Mrs. Mary Grace. 1802. 62.

SAGER, Edwin and Sophia.
SAUNDERS, Edward. 7 Feb. 1788. 46.
SCARBOROUGH, Richard. 27 July, 1827. 70.
SCHOFIELD, Emma. 24 Jan., 1841.
SCOTSON, Joshua. 3 Feb. 1836. 54.
SCOTT, Mrs. Grace. 30 April 1833. 60.
SCRIVENS, Mr. Sept. 1832.
SCRIVENS, Mrs. Martha.
SEABROOK, Mrs. 22 Nov. 1829. 56.
SEASBY, Margaret. 3 Feb. 1836.
SHOW, Mrs. 1832.
SIBLEY, Sarah. 1844.
SIBLEY, (See Collins).
SIMPER, James. 1784. 45.
SKYRING, Wm. 1806. 40. (see 456)
SLOANE, John. 10 Dec. 1836. 62.
SMITH, Mrs. Hermi. 22 Sep. 1839. 30.
SMITH, Miss. 4 Dec. 1835. 39.
SMITH, Mrs. S. 20 May, 1827. 37. (Removed for alteration).
SMITH, Mrs. 9 Aug. 1838. 61.
SNOOKS, Rose. 10 Nov. 1839.
SPILLER, (Capt. Spiller’s children, N.E. of TURNPENNY).
STANES, Sarah Tanner. Sept. 1829.
STENTON, Richard. Oct. 1833.
STEVENSON, Robert. 28 Dec. 1776. 76. (Mentioned by LYSON).
STIDOLPH, Amelia. 30 Aug. 1835. 9.
STONE, Wm. (Drowned).
STURROCK, Mrs. 1845. 80.
SUTTON, Benjamin. 2 Sept. 1831.
SWAIN, Mr. and Mrs.

TADD, Jane.
TADD, Mercy.
TAYLOR, Thos. 12 Dec. 1826. 56.
TAYLOR, Mary. 18 July, 1825. 53.
TAYLOR, Wm. 1834. 47.
TEBBUTT, Wm. 1843.
THAMESON, Mr. 13 Nov. 1839. 28. (St John’s, Paddington).
THOMPSON, Ralph. 1844.
THOMSON, Revd. Hy. 21 May, 1835. 56.
THURLOW, Mrs. Jan. 1825. 73.
THURLOW, Mrs. 30 April, 1837. 39.
THURLOW, Fanny Elizabeth. 10 Sept. 1837.
TOMLINS, Mary Ann. 1845.
TOWNLEY, (Junr). 1841.
TOWNLEY, Robert. 1843.
TOWNLEY, Mary Ann. 1846.
TOWNSHEND, Francis. 1845.
TRULOVE, James. 13 July, 1834. 51.
TURNER, Benjamin.
TURTLE, Mrs. Mary. 28 Sept. 1834. 64.

UNDERWOOD, Isabella. 1846.

WALLER, John. 1846.
WARD, Michael. (Found drowned). 22 Sept. 1839. 31.
WARD, Geo.H. 1846.
WATERMAN, Wm. 1830. 80.
WATSON, James. 1830. 13.
WEBB, John.
WEEKS, Matilda (dau. of Abraham Weeks). 3 May 1835.
WEST, Ann. C.E. (In HARPER’s tomb). 1843. 17.
WHEELER, Mrs. (Mr TURNER’s mother).
WHIFFIN, Esther. 1842. 68.
WHITE, Miss. 1833.
WHITE, Mrs. Job.
WHITFIELD, Mrs. Hannah. 15 Sept. 1839. 74.
WHITMAN, Julia. 1843.
WICKENDEN, Mr. and Mrs.
WICKHAM, Sophia.
WIGGAN, Wm. 6 Sept. 1820. 53.
WIGHT, Geo. 8 June 1777. 65.
WIGHTWICK, Chas. 25 May, 1746. 46.
WIGTON, Wm. and John.
WIGTON, Mrs. Wm.
WIGTON, Sergt-Major.
WILKINSON, Mr. and Mrs.
WILLARD, Mrs. Mary. 20 Feb. 1745. (Removed for alteration).
WILLIAMS, John. 25 Aug. 1836. 44. (Found drowned).
WILSON, Miss. 18 April, 1838.
WILSON, Wm. 27 Mar. 1838. 68. (Mr. BALFOUR’s coachman).
WINGFIELD, Mrs. 12 June, 1836. 91.
WOOD, Mrs. E. 14 Oct. 1838. 61.
WOODS, James. 9 Feb. 1836. 56.
WOOLLARD, Wm. 10 May, 1835. 60.
WOOTTEN, Mrs. 1842. 45.
WOOTTEN, Thos. 1846.
WYLDE, Edward. 16 Dec. 1829.
WYLDE, Caroline. 20 Dec. 1833.
WYNN, Dorothy. (Daughter of Sir John Wynn, Bt). 1 Sept. 1818. 74 (See COYTENOR).

YOUNG, Lady. 29 May, 1838. (Woolwich Common).

Vaults in the Church. There is no plan of the interior layout of the church
Here follows a list of the vaults in the Church exactly as given in the old Burial Book.
404. McCLEVERTY. In the Entrance Porch the Family Vault of Col. McCLEVERTY.
Elizabeth, wf. of Lt.-Col. Richard McCleverty, Mar. 26, 1827. 56.
Col. McCleverty, June, 1836. 68.
Captn. McCleverty, 1845.

405. EGMONT. Family Vault of the EARL of EGMONT.
The Rt.Hon. the Earl of Egmont, Buried 1746.
Hon. C.J. PERCEVAL, buried June, 1782.
Chas. George Lord ARDEN, buried 1785.
Grace Lady Arden, buried 1787.
2nd Earl of Egmont, buried 1788.
Lady Arden, buried 1800.
Hannah Perceval, buried 1809.
Rt. Hon. Spencer Perceval, buried 1812.
Lady Perceval, buried 1817.
Edward Perceval, buried 1820.
Lady TREVELLYAN, buried 1822.
3rd Earl of Egmont, buried 1827.
Countess of Egmont, buriefd 1830.
Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. CARR, buried 1832.
Lady Carr, buried 1837.
Hon. W. Carr, buried 1839.
John, 4th Earl of Egmont, buried 1840.
Countess of Egmont, buried 1845.
John Perceval, buried 1847.
Sarah Perceval, buried 1849.
Mary Perceval, buried 1851 (last interment).

406. ATKINS (now CROFTON). The Family Vault of John ATKINS. John Atkins, Esq. Sarah Atkins, wife of John Atkins, Aug. 31, 1802. 44. Wm. Dent Atkins, son of John and Sarah Atkins, Aug. 12, 1799, 5y. 7m. The coffins in the above vault were removed about 1822-3, to Halsted, near Sevenoaks, Kent, and the tablet taken away in July, 1836, by order of Mr. ATKINS. Now the Family Vault of Wm. WHITE and F.L. CROFTON, Esqrs. Miriam Lowther Crofton, Dec. 17, 1841. 2. Miriam Crofton, Aug. 13, 1842, 32.

407. WILSON. The Vault of Lady WILSON.

408. MOFFATT. The Brick Grave of Capt. MOFFAT, Oct. 12, 1790. 62. Sarah Moffat, June, 1811. 72.

409. BARNETT. The Vault of Miss BARNETT, June 7, 1832. Miss BILL, May 1, 1835. Emma Bill, 1844. 26.

410. FAIRLAMB. James FAIRLAMB, Oct. 1800. 75. Maria Fairlamb, June 13, 1805. 65.

411. DOUGLAS. Maj.-Gen. Sir John DOUGLAS. Born Oct. 12, 1762. Died March 4, 1814. 52. Lady Douglas, 1826.

412. MILLER. Maj.-Gen. James MILLER, Mar. 24, 1825. 67. Miss Jane Sarah COOPER, Mar. 5, 1838. 58. Mrs. Jane Miller, Mar. 7, 1838. 84.

413. COLLINS. John COLLINS, 1816. 37.

414. WELLADVICE. Thos. WELLADVICE, Dec. 23, 1807. 54. Ann STURROCK, 1845.

415. RUSSELL. Thos. RUSSELL, Esq., Sept. 27, 1656 (?). 63.

416. BEARDMORE. Thos. BEARDMORE, Oct. 27, 1702. 43.

417. RICHARDS. Michael RICHRDS, Feb. 1, 1721. 48.

418. NEWTON*. Catherine NEWTON, 1629. (*This monument and that of LANGHORN used to be side by side in the Chancel, hence the mention of the Vault after RICHARDS instead of, as we should now expect, after MCCLEVERTY).

419. LANGHORN. The Rt. Hon. Lady Grace Viscountess of ARDMAGH, Feb. 15. 1699/1700. 69. Sir William LANGHORN, her husband. Feb. 26. 1714. 85.

420. WILSON. Sir Thos. Maryon WILSON, Bt. July 22, 1821. 48. Caroline, his 2nd daughter, Sep. 7, 1821. 16. Spencer Maryon Wilson, Esq., 3rd son of Sir Thos. M.W., Aug. 31, 1826. 22. Sir Thos. Maryon Wilson, May, 1869. 69.

421. GRIFFITH. John GRIFFITH, Esq., Sep. 20, 1717. 63.

422. LAPEYRASTORN. Francis Lapeyrastorn, Mar. 16, 1693. 57.

423. BALFOUR. The Vault of John BALFOUR, Esq. John Balfour, Esq. 1842. 92. Chas. A. Balfour, 1842. 23. John MILLTHORP, 1843. 54. Henrietta Balfour, 1844. 86.

424. The Rector’s Vault.
The Hon. General PULTNEY, 1741.
Jonathan HOOPER, Esq., 1756.
The Revd. Thos. CHAMBERLAYNE, 1781.
The Revd. Thos. Chamberlayne, 1786.
Miss Sarah Chamberlayne.
Patience Chamberlayne.
James Chamberlayne.
Maria Francisca Chamberlayne, 1812.
Mrs. Catherine Chamberlayne, 1819.
The Revd. Thos. Chamberlayne, 1826.
Ann Francisca Chamberlayne, 1826.
A child’s coffin with no plate.
Lt. Alexander WILLOCK, 1821.
Elizth Longlands.
Mrs. Maria STOPFORD.
Miss Louisa BULL.
Charles Edward DRUMMOND, 1831.
Mr. Jas. NISBET, 1833.
Mrs. Nisbet, 1833.
Coln. ROGERS, 1833.
Master N.K. Bull, 1833.
Master John George SANDFORD, 1834.
Master CRICKITT, 1844.
Mrs. Longlands, 1844.
The Revd. D. Longlands, 1849.
Mrs. Crickitt, 1850 (last interment).

425. CONGREVE. The Family Vault of Genl. CONGREVE. Sir Wm. Congreve, Bt., Apr. 30, 1814.

426. SMITH. The Family Grave of John Weatherall SMITH, R.A. 1839.

Addenda. Numbers in brackets refer to churchyard plan
In the year 1833 a plan of the churchyard was made, and before going to press I made vigorous but unsuccessful efforts to discover it. It has now come to light again, and thanks to the kindness of Major Sheppard I have been able to inspect it. Unfortunately these remarks are too late to be included in their proper place. Although the key to this old plan is lost we are able with the assistance of the old notebook to clear up several difficulties.

427. At first sight there appears to be a mistake in the drawing of this old plan, for the BRADFORD and COOPER tombs are quite near the south gate. The churchyard has evidently been extended a little both on the west and on the south since 1833.

428. Where the DUNBAR tomb (No.4) now stands was then a tomb marked NICHOLSON, while the large 429. FALKINGHAM monument has entirely disappeared, the site being occupied by that of TOWNSEND.

429. Near (12) is a monument marked "BYERS"; (14) is Mrs. Ann HUDSON, d. 1807, aged 52 years.
On the site of 16 (RUSSELL) and 17 (RANKING) was the tomb of Ann OLD, d. November, 1842, aged 31 years.

430. No.(20) may be STEPHENSON; but several monuments have disappeared just here to the memory of the ARCHER, BLACKHALL, HOGE, QUANCE, WIGHT and WOOTTEN families. The wife of Thomas CHAMBERLAYNE, and one William FORD are buried between (34) and (36), where is now the BURNETT monument.

431. Many tombs seem to have disappeared at the corner now occupied by Nos.(40-43), notably a large one marked "BUXTON". The following were buried just here: Miss Sally BAKER, d. 1816, aged 21; Charlotte COLEMAN, d. Dec. 1837, aged 38; Mrs. Ann CRODE, d. Apr. 1829, aged 74; Rebecca C. FEATHRESTONE, d. 1799; Wilhelmina LAFARGIN.

432. Near the MITFORD monument (45) was a large tomb marked "HOADS", which seems to have disappeared as a result of the enlargement of the RICHARDSON tomb (67). A certain Sergt. NICHOLS was also buried near this Richardson monument.

433. Between (70) and (89) were the tombs of George PARKS, d. Sep. 1834, aged 34, and John MILLINGS, d. Dec. 1838. 74 may not be PREBBLE, as stated in text, but may be John PARKER, d. 1801, aged 41.

434. Between (36) and (37) are buried George MILL and Mrs. DOWNS – the latter d. Jany. 1837, aged 49.

435. Near (87) is buried Sarah GEORGE, d. August, 1839, aged 45.

436. Near (91) are buried Mrs. JAMES, d. 1832, aged 60; also Ann James, d. Jan. 1838, aged 64; also Richard James, d. Feb. 1838, aged 72 years. Also Mrs. HOPGOOD, d. Aug. 1834; Mrs. THURLOW, d. Jany. 1825, aged 73; Mrs. Thurlow, d. Apr. 1837, aged 39; Fanny Elizth. Thurlow, d. Sep. 1837.

437. On the south of the PERCEVAL monument were buried three people named NODRUM.

438. Near (90) are buried Mr. Samuel POILO, d. Dec. 1840, aged 32, and Mrs. MITCHELL, d. 1844.

439. Near (97) were buried Richard ANDREWS, Mrs. Andrews, Robert DAY, d. June, 1841, aged 65 years, and Mrs. Day.

440. Near (111) are buried Harriot HINTON, d. 1842, aged 45; Mr. COPELAND, d. 1832.

441. To east of (128) lies Mrs. SEABROOK, d. Nov. 1829, aged 56.

442. Where (141) now stands are buried Mrs. BIBLER, William Newman Bibler, d. Nov. 1837, aged 75; William WATERMAN, d. 1830, aged 80.

443. Between (142) and (143) was the tomb of Mrs. HARMOND, d. 1826, aged 86.

444. Between the MIDDLETON monument and the wall of the church, was a big grave marked "RIDDLE" and the stone of Charlotte COLEMAN, which latter was removed, by consent, to a position near (41), and has now disappeared.

445. Between (148) and (149) lies Esther LEGGATT, d. 1822, aged 42.

446. A large monument marked "HAYNES" has entirely disappeared from between (151) and (152).

447. Between (156) and (158) was a large monument marked "REDMAYNE", which has also now disappeared.

448. At the corner, near (159), lie Mrs. BOLTON, d. Nov. 1857, aged 50, and Mrs. WHITFIELD.

449. Near (161) are buried Thomas CARVER, d. 1825, aged 68, and Mrs. Carver, d. 1826, aged 68.

450. Under what was then (1833) the east wall of the church were buried several members of the PRICKETT family.

451. Near (165) were buried Thomas and Mrs. MEADOWS and John BOYD – the latter d. 1833.

452. Just beyond (167) lie Mrs. WINGFIELD, d. 1836, aged 91, Mrs. ASHSTON, d. Dec. 1826, aged 88, and several members of the HATCHARD family.

453. Owing to the extension of the church eastwards it is now impossible to trace where many of those mentioned in the old notebook lie at this corner of the churchyard. The following tombs, however, appear to have disappeared altogether: Large "COWAN" monument. Solomon CORNSDALE, d. Feby. 1827, aged 48. Mrs. Elizabeth HUDSON, d. Mar. 1841, aged 27. Mrs. Samuel ROOK, d. May, 1825, aged 84. James SIMPER, d. 1784, aged 45.

454. South of (200) lie Mrs. and Mrs. WICKENDEN.

455. North of (178) lies Thomas PARK, d. May, 1836, aged 65.

456. (217) is the grave of William SKYRING, Esq., d. 1806, aged 40. (2011-01-12 John Leslie reports that his researches indicate that William Skyring was a Colonel in the Royal Artillery. He was married to Elizabeth Motley Austen, Janes cousin. He left behind two daughters & his widow. He had a son William Francis Skyring who died "young" in possibly 1804. Burial site unknown.

457. Many tombs have disappeared north of 213, notably a large "PAIGE" monument, together with those of the Rev. William GARDNER, d. 1812, aged 70, and Mrs. Ann NICHOLS, d. 1838, aged 86.

458. No. (251) is the tomb of the NOBLE family; Mrs Susanna Noble, d. Nov. 1834, aged 64.

459. South of (253) lies Thomas HAMPSHIRE, d. May, 1837, aged 77.

460. In the space north of Nos. (265) and (283) many monuments have disappeared, notably two large ones marked "WIGHTWICK" and "SAUNDERS".

461. No. (312) is the tomb of Catherine BLUND, d. July, 1834, aged 57.

Families connected with Charlton.

The following seem to call for slight genealogical and biographical notes:
Edward Blount (portions of whose tomb still remain in the Church, namely, two brass plates, one with inscription (as given) nailed on a pillar, and the other with coat of arms nailed under a window on the north wall) was the second son of Thomas Blount by his second wife, Elizabeth BALL, widow of Lawrence Ball, of London, gent. (she was born Elizabeth HOTE, and married firstly one GAGE, secondly Lawrence Ball as above), who on the 18th of March 1549, had purchased the fee simple of Wricklemarsh for £400 from William GREAYE, of Reading. Edward Blount only acquired part of the Manor of Wricklemarsh in right of his wife, the other portion being conveyed by her son Sophony Ball, to Brian ANNESLEY, of London. On 1st November, 1656, his son, Thomas Blount, settled it on his own son Thomas, who, on 7th July 1669, conveyed it to Sir John MORDEN (q.v.).
We can learn very little of the various members of his family. His eldest son, Thomas, under the title of Col. Blount, is frequently mentioned in Evelyn’s Diary, but mostly on account of his mechanical devices, such as his new kind of plough, and his "way-wiser" for telling the distance his coach travelled, evidently a species of seventeenth century cyclometer. We give one reference under 30th September, 1659, from Evelyn: "I went to Sir William DUCIE and Col. BLOUNT, where I met Sir Henry Blount, the famous traveller and water-drinker". [This Sir Henry Blount (1602-1682) was the third son of Sir Thomas Pope Blount, Bart., of Tittenhanger, Herts]. Col. Thomas Blount appears to have got into trouble at the restoration. In the Cal. State Papers, Domestic Series, 1660-61, under January 25th, we find him pleading against an insinuation that he was not a good Royalist. As a matter of fact he was actually clapped into prison at the restoration of KING CHARLES II. In 1661-2 William BOREMAN, of Greenwich, pleads for him to Secretary Nicholas that at least he may have a hearing. Future events show that he evidently cleared his character. The family of Blount is so large that we have found it almost impossible to link up this branch with the original parent stem. Our principal clue arises from the fact that those at Charlton incorporate the coat of Cornwall in their arms. This Edward Blount’s grandfather (William Blount) is mentioned by DRAKE as of Waddesley and Glose, co. Salop. This is most probably William Blount, of Wadley and Glazeley, co. Salop. In the arms as given on this tomb occurs the mullet, which is the differencing mark for the descendants from a third son. Now the gentleman who fits in best with the above William of Glazeley is William, fourth son of John Blount, of Kinlet, by Alicia, daugher of Kynard De LA BERE, and grandson of Sir John Blount, of Sodington, who married secondly Isabella CORNWALL, of Kinlet, daughter and heir of Sir Brian Cornwall. But there is no certainty at present about this matter, for in 1505 we find one, Peter Blount, the great grandson of the above Sir John Blount, of Sodington, through his first wife, Juliana FOWLESHURST, marrying Ann, daughter of Sir Edward Cornwall, of Burford. These Blounts at Charlton may have been descended form a third son of this match.

General Sir William CONGREVE, first Baronet, here buried, was Comptroller of the Royal Laboratory, and was created a Baronet 7th December, 1812. He was descended from the Congreves of Staffordshire; the Poet and Playwright, William Congreve, being, almost certainly, his great-uncle. He has most unfortunately been confused with his rather more distinguished son, also General Sir William Congreve, second Baronet, who was also Comptroller of the Royal Laboratory in succession to his father. This latter, not the first Sir William, was in reality the inventor of the "Congreve Rockets", which did such good service at the battle of Leipzic, for which service he received from the Emperor Alexander of Russia, the insignia of the Russian order of St. Anne. This latter died at Toulouse in 1828, where he is most probably buried. In 1829 John BURKE mentions a Sir Ralph Thomas Congreve, brother of the above Sir William, as the third Baronet. However, there seems to be no further mention of him anywhere else.
In 1872 Debrett speaks of the Baronetcy of Congreve being in reality extinct, because what he described as the third Baronet, namely William Augustus, son of Sir William, second Baronet, and another son, named Frederick, had then (1872) been lost for many years. Now (1908) there is only one of the books of present dignities which mentions the Baronetcy, and that, strange to say, is Burke. And by a still stranger irony, Burke, in 1907 ignores Burke of 1829 altogether, and speaks of William Augustus, third Baronet, born 1827, and his brother, Frederick Augustus, born 1828, as "not having been heard of for many years", thus altogether ignoring their own statement of 1829 re. Sir Ralph Thomas Congreve.

The Proud House of CONYERS, who bore az a maunche or, were descended from Roger of COIGNIERS, in Normandy, who was invited by William The Conqueror, near the close of his reign, to come over to England. In 1095 William CARELIPPO, the Prince Bishop of Durham, who held almost sovereign sway in the north, appointed him Constable of the Castle of Durham. His son, grandson and great-grandson were all great barons, being Lords of Horton, in York, which took their name, and henceforth became known as Horton Conyers. The name of Conyers frequently figures in the Rolls of Arms of the warriors who fought under the banners of Edward III and Henry V in France and elsewhere. In 1628 John was created first Baronet by Charles I. His grandson, Sir John Conyers, third Baronet, is the one who became Lord of the Manor of Charlton. This gentleman’s third son was named John, and this John may possibly be buried at Charlton in the Churchyard, for there is a curious ornamented tomb, with cherub heads and bead-work, date 1748, and inscription almost illegible, which although erected to the memory of one NORTHWOOD, has another inscription at the bottom, apparently to John Conyers. Sir John Conyers’ son, Sir Baldwin Conyers, died without issue male, thus the Manor of Charlton was lost to the Conyers family, for the title reverted to Sir Ralph Conyers, Baronet, a cousin of Sir Baldwin. It is sad to read that the last Baronet, Sir Thomas Conyers, died in 1810 in great poverty in the Workhouse of Chester-le-Street. (Burke’s "Vicissitudes of Families").

In the "Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica" is a most interesting report on the pedigree of James CRAGGS, Postmaster General; an extract from which we are tempted to quote. We quote from a portion of the depositions of John Craggs, uncle of the said John Craggs: "And the deponent farther saith that he hath seen the said arms on an antient gravestone which belonged to their family and which was destroyed and broke to pieces by the Scots in the time of the Civil Wars, and also that all their deeds and principal writings were lost and destroyed by hiding them in boxes under ground from the outrage of the Scots which this deponent very well remembers, by which means the evidences of their family was totally or almost all quite lost, and further this deponent saith not". (Signed) "John Craggs".
The James Craggs here buried has also been the subject of much confusion. We have frequently seen him referred to in local books as the Secretary of State, whereas in reality he was Postmaster General, as stated on his tomb, his son being the rather famous Secretary of State. Horace WALPOLE, Old Peter LE NEVE, the antiquary, and others have been unnecessarily caustic about his antecedents. [Walpole, of course, thought it great presumption that James Craggs the younger, the Secretary of State, should "contest a seat" against the all-powerful Sir Robert Walpole, hence the reason for his sarcasm, while with poor old Le Neve it was different, for to him greatness consisted entirely in yards of pedigree, which Craggs certainly had not]. However, the fact remains that his father, Anthony Craggs, was a country squire at Wolsingham, Co. Durham, with quite an appreciable amount of landed property, and although the Lady Mary Wortley MONTAGU speaks of this James Craggs the elder as "footman to the old

466. duch*eSS of NORFOLK", this statement admits of considerable softening. It most probably in this instance means Steward or Land Agent for the very vast estates of the House of Norfolk. We find mention of several members of this family as settled in County Durham. Hasted tells us that the grandfather of Anthony CRAGGS was settled at Landew and Wiserley, and we have discovered some of the Craggs family about this time (1700-1750) occupying the Manor of Seaton-Carrow, in this same County of Durham, and described as yeomen.
The subject of this note, James Craggs the elder, finds a place in the "Dictionary of National Biography". He was a man of remarkable energy and ability, which was spoilt by an all-consuming avarice. He heaped up a vast fortune, said to be over a million and a half of money, with which he hoped his son would become great, but alas for all his hopes his only son caught the small-pox and died (1721), and James the elder soon died too – it is said by his own hand.
His son, James Craggs the younger, was a man of much more mark than his father, possibly because he had a more liberal education at the Courts of Hanover and Turin. He certainly was employed on some most important negociations, and although he has many detractors his praises have been loudly sung by his supporters. Alexander Pope was unfailing in his unstinted admiration of him, and laboured incessantly for the erection of the tomb in Westminster Abbey over his remains. He was said to be an exceedingly handsome man of most commanding presence. He died of small-pox as stated above (1721). He also finds a place in the "Dictionary of National Biography" (q.v. for further particulars of both).
And here let us venture to clear up another popular local error. We are frequently told that the Earls of St Germans derive from Edward ELIOT, of Port Eliot, who married Elizabeth Craggs. They do not. They derive from Edward Eliot, of Port Eliot (1727-1804), who was the son of Richard Eliot, of Port Eliot, by Harriot, illegitimate daughter of James Craggs the younger. This Harriot was married at the age of thirteen to Richard Eliot, and after his death she married a HAMILTON, and became the mother of John James, MARQUIS of ABERCORN. Like her father, she was celebrated for her good looks. Richard Eliot was a brother of the first-mentioned Edward Eliot (see Vivian’s "Visitation of Cornwall").

There is much confusion with regard to the Cunninghams in the days of the early Stuarts, as James I seems to have attracted several gentleman of that name from Scotland to seek their fortune in London. This Sir David CUNNINGHAM, of London, Kt. and Bart., apparently died without issue, and by his will he left "Sir David Cunningham of Robertland Kt. and Bart. my honoured kinsman" his universal legatee. We wonder if he was related to the David Cunningham who was incumbent of Charlton about this time. They are both buried in Charlton Church, and one of them evidently presented the pulpit, which bears the arms of Cunningham.

There is the description of the very grand funeral accorded to this distinguished soldier in the "Gentleman’s Magazine", volume 84, page 413, but beyond informing us of the manner of his death and burial it does not much increase our knowledge of the man. Dr. BORTHWICK, who is described as a relation, was chief mourner, although an Admiral DOUGLAS is mentioned among those present. [Note: In August of same year another Maj.-Genl. Douglas, son of W. Douglas, of Bryton, Scotland, died at Narbonne of a wound received at Bayonne].

469. DUCIE
Sir William DUCIE, Bart., was second son of Sir Robert Ducie, Bart., Alderman of London, created Baronet 1629, by Charles I. His elder brother, Sir Richard Ducie, Bart., a great Royalist, had his estates sequestrated in 1643, and died, unmarried, 7th March 1656-7, and was buried at Tortworth. Sir William Ducie, Bart., succeeded to the title, and was created after the Coronation of Charles II, 1661, Baron Cloncy and Viscount Downe. He married Frances, daughter and co-heir of Francis SEYMOUR, first Baron Seymour of Trowbridge, and died at Charlton, 9th September 1679. His nephew, Sir William Ducie, Bart., died in the Fleet Prison, 1691, leaving his brother, Robert Ducie, of Islington, heir to the Baronetcy, but he died, unmarried 1703, and thus the title became extinct.

470. FRAZER*
Sir Augustus Simon FRAZER (1776-1835), Colonel, was only son of Col. Andrew Frazer, and grandson of George Frazer. His mother was Charlotte DURNFORD. He was born at Dunkirk. Became gentleman cadet at Woolwich, 1792. In 1793, at age of 17, he joined Duke of York in Flanders. He was present at battles of Nouveaux, Cateau Cambrésis, Tournay and Boxtel. In 1799 he served in the expedition to the Helder and at the battle of Bergen. In 1807 he commanded the artillery in the assault on Buenos Ayres. Served on Wellington’s staff in Peninsular Wars. Was present at Salamanca and Osma, and at the battle of Vittoria and the siege of San Sebastian, also at the battle of Toulouse. In 1815 he commanded the Artillery under Wellington, in Belgium, and by bringing nine-pounders into action instead of the old six-pounders, very much increased the effect produced by the English guns at Waterloo. This was his last engagement. He died at Woolwich, 1835. * See "Dictionary of National Biography".

Sir William GOSSET was second son of Matthew Gosset, of Bagot, Jersey, by Elizabeth HILGROVE. His great-uncle was Isaac Gosset (1713-1799), who was such a wonderful modeller of portraits in wax, even as his uncle, Matthew Gosset, had been before him (for these two artists see "Dictionary of National Biography"). Sir William was M.P. for Truro and Under-Secretary of State in Ireland; he was afterwards Sergeant-at-Arms to the House of Commons, till his death in 1848. He married, Gertrude, daughter of Thomas DANIELL, of Trelissick, Cornwall, by whom he had a son, Sir Ralph Allen Gossett, who was also Sergeant-at-Arms to the House of Commons.

Sir Thos. HISLOP was third and youngest son of Lieut.-Col. William Hislop, R.A., who died at Woolwich, 1779. His two elder brothers were killed in India. The active service which he saw is mostly detailed upon his tomb. He was created a Baronet 2nd November 1813. He seems to have behaved with considerable severity in India, and though defended in the House of Parliament by the Duke of Wellington his action at the Fort of Talner was never satisfactorily explained. After his signal victory over the rebellious Mahrattas at Mabridpore he arrived before the Fort of Talner, and on the refusal of the Mahratta Governor of the fort to surrender, he stormed the fort, hanged the governor as a rebel, and put the garrison of 300 to the sword.

Sir William LANGHORNE (1629-1715) was son of William Langhorne, East India Merchant, probably descended from the Langhornes of Layston, Herts., who were themselves a branch of the Langhornes of Fryers, Bedfordshire. He was admitted to the Inner Temple on 6th August, 1664. He succeeded to his father’s East India trade, and was created Baronet, 1668. In 1670 he became Governor of Madras in succession to Sir William Winter. He left Madras in 1677, after seven years of difficult work in keeping the balance between England and France out there. He purchased the Manors of Charlton and Hampstead, and settled down in the former, dying at the ripe age of 85, and by his will leaving much of his wealth in a species of "Queen Anne’s Bounty" bequest for augmenting poor livings. Charlton, at least, will always preserve the memory of his benefactions, for he left one thousand pounds to augment the living and money to build and endow a school. *See "Dictionary of National Biography".

474. MIDDLETON, of Belsay, Northumberland
There is a good account of this family in co*kayne’s Complete Baronetage, Vol.3. The fourth Baronet, Sir William Lambert MIDDLETON, married Anne, widow of Warner PERKINS, hence the reason for his burial at Charlton in the vault of St. Quentin Bladen Perkins. It is interesting to note that he was the grandson of the famous (or infamous) General Lambert, of Cromwell’s Army, his father, Sir John Middleton, having married Frances, daughter and heir of John LAMBERT, of Carlton, in Craven, Yorks., and son of General John Lambert aforesaid (died 1683, aged 64).

"Gentleman’s Magazine, 1790: "At Charlton, Kent, James MOFFAT, Esq., Director of East India Company. He was the oldest Commander in the Service, and would have had to be out of the direction by rotation in April next".

No monograph of Charlton, however brief, should omit to mention Sir John MORDEN, Bart., who founded the well-known charity called "Morden College", which has always been so intimately connected with Charlton, standing as it does on a portion of the land forming the Old Manor of Wricklemarsh. Sir John was himself a Londoner, being only son of George

477. MORDEN, of St. Bride’s, citizen and goldsmith, by Martha, daughter of Thomas HARRIS of London, but he came of a Suffolk family, whose pedigree is traced in Volume II of Mr J.J. Muskett’s well-known book. He entered into trade with the Turks at Aleppo. He was created a Baronet in 1688, and was M.P. for Colchester, 1695. He married Susan, daughter of Joseph BRAND of Edwardstone, Suffolk, and died without issue, 1708, aged 86, leaving nearly all his fortune to found "Morden College" for decayed Turkey Merchants.

Sir Adam NEWTON, Bart., who rebuilt the Church, is described in the deed of transfer of Charlton Manor to himself from Sir James ERSKINE, as Adam Newton, of Richmond, co. Surrey. We have failed altogether to trace his antecedents, but we are told in the "Dictionary of National Biography" that he was a native of Scotland. In early life he was a teacher at the College of St. Maixant, in Poitou. In 1600 he returned to Scotland, and was appointed tutor to Prince Henry, son of James VI of Scotland. In 1605 he married the daughter of Lord Keper PUCKERING, and, though a layman, was presented to the Deanery of Durham the same year. In 1606 he purchased the Manor of Charlton, and built a "goodly brave house" there. In 1610 Henry, Prince of Wales, was given a separate household, and Adam Newton was appointed Secretary. On the death of Prince Henry, in 1612, he was made Treasurer to Prince Charles, and in 1620 he sold the Deanery of Durham and was created a Baronet. After Charles I’s accession he became Secretary to the Council, and in 1628 Secretary to the Marches of Wales, which last was a very lucrative post. He died 1629. He was a very learned scholar in Latin and Greek, and wrote several books in those languages. His son, Sir Henry Newton, the famous Royalist, came into the large estates of his uncle, Sir Thomas Puckering, in Warwickshire and elsewhere, and assumed the name and arms of Puckering. He died at the Priory, Warwick, in 1701, aged 83, and was buried with the Puckerings, in St. Mary’s Church, Warwick. He kept open house for all poor Cavaliers who had been beggared in the Royal cause. These Puckerings must on no account be confused with the Pickerings, of whom the most famous, Sir John PICKERING, is buried at St. Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate, London. On the death of Sir Henry PUCKERING-NEWTON the baronetcy became extinct.

This distinguished old General, who lost his leg at Waterloo, was a familiar figure in Charlton for many years. He was second son of Admiral Sir Hyde Parker (1739-1807, Knighted on April 21st, 1779) and younger brother of Vice-Admiral Hyde Parker (1784-1854). His youngest brother, Harry Parker, fell fighting for his country at Talavera, and so did his nephew, Captain Hyde Parker, who commanded the "Firebrand" in its attack on the Russian forts at the mouth of the Danube in 1854, and was killed in the action. His grandfather, Vice-Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, Bart., was a still more distinguished naval commander. The title had been created in 1681, in favour of Hugh Parker, Alderman of London, with special remainder to his nephew, Henry Parker, of Honington, Co. Warwick, who married Margaret, daughter of Alexander HYDE, Bishop of Salisbury, and first cousin of the first Earl of Clarendon. This Sir Henry was grandfather to Sir Hyde Parker, Bart. The title descended through Sir Harry Parker, Bart., of Melford Hall, Suffolk, elder brother of Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, Kt.

The family of PERCEVAL have had a very long connection with Charlton. In 1766 an Act of Parliament was passed to enable John JONES and Margaretta Maria, his wife, late Margaretta Maria WELLER, to grant a long lease of the Manor, and the Percevals accordingly became tenants, with the result that many of them are buried here, and hence it is that Charlton Church enshrines the mortal remains of that great and celebrated statesman, the Rt. Hon. Spencer Perceval. The connection of the Percevals with Charlton, however, begins much earlier than 1766, for in 1757 Catherine, first wife of the second EARL of EGMONT, was buried here, and from that time onwards many of the Percevals have found a last resting place here, In fact, all the Earls of Egmont and most of their Countesses, and the connection with Charlton seems hardly yet severed, for the sixth Earl and his Countess were buried in Charlton Cemetery in 1874 and 1870 respectively.

[Burke, in his "Landed Gentry of Ireland", mentions a Brigadier-General Michael RICHARDS who died 1721 unmarried, and who was fourth son of Col. Solomon Richards, of Solsborough, co. Wexford, and died October, 1691, and was buried in Westminster Abbey 6th of that month. His wife was Abigail, daughter of Henry GODDARD, of Deptford and Chatham. This coincidence would certainly be worth investigating to discover the early history of the family to which the Charlton Michael Richards belonged].
Michael Richard (1673-1721) was one of three very distinguished brothers, sons of Jacob Richards. His sister Elizabeth married the Rt. Hon. James CRAGGS, the elder, the Postmaster-General, whose monument is in the chancel of Charlton. He and his two brothers were distinguished not only for their great bravery but also for their remarkable talent in military engineering. Jacob, the eldest, was sent to Hungary to "survey, learn, and observe the fortifications", and he made many very valuable discoveries about explosives. He also did good work in Ireland at the siege of Carrickfergus and the battle of the Boyne, and later, in Flanders, with his brother Michael at the battle of Steinkirk. He was appointed Third Engineer of the Kingdom, and died in 1701. John, the next brother, saw service with the Venetians, and in the Polish and Portuguese armies. In 1706 he was sent by Marlborough into Spain, and became Governor of Alicant, where he was besieged. He sustained the siege for four months, and no relief came, and when the enemy invited him to inspect the mine they had dug under his fortifications he sent his engineer, and finding there really was a mine he wrote to his brother about the troops to be sent to his succour, ending "Good night, Micky, God send us a merry meeting". Four days afterwards the enemy fired the mine and John Richards perished,
Michael, the youngest, whose monument is such a prominent object in our Church, was the most distinguished soldier of the three. He was a great favourite with John CHURCHILL, the all-conquering Duke of MARLBOROUGH. When he was only eighteen years of age he was fighting under his brother Jacob in Ireland, and a year later was present in Flanders at the battles of Steinkirk and Landen. At twenty-two he was wounded at the siege of Namur. In 1696, when only twenty-three, his engineering genius was recognized, and he was appointed Chief Engineer and Commander-in-Chief to the Expedition to Newfoundland. In 1704 he joined Marlborough in the Netherlands, and was present at the battles of Schellenberg and Blenheim. In 1706 he was again in action at Ramilies, and carried the despatches after the battle from MARLBOROUGH to the Queen. He behaved with splendid bravery at the defeat at Almanza, covering the retreat of the sick and wounded. His genius in bridge-building made his services of unique value to Marlborough, and on more than one occasion he saved the situation by the rapid construction of a bridge. On 9th December, 1710, came the crowning effort of his pluck. He had now been fighting for over two years in Spain, having arrived there before the sad death of his brother John, whom he was too late to save, in March, 1709. The English Artillery, under RICHARDS, arrived with von Staremberg’s Army at Brehuega just half-an-hour too late, for Stanhope had been forced to surrender. However, they joined battle with Vendome, who had 20,000 men with him, and after a hard fight, lasting an hour-and-a-half, during which Richards’ train was almost annihilated, the English won. This was Richards’ last fight. He returned home September, 1711, and was appointed Chief Engineer of Great Britain, and spent his time visiting Portsmouth, Plymouth, Sheerness, etc. In 1720 he was instrumental in forming the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. He died 5th February, 1721, and his three nieces, daughters of his sister, by James CRAGGS the elder, erected the ridiculous monument over his remains in Charlton Church, by which he seems best known.

482. VERE
Drake tells us that this Robert De VERE was third son of John de Vere, fifteenth Earl of Oxford, who died 1539, and was present at his father’s funeral. He is not, however, mentioned by Brooke in the list of this nobleman’s sons. But John de Vere married the heiress of the TRUSSELS, Lords of the Manor of Shottisbrooke, so this would fit in well with the appointment of this Robert de Vere to be Lay Rector of Shottisbrooke College. He died in 1598, so if he was present at his father’s funeral in 1539 he must have been a very old man when he died. He describes himself in his will as of Wricklemarsh, but he does not appear to have been Lord of that Manor, which probably by the 16th century had several houses in it, as it stretched much in the direction of the village of Lee.

There is a very interesting account of the early history of the ancestry of Sir Spencer Pocklington MARYON-WILSON, Bart. (now Lord of the Manor of Charlton, Kent, and of Hampstead and other places) to be found in Old Thomas Wotton’s Baronetage. From this we gather that the family is descended from Thomas Wilson, of Elton, in Yorkshire (?) who in 1250 bore sable, a wolf salient and in chief three estoiles or, even as the Wilsons of Charlton do to-day. His great grandson, Anthony Wilson, of Elton, married a daughter of John PROFIT, of Pocklington, *Yorks. (*The present Baronet, however, derives its name of POCKLINGTON from his mother, who was a daughter of Rev. H.S. Pocklington). Again, Anthony’s great grandson, Thomas Wilson, of Elton, had two sons, William Wilson, of Stroby, Lincoln, and Edmond Wilson, of Tockwith.
We are not going to deal with the numerous ramifications of this very large family of Wilson, which, if properly done, would fill many weighty volumes, but we wish to explain a little matter in Drake’s Hasted which seems to demand some explanation, for it conveyed to our minds a wrong impression which we have since been able to correct, and might also do so to others. It is an unintentional result of condensation. Most of the people living in the neighbourhood of Charlton talk loosely of the WILSON family as being descended from a very worthy and learned man of Queen Elizabeth’s day, to wit, Sir Thomas Wilson, or Dr. Thomas Wilson, and those who have had the pleasure of visiting Charlton House are shown his portrait. Now this Dr. Thomas Wilson was certainly a cousin of the first Baronet, as we will presently show, and, moreover, he was in every respect a most worthy and learned man (see "Dictionary of National Biography"), but he is NOT the infamous Sir Thomas Wilson mentioned in the note on page 123 of Drake’s Hasted, who behaved in such a devilish manner to the great Sir Walter RALEIGH; and, after looking through many genealogical books, we do not believe that this latter was any relation at all to the worthy old Doctor, Dr. Thomas Wilson, whose biography in the Dictionary above-mentioned makes most interesting reading, was the great-great-grandson of William Wilson, of Stroby, aforementioned, while Sir William Wilson, first Baronet, was fifth in descent from Edmond Wilson, of Tockwith, brother of William Wilson, of Stroby. John Wilson, of Fletching, father of Sir William Wilson, first Baronet, was a lawyer of considerable note. He married Mary, daughter of Thomas GARDENER, and his mother was the daughter of William SMITH, of Dringhouses, near York (see later, large coat of arms under Sir. Thomas. MARYON-WILSON’s monument). Sir William Wilson was a Cavalier of considerable distinction, and several of his cousins fought in the Royal cause, his cousin Charles being slain at the King’s side t the battle of Naseby. The future history of the Baronetcy is given in many books of present dignities, but it is noteworthy to remark that recent publications of the Historical Manuscripts Commission have thrown much new light on the services rendered by General Sir Thos. Spencer Wilson, sixth Baronet, in the Anglo-Hanoverian War, especially at the battle of Minden, in 1759.

A few brief (sic) notes concerning the Manor of Charlton, near Woolwich, Kent.
The name Charlton, Cherleton, or Coerl-ton, the settlement of the Coerls, or husbandmen, is not unnaturally a very common one for our English Villages. It occurs no less than four times in the County of Kent alone. Hence the necessity for more closely designating the neighbourhood which forms the subject of these notes.

The earliest reference to this Manor as a separate entity is found in the Doomsday Book.

It is as follows: Wills filius Ogerii ten’ de ep’o Cerletone. p uno solin se detd. T’ In dnio e. i. car.
7 xiii.uill’I bnt. iii. car. Ibi. ii. serni. 7 viii. ac. p’ti. Silna.v.porc’.T.R.E. 7 post. 7 modo ual’.vii.lib. Hanc t’ra
tenner de rege.ii.frs p.iibus maneriis Goduin 7 Aluuard.

And is thus translated*:
William, son of OGER, holds, of the Bishop, Cerletone. It answers for one suling. There is the arable land of five teams. In demesne there is one team and thirteen villans have three teams. Two slaves there. And eight acres of meadow. Wood of five hogs. In the time of King Edward, and afterwards, and now, it is worth seven pounds. Two brothers held this land of the King for two manors, Goduin and Aluuard.
* We give Larking’s translation, which, though not so picturesque, is much more literal than that of Daniel
Lyson’s. [L.M.M.].

[Note: Money as mentioned in Doomsday is generally estimated at about thirty times its present value (1908).
There is much difference of opinion with regard to the various measures of land in the Doomsday Survey. It is usually thought that the Norman "Carucate" of land was the amount of land one plough and team could manage in one year; while the Saxon "Hide" is estimated at about 120 acres.
The Kentish "Suling" as a unit of land has given rise to endless discussion. There is a most able and scholarly account of it to be found in "Feudal England" by that very eminent authority. J.H. ROUND].
From the above account we gather that King William gave the Manor of Charlton to his half-brother ODO, Bishop of Bayeux; under whom it was held by William Fitz OGER.
It afterwards came into the possession of Robert BLOET, Bishop of Lincoln, the King’s Chancellor, who gave it to the monks of Bermondsey.
The original grant is not now to be found, but among the Cottonian MSS. at the British Museum, in the volume called Claudius A VIII, is a MS.* [Early 16th Century] consisting of sixteen closely written pages, all in one very neat handwriting, and written on both sides of the paper. This is called by Dugdale the "Chronicle of Bermondsey", and we extract the following from it:

Robertus Lincoln episcopus salutem. Novent universitas vestra quod ego, pro salute domini mei Willelmi, Anglorum regis, et pro salute animarum patris et matris meae, et pro salute animae fratris mei, Baiocencis episcopi etc, concessi monachis de Bermundes Charletonam sicut frater meus Baiocensis episcopus tenuit et similiter ego tempore Willelmi Regis, et patris sui. Testibus, Eudone dapifero, Roberto de Ver, magello de Maundeville, Wellelmode de Albereio, Roberto de Wardic, et aliis.

Translation: Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, sends greeting. Let your Body take knowledge that for the salvation of my Lord William, King of England, and for the soul’s weal of my Father and Mother, and for the salvation of the soul of my brother, the Bishop of Bayeux, etc., I have made over to the monks of Bermondsey, Charleton, just as my brother, the Bishop of Bayeux, held it and likewise myself in the days of William the King and of his Father. Witnesses: EUDO, Master of the House, Robert de VERE, Magillus de MAUNDEVILLE, Willelmodes de ALBERIUS, Robert de WARDIC, and Others.

And now King William Rufus ratifies this gift in the following words:
Willelmus Rex Anglorum, Anselmo Archiepiscopo et G. Episcopo Roffensi et H. dapifero, et omnibus fidelibus suis Francigenis and Anglicis, salutem. Sciates me concessisse donum quod fecit Robertus Cancellarius meus videlicet episcopus Lincoln de manerio suo de Cherletona quod dedit pro salute animae nostrae ecclesiae sancti Salvatoris de Bermundsey et volo ut monachis praedictae ecclesiae iter honorifici et pacifice teneant sicut Baiocensis episcopus et Robertus predictus melius tenuerunt tempore patris mei et meo tempore. Teste episcopo Willelmo Dunelmiensi.
[Note: "G. Episcopo Roffensi" refers to Gundulph, Bishop of Rochester, the renowned castle-building Bishop, much of whose work still remains at the Tower of London, in both the Castle and Cathedral at Rochester, and in the St. Leonards Tower at Malling.
"H. dapifero" may refer to Hugh, Earl of Shrewsbury, or possibly to Hugh de Lacy].

Translation: William, King of the English, to Anselm the Archbishop, and to G. Bishop of Rochester and H. Master of the House, and to all his faithful lieges, French-born and English, greeting.
Ye must know that We have given our consent to the gift which Robert our Chancellor, to wit the Bishop of Lincoln, hath bestowed of his Manor of Charlton in that he gave it for our soul’s weal to the Church of Saint Saviour in Bermondsey, and we desire that the monks of the aforesaid Church walk honourably and peacefully even as the Bishop of Bayeux and the aforesaid Robert have walked excellently in the time of our Father and in our own time.
Witness: William, Bishop of Durham.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -

Robert BLOET was promoted to the See of Lincoln in 1092, and William CARELIPPO, Bishop of Durham, died in 1095. Hence we can approximate to the dates of the above documents.
The new Monastery of Bermondsey, which was founded about this time by Alwin CHILD, had evidently not yet received its first Charter from the King, for in that document* we find mention of the Manor of Charlton among the lands belonging to the Monastery. This was still, however, in the reign of William Rufus, who himself granted this first charter for some monks form La Charité sur Loire to found a Priory at Bermondsey, which afterwards became such a great and powerful abbey. Henry I confirmed his predecessor’s charter to these monks, and again we have the mention of the Manor of Charlton among the ever-increasing list of their lands.

And now we regret that we have been unable to break the silence of over a century by the discovery of any documents relating definitely to this Charlton. But in the year 1241 (25 Henry III) a "Quo Warranto" writ was issued against the Prior of Bermondsey to show cause why he had erected a gallows at Charlton, and the twelve jurors were amerced for concealing the fact**. But the men of Charlton were evidently determined not to submit tamely to be fined again for the Prior of Bermondsey’s misdeeds, for in the 7 Ed. I (1278) we find another Jury of Charlton men notifying *** the Court that the Prior had again erected his "gallows tumbril, and pillory" and committed sundry other misdemeanors at Charlton, whereon the Prior produced a charter from King Henry II giving him all sorts of privileges, which were duly admitted. We wonder where this Charter of Henry II is now.

The next document of great interest in connection with this manor is to be found in the great Charter Roll of the nation now preserved in the Record Office. The date of it is 1268 (53 Henry III). It is as follows:
Pro Priore et Conventu de Bermundesaia. Henricus Dei Gratia, etc. Archiepiscopis, etc. Sciatis nos concessisse et hac carta nostra confirmasse dilectis nobis in Christo Priori et Conventu de Bermundesaia quod illi et successores imperpetuum habeant unum mercatum singulis septimanariis per diem Lune apud manerium suum de Cherleton in Comitatu Kancia et unam feriam ibidem singulis annis per tres dies durante videlicet in Vigilia et in die et in crastino Sancte Trinitate nisi mercatum illud et feria illa sint ad nocumentum vicinorum mercatorum et vicinarum feriarum. Quare volumus etc sicut predictum est. Hiis testibus Henrico de Alamannico nepote nostro, Roberto Walerando, Roberto de Briwes, Johanne de Cobham, Rudulpho de Bakepuz, Willellmo Belet, Galfrido de Percy, Willelmo de Fawkham, Gilberto filii Hugonis, Bartholomeo le Bigod et aliis, Datum per manum Regis apud Westmonasterio decimo die Februarii.


* Noverit onmium fidelium posteritas quod ego Willelmus Rex Anglorum pro anima mea et anima patris mei Willelmi Regis, cui ego successi in regno, dedi Deo et monachis de Caritate ecclesiam sancti Salvatoris de Bermondesia simul et ipsam Bermondesiam cum omnibus appenditiis suis, jure pertetuo possidendam, ab omnibus rebus et consuetudinibus liberam et quietam. Concedo etiam eis et confirmo quicquid alii quibuslibet rebus videlicet Cerletonam cum appenditiis suis quam donavit eis Robertus Lincolniae episcopus ecclesiam vero de Hardwicke cum terra ipsi ecclesiae adjacenti, et decima villae praenominatae decimamque de Opetona quam Winebaldus de Baalun dedit eis ecclesiam quoque de Omineia terramque et decimam ejusdem cum aliis decimis de Estentona et Alvinetona quas dedit eis Odo de Terone miles ejusdem Winebaldi: scilicet et decimam de Fyfidre quam eis dedit Rogerus miles Johannes filii Waleranni, Concendente eodem Johanne; necnon duas hidas terrae de Estenas quas Walterius filius Ausgerii eis dedit; similiter terram de Hoddesdona quam Petrus de Sancto Olapho dedit eis sicut ipse eam melius teniut in tempore patris mei: quicquid etiam donatum est illis apud Londinariam in ecclesii aut in decimis, aut in domibus, aut in terries, aut in aliis quibuslibet rebus tam in civitate quam extra civitatem scilicet in nemoribus, in pratis, in molendinis, in piscariis, et in omnibus rebus.

Volo itaque atque praecipio ut monachi Bermondesiae omnes possessiones suas et omnes res suas bene, et liberè, et in pace, et honorifice teneant.

Willelmus nutu Dei Rex Anglorum sigillo confirmavit haec et corroboravit. (Signum): Will Regis, Henrici haec laudantis fratris ejus, Walkelini Lundoniensi episcopi, Osmundi Epis Salis, Johanis de Sumbresatta, Eudone dapiferi, Rotgeri de Novant, Rotgeri Bicel, Petridi Valonis, Richardi Delamera, Alwyni, ecclesiam S. Salvatoris, una cum rege, in anima monachorum de Caritate, Ricardi, silicet Osberti, atque Vinbaldi qui aderant emancipantes Letaldus scripsit et subscripsit feliciter. Amen.

Translation: Be it known to all faithful men for all time, that I, William, King of the English, for my soul’s weal and that of my Father King William, whom I succeeded in this kingdom that I have given to God and the monks of "Charity" the Church of St. Saviour of Bermondsey and with it Bermondsey itself and all its appendages as a possession with perpetual right free and undisturbed by any tolls or customary exactions. I yield this to them in addition to whatever gifts others have made with whatever conditions, and I ratify those gifts, viz., Charlton and its appendages, which Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, granted to them, also the Church of Hardwicke with the ground adjoining the church and the tithes of the forenamed village, with the tithes of Upton which Winebald de Baalun gave them, also the Church of Omeney and its land and tithes, with other tithes of Estenton and Alvineton which Odo de Tirone, a knight of the same Winebald, gave them, and also the tithes of Fyfield which Roger, a knight of John the son of Waleran, gave them with the said John’s permission, as well as two hides of land in Easton which Walter the son of Ausger gave them, and likewise the land at Hoddesdon which Peter of St. Olave gave them even as he had the goodwill of it in the time of my Father.
Whatever was granted to them of land in London, either in churches, tithes, houses, land, or any other property, whether in the city or without the bounds, as in parks or meadows, mills or fisheries, or any other property (I confirm the grant).
Such is my will, and I charge that the monks of Bermondsey shall enjoy the possession of their property and all their wealth fairly and freely in peace and honour.
William, by the will of the Almighty king of the English, confirms and ratifies these presents with his seal. (Here follow the seals of the other witnesses).


**. Prior de Bermundeseye summonitus fuit ad respondendum domino Regi de placito quo warranto clausulam habere visum franci plegii emendas assise panis et cerevisie fracte trebuchet tumbrelas furcas et infangenethef in manerio suo de Cherleton.

Et Prior per attornatum suum venit et dicit quod ipse invenit ecclesiam suam inde seisitum et quod ipse et omnes predecessores sui semper hujusque a tempore quo memoria non existit continue usi sunt libertatibus predictis etc et de hoc point se super patriam.

Et Galfridus de Hertspol qui sequitur pro rege similiter petit quod inquiratur etc. Ideo fiat inde Jurata etc. Jurata hundredi de Blakeheth dic*nt super sacrementum suum quod predictus Prior et omnes predecessores sui semper hujusque a tempore quo non existat memoria sine interruptione usi sunt libertatibus predictis sicut predictus Prior dicit. Ideo predictus Prior inde sine die salvo Jure Regis, etc.

Translation: The Prior of Bermondsey was summoned to give answer before the Lord King concerning the decree by warrant of which he was alleged to have a licence and right of Frankpledge, a right to claim compensation for any violation of the assize of bread and ale, a control of gallows and jurisdiction over thieves caught within the boundaries of his Manor at Charlton.
The Prior was represented by his attorney, who pleaded that the Prior had found his Church possessed of these privileges and that he and all his predecessors had always hitherto from time immemorial enjoyed the said privileges, and on this account he appealed to the State for protection.
Galfridus de Hartspool followed on the King’s behalf and likewise pleaded that enquiry should be made. So it was decided to appoint a jury for the purpose. The Jury of the Hundred Court of Blackheath declared on oath that the said Prior and all his predecessors always hitherto had enjoyed the said privileges from time immemorial as the said Prior had claimed. And so the said Prior was allowed the use of these privileges without limit imposed provided the King’s rights wee not infringed.


***. Idem Prior clamat habere has libertates subscriptas per cartas Regis Henrici senilis Regis Henrici secundi et Regis Henrici tercii videlicet quod ipse et successores sui quieti sint de scotto et scottis geldis et auxiliis forestariae percis claudendis et sartis viceniti schyris et hundredorum placitis et theoloniis et ab omnibus querelis consuetudinariorum sacca et socca thol et them et infangenethef. Clamant eciam habere per easdem cartas in maneriis suis in Cherletona, Rylewg, Werlingham, et Waddon furcas curiam suam de libertatibus septimanariis in tres septimanarias visum franci plegii bis per annum et assisam panis et cerevisiae. Et quod hujus modis libertates ipse et predecessores sui usi sunt a tempore quo non existat memoria et quod nichil super dominum Regem vel antecessores suos petunt quod inquiratur per patriam.

Et milites at hoc electi dic*nt super sacrementum suum quod predictus Prior et predecessores sui plene usi sunt predictis libertatibus et quod nichil occuparerunt seu usurparerunt super dominum Regem vel antecessores suos postea (preteriae?) hoc quod perferunt veredictum suum in hec verba. Dic*nt quod Prior de Bermundesey habet in manerio suo de Cherletona liberam curiam suam de tenentibus suis furcas infangenethef saccae socca et alias libertates quas clamat. Itan tamen quod tenentes sui venient ad tumum vicecomitati bis per annum et si, non venient vicecomitatus amerciatur eos, Dominus Rex habet amerciamenta et dicti similiter tenentes debent sequi bis per annum ad hundredum de Blakeheth per Borgesaldrum de Cherleton et quatuor homines et sumere ibi assisam panis et cerevisiae et si non venunt amerciantur et quod dic*nt quod dominus Rex est in seisina sicut predicti tenentes sequi debent bis per annum ad turnum preductum. Et quod habere debet amerciamenta eorum si non venient et similiter quod iisdem tenentes sequi debent bis per annum ad turnum predictum de Blekehethe in forma predicta et similiter quod ibi sumere debent assisam predictam et ideo dominus Rex habeat et teneat inde seisinam suam inde pacifice et Prior cum omnibus libertatibus inde sine die salvo domino Regi et heredibus suis jure et accessione sua cum alias inde loqui voluerit.

Translation: The same Prior claims that he has these privileges confirmed in charters of Old King Henry (Henry II) and King Henry III, namely, that he and his successors should be exempt from poll tax and all taxes and from contributions for forestry, from closing their parks and assarts of the neighbouring shires from the decisions of the Hundred Court, and duties on imports and all disputes of Customary dues with jurisdiction in matters of dispute, franchise, with duties and warranties and criminal jurisdiction within the precincts. And they claim that by right of the same charters they have on their Manors of Charlton, Rylewg, Werlingham and Waddon gallows, their own Court every three weeks to define privileges, view of frankpledge twice in the year and assize of bread and ale. And whereas he and his predecessors have enjoyed such privileges from time immemorial and whereas they have in no way infringed upon or usurped the King’s rights either in regard to the King or his predecessors, they pray that a State enquiry may be made.
And the Knights chosen "ad hoc" declare on oath that the said Prior and his predecessors have enjoyed full use of these said privileges and have in no wise infringed upon or usurped the Rights of the King or his predecessors beyond this true claim that they put forward in these terms. They declare that the Prior of Bermondsey has in his manor of Charlton his own free Court for his tenants, the right of hanging, criminal jurisdiction within the precincts, with duties and warranties and other privileges which he claims. However it must be added that the tenants come to the periodical Court of the Sheriff of the County twice in the year, and if they do not come the Sheriff shall impose a fine upon them. The Lord King hath the right to impose fines, and likewise the said tenants are bound to repair to the Hundred Court of Blackheath twice in the year represented by the "Borseholder" of Charlton and four men, and to take there an assize of bread and ale, and if they do not come they shall be mulcted, and because they say that the King is in possession of the land even so the said tenants must repair twice in the year to the said Court. And whereas he is entitled to impose fines if they do not come, and whereas likewise these said same tenants must repair twice in the year to the said court of Blackheath in the manner prescribed, and whereas also they must take there the aforesaid assize, therefore shall the Lord King have and hold thence his possession in peace and the Prior shall enjoy all his privileges without limit imposed, provided always the King and his heirs be not injured thereby and provided always he my summon (the Prior) if he desire to make any other arrangement afterwards.
On behalf of the Prior and Monastery of Bermondsey. Henry, by the grace of God, etc., to the Archbishops, etc., Greeting. Be it known unto you that we have granted and by this our charter have confirmed to our Well Beloved in Christ the Prior and Monastery of Bermondsey that they and their successors shall hold in perpetuity one market each week on Monday in their Manor of Charlton in the County of Kent, and one fair in the same place each year lasting for three days, namely, upon the Vigil and Feast of the Holy Trinity and upon the day following provided that market and fair are in no wise to the detriment of neighbouring markets and fairs. So we will and so it is provided. And these are witnesses thereto. Henry, of Germany, our nephew, etc.
[Note: This fair afterwards became quite historic, and was not finally abolished till a few years go. Mr W.T. Vincent gives many interesting references to it in his "Records of Old Woolwich"].

We extract the next document from the De Banco Roll of 15 Edward I (1287). It gives us an interesting description of a squabble between the Prior of Bermondsey and the Bishop of Rochester over the Presentation to the Living [We think this presumptive evidence of a church here at Charlton as early as reign of Edward I]. We copy from Thorpe’s "Registrum Roffense".
Assisa Venit recognoscere quis advocatus tempore pacis persentavit ultimam parsonam que mortua est ad ecclesiam de Cherlton. Que vacat, et cujus advocacionem prior de Bermundeseye clamat versus Thomam episcopam Roffens. Et episcopus per attornatum suum venit, et concedit predicto priori presentacionem suam hac vice ad predictam ecclesiam, salvo sibi jure suo cum alis inde loqui voluerit. Ideo predictus prior habet breve ad ipsum episcopum, quod non obstante reclamacione sua ad presentationem ipsuis prioris ad predictam ecclesiam hac vice ydoneam personam admittat. Istud placitum irrotulatum fuit coram Thoma de Weylande, et sociis suis, justiciariis domini Regis de Banco, apud Westmonasterium a die sancti michaelis in unum mensem, anno regni regis Edwardi quinto-decimo, incipienti sexto-decimo.

Translation: A commissioner came to enquire who the Patron was who when there was no dispute presented the last Parson, now deceased, to the Church of Charlton, now vacant, to which the Prior of Bermondsey claims the right to present against Thomas, Bishop of Rochester.

The Bishop appeared in the person of his attorney and yielded the presentation to the aforesaid Church on this occasion to the said Prior, always provided that his own right be observed if on any other occasion he desired to nominate to that living. The said Prior therefore presented a brief to the Bishop himself that whereas his counter-claim did not hinder the Prior’s presentation to the said Church the Bishop should on this occasion admit a suitable person.
This decision was ratified in the presence of Thomas de Weyland and his fellows, the Justices of the King’s Bench at Westminster, to take effect one month from St. Michael’s Day, in the 15th-16th year of the reign of King Edward.
[Note: The Bishop of Rochester referred to is Thomas Inglethorpe].

In the reign of Edward II the Prior of Bermondsey’s rights in Charlton seem to be once again a subject of dispute, and again a writ of "Quo Warranto" issues against him.
Edward III, however, confirms the Charter for the Weekly Market and the Fair on the Feast of St. Luke. This confirmation is included in an immense Charter of Privileges granted by the King to the now very important and influential monastery of St. Saviour at Bermondsey. The Charter occupies a space of about two feet of the Charter Roll and would fill about forty of our modern folios. (Charter 4 E.III. no.57).
And now, alas! we hear nothing more of the Prior and his doings at Charlton until just before the heavy hand of Bluff King Harry the Eighth fell upon and put an end to all Abbots and Priors, and confiscated all their lands and goods to swell the Royal Coffers.
In 1527 Robert, Bishop of St. Asaph and Abbot of Bermondsey, leased the Manor of Charlton for 33 years to Sir Christopher GARNEYS. Only nine years later, i.e. in 1536, the blow fell, and the Monastery of Bermondsey became only a memory, and we must assume that the Royal Attorney instructed Sir Christopher Garneys for the future to pay his rent to his Most Sovereign Lord the King.
[Note: Before we pass on to the Post-Reformation history of the Manor, we wish to point out that there are many documents in the Record Office, some identified, but many not identified, referring to the various villages called Charlton scattered up and down the country. We give the reference to one of them, as a sample, from Vol. III of the Descriptive Catalogue of Antient Deeds in the Record Office No. A 4997.
Demise by Thos. de Hecham to Dunstan de Kingeston, Citizen of London for 15 years, of land, rents and tenements, with houses and the third part of a mill in Woolwych and Charlton, reserving a wood. Michaelmas, A.D. 1275)].

The next tenant under the Crown, after Sir Christopher Garneys, was William RICE, who obtained a lease for forty years (Pat.4 and 5, Ph. & M., p.5, m.43), in which the Manor House is mentioned. However, in 1558, Queen Mary conveyed the manor to Sir Thomas WHITE (Sir Thomas White was Lord Mayor of London at this time), William BLACKWELL, John White, and Roger MARTYN and their heirs, to hold, with other premises in capite, by service of the fortieth part of one knight’s fee (Pat. 5 and 6, Ph. & M., p.3, m.1. This again is a very long deed, conveying many other properties as well. There were many such grants about this time. They were most probably only made in order to discover definitely to whom the manors really did belong, and were not meant to take effect in actuality).
It, however, again vested in the Crown, and was granted to Lady Anne PARRY by Queen Elizabeth for a term of twenty-one years, to commence in 1595, on the determination of the lease to William Rice aforesaid. This lady bequeathed her interest in the manor to Thomas FORTESCUE, of Donnington, Berks, her son by her first husband, the unfortunate Sir Adrian Fortescue, who perished on the scaffold in 1539.
On October 18th, 1603, King James I granted (Pat. I. Jas., p.13) the Manor of Charlton, together with Ballard’s Mill (which latter had been left by the will of Robert Ballard for an "obit" for his soul’s good for ever, and had come into the possession of the Crown by a Statute, 1 Edward VI, chap. 14, for the Royal Appropriation of such gifts) and the Manor of Kidbrook, together with many other valuable manors, to John ERSKINE, Earl of Mar, not "in capite", but "in full and common socage". In June, 1606, however, the Earl of Mar conveyed the Manor to Sir James Erskine, of Okinge, Co. Surrey, and he sold it in the following year to Adam NEWTON (Lyson says Sir James Erskine paid the Earl of Mar £2,000 and sold it the next year to Newton for £4,500). Adam Newton’s son, Sir Henry Puckering Newton, Bart., spent so much of his substance in the "Royal Cause" that he was forced to sell Charlton Manor, the purchaser being Sir William DUCIE, son of the rich Sir Robert Ducie, Lord Mayor of London in 1630 and Banker to King Charles I, who left what was then the vast fortune of £400,000.
In 1680 occurred the last sale of the Manor, the purchaser being Sir William LANGHORNE, Bart. (Claus. 33, Ch. II, p.10). Drake sums up the remaining history of the Manor in these words: "He (Sir William Langhorne) entailed the Manor on his nephew and heir, Sir John CONYERS, whose only surviving son and heir, Sir Baldwin Conyers, died without surviving male issue; then on William Langhorne Games, Esq., who died without issue male; and lastly on the Rev. John MARYON, who devised it to his niece, Margaret Maria WELLER, with remainder to her sole daughter, Jane, who carried it in marriage to the family of WILSON, where is now remains". This is certainly the crystal of the story, but we will elaborate it a little as follows:
In 1679 (Drake somewhat confuses his account by transposing the figures and calling it 1697) Sir William Ducie, who had been created Viscount Downe by King Charles II, died at Charlton House without issue, and his executors sold the Manor of Charlton to Sir William Langhorne, Bart., who, although twice married, died without issue 16th February 1714-15, aged 85, and was buried in Charlton Church. Sir William Langhorne was also Lord of the Manor of Hampstead by purchase, but, although the history of the devolution of the two manors soon became identical, it was not originally so intended by Sir William, for he entailed the Manor at Hampstead first on the son of his elder sister by Mr GAMES, i.e. on William Langhorne Games and his heirs male, with remainder to the son of his next sister by Sir Christopher Conyers, Bart., i.e. Sir John Conyers, Bart., and his heirs male, with further remainders identical with those at Charlton, while he observed the reverse order at Charlton, the Manor being here entailed first on Sir John Conyers, Bart., and his heirs male, and secondly on William Langhorne Games and his heirs male, and remainders as before. Thus it was only by the failure of the ultimate issue male of both William Langhorne Games and Sir John Conyers, Bart, that the two Manors came into one ownership. The manor at Charlton was owned by Sir John Conyers, Bart., till his death, 14th September 1719, aged 75. He had large possessions elsewhere, and was buried at Great Stoughton, Hunts. His son, Sir Baldwin Conyers, Bart., dying without surviving male issue in 1731, William Langhorne Games inherited, but he died unmarried 27th January 1732, and is said to have been buried at Charlton. Thus the Manor devolved on John Maryon, who was the devisee in ultimate remainder under the will of Sir William Langhorne.
This John Maryon was the son of Joseph Maryon, Rector of White Roding, Essex, and Margaret Crouch. His mother, Margaret CROUCH, was the daughter of Charles Crouch, of Layston, Herts, and Frances Langhorne, daughter and heir of Benjamin LANGHORNE, of St. Ippolyts, near Hitchin, Herts. He himself afterwards became Rector of White Roding, Essex, and dying without surviving issue 28th November 1760, he devised the Manor of Charlton to his niece, Margaret WELLER, the daughter of his sister Mary MARYON by William PEERS, and at that time widow of John Badger Weller, of Hornchurch. In 1761 this lady took for her second husband one John JONES. In 1767 her only child, Jane Weller, married Lieut.Genl. Sir Thomas Spencer WILSON, Bart. Margaret Jones died 1777; her daughter, Jane Wilson, died in 1818, leaving her son, Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, Bart., Lord of the Manor, and from him it has descended in direct line to his great-grandson, the present owner, Sir Spencer Pocklington Maryon-Wilson, eleventh Baronet.

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COLLINS 47, 48, 316,
403, 413CONGREVE 170, 317,
318, 424, 425, 463
Connop 65
CONYERS 193, 464
COOK 403
COOPER 50-54, 157,
344,394a,402,403 427
COPELAND 403, 440
COREY 394a, 394b
CORNSDALE 403, 453
CORNWALL 396, 462
Courtenay 57
COWAN 403, 453
COX 305
CRAGGS 319, 320, 356,
357, 399, 403, 465
CROFTON 18, 56,
322, 403, 406
CURTOYS 381, 384,
389DALES 374
Dalrymple 69
Davidson 110
DAVIES 62, 63
DAVIS 64-66
DAY 403, 439

de Seiwert 18
Deacon 1
Deane 108
Dehany 73
Dent 406
Derring 390
DICEY 44Dickens 5
DINGLEY 324, 325
DOBBS 67, 385
DOUGLAS 326, 403,
411, 468
DOWNEY 327DOWNS 403, 434
DRUMMOND 42, 60,
113, 328, 385, 394c,
duch*eSS of
DUCIE 462, 469DUFFEY 403
DUNBAR 73, 428
Dundas 110
Dutton 133
Earl of Oxenford 323

FEDWARDS 79, 156,
Egmont 405
ELDRIDGE 81, 403ELIOT 319, 334, 356
FAIRLAMB 403, 410
Fawcett 270

FISHER 87, 194, 329,
Fleet 318FLEMING 394c
FLOOD 89, 90, 394a, 402, 403
FORD 403, 430
Forestier 368
FOX 394c
FRASER 93, 330, 331FRAZER 94, 95, 331,
FRY 96
GARDINER 372, 374
GARDNER 98, 403, 457

HGEORGE 403, 435
Gibson 179
Goddard 2
GOSSET 59, 106, 471
GOW 403GRACE 109
GRAHAM 110, 403
GRANT 270, 291, 292
GRIFFITH 333, 421
GRIGGS 403Grills 391
GROVES 383, 401
GUYMORE 403HADDON 372, 374-375
HALL 112
Halsey 6
HAMILTON 114, 332
HAMMOND 203, 403
HAMPSHIRE 403, 459
HAND 115
HARMOND 403, 443
HARPER 118, 403
HARRIS 119, 151, 477
HATCHARD 403, 452
Hayley 83
HAYNES 403, 446
HERBAGE 212, 403
HICKS 122, 403
HILL 41, 123
HILLIER 124, 187, 403
Hind 356
HINTON 403, 440
HISLOP 126, 334, 472
HOADS 403, 432
HOGE 403, 430
Holcar 334
HOLL 128
HOPGOOD 403, 436
HOTE 462HUDSON 7, 403, 429,
HUNT 131
HUSBAND 132, 403
HYDE 479NMAN 164

LJACKSON 271, 403
JENKINS 188, 403
JEX 403
JOHNSON 136, 137
JONES 9, 18, 134, 139, 335, 337, 403, 480
KEMP 141, 403
KENNEY 144, 403
KIDD 146, 147KIDGER 148
KING 149
KNIGHT 356, 403
KNOX 403
Kruger 65LAFARGEN 403
LAKE 152
LAMB 153
LAMBERT 180,271,474
LANE 403
LANG 69, 154
LANGHORN 336, 337,
403, 419

MLANGHORNE 307, 385,
386, 394a, 403, 473
Lawford 230
le GUAY 332LEE 157, 158, 203, 403
LEGGATT 285, 445
Leith 151
Lewery 314
LEWIS 160, 161, 289LIDDLE 93, 162
LINDSAY 113, 163, 403
LITTLE 164, 165
LONG 403
LONGLANDS 403, 424
Lothian 209LOVETT 374
Low 89
Lowther 18,209,322,406
LUARD 166, 339
LYONS 150, 403MACBEAN 168
MacGregor 44
MAJENDIE 340, 390,
Mallcott 231
MALLE ? 296
MANNERS 171, 336
Mansell 93

Martin 6
Maryon 372, 374-378,
388, 398, 420
342, 343, 403, 404
MEADOWS 403, 451
Meldrum 180
MIDDLETON 271, 444,
474, 474
MIL 403
MILLER 344, 412
MILLINGS 403, 433
MITCHELL 403, 438
MITFORD 183, 432
MOFFAT 345, 403, 475
MOLE 184
MONDAY 185Montagu 17
MOORE 276, 403
MORDEN 394a, 462,
476, 477
MORRISON 188, 346,
MURRAY 168, 230N 190, 191
NAYLOR 341, 403NEALE 403

NEWTON 306, 307,
348, 381, 387, 395,
403, 418, 478
NICHOLS 403, 432, 457NICHOLSON 73, 132,
403, 428
NOBLE 403, 458
NODRUM 403, 437
NORTHWOOD 193, 464
Oakeley 135
OGDEN 268, 403
OLD 403, 429
Oldham 232OLIVER 317, 387
PAIGE 403, 457
PARK 403, 455
PARKER 195, 196, 349,
403, 433, 479
PARKS 403, 433
PARR 197

PAYNE 203, 403
PEAco*ck 125
PEARCE 1, 403
PECKHAM 54, 89
PEco*ck 374
Pennington 231
PERCEVAL 81, 208,
209, 335, 350-355, 372,
403, 405, 437, 480
PERKINS 271, 474
Pheasant 300
PIDco*ck 211
PIKE 403
PINNOCK 181, 212,403
PITT 403
POco*ck 403
POILO 403, 438
PREBBLE 215-219,
403, 433
Prescott 39
PUCKERING 348 387,
Pye 279QUANCE 403, 430

Raleigh 335
RANKING 222, 429
RAYNES 151, 394a,
REDMAYNE 403, 447

REED 223, 403, 225
REID 226, 403
Richard 481RICHARDS 228, 356,
417, 481
379, 432
RIDDLE 403, 444
ROBINSON 234, 235,
319, 357, 358, 403
ROCHFORT 93, 236
ROGERS 237, 359,
403, 424
ROOK 403, 453Rosdew 164
ROSS 239, 403
RUSSELL 109, 240,
360, 403, 415, 429
Rycroft 229
Salusbury 341
Sanderson 268
Sandham 332
SAUNDERS 243, 244,
403, 460
SCOTT 39, 403

SEABROOK 403, 441
SEE 387
SHOW 403
SIMPER 403, 453
SKYRING 403, 456SLATER 232
SMITH 18, 139,
249-254, 362, 363,
374, 375, 403, 426
SMYTHE 372, 374
Solomon 118
Spencer 81, 335, 351, 352, 367, 420SPILLER 256, 403
St Clair 73
St Quintin 271
St. Aubin 93
STANES 258, 403
STAUNTON 260, 364
STONE 54, 403
Stonestreak 263
STOPFORD 262, 365,
STURROCK 403, 414
SWAINSON 375, 381,
400TADD 403
TAYLOR 102, 265-267,

THOMPSON 271, 324,
THOMSON 272, 403
TOWNLEY 374, 403
TREVELYAN 335, 367,
TURNER 277, 403, 403
Turtliff 19
TYE 233UNDERWOOD 279, 403

VERE 281, 482WALKER 282, 368
WALLACE 93. 238
WARD 284, 403
WARE 285
WATERMAN 403, 442
WATSON 65, 232, 403
Weatherall 362, 462
WEBB 403
Webster 394c

YWEEKS 277, 286, 287,
394c, 403
369, 414
WELLER 335, 372,
373, 374-376, 480
WEST 118, 403
Wheatley 167
WHEELER 127, 403
WHIFFIN 403WHITE 374, 403
WHITFIELD 403, 448
WHITMORE 262, 290
WICKENDEN 403, 454
WIGHTWICK 403, 460
WILKINSON 291, 370,
403WILKS 251, 293
WILLIAMS 294, 380,
WILLOCK 371, 424
WILSON 295, 296, 335,
351, 367, 372-378,
388, 396, 398, 403,
407, 420, 483
WINGFIELD 403, 452
WINGROVE 39, 298
WOLFE 299WOOD 136, 300, 301,
403, 403
WOOTTEN 403, 430
Wray 182
WRIGHT 303, 381,
385, 394c
WYNN 403
Wynn 403YEATHERD 304
YOUNG 305, 403


Acre 326
Adelaide 340
Ahmednigg*r, Bombay 229
Alma 366
America 326
Antwerp 232
Ardbanie, N.B. 168
Australia 113Bagot, Jersey 471
Barbados 2
Bedfordshire 374
Belsay Castle,
Northumberland 271
Belsay, Northumberland 474
Berwick on Tweed 91

CPBlackheath 26, 73, 83, 91, 98,
119, 143, 153, 179, 230, 233,
263, 272, 275, 309, 317
Carvilla 104
Creswell Park 261
Lee Road 122, 253
Montpelier Row 68 Shooters Hill Road 186
St Germans Terrace 134
Vanbrugh Park 154
Blackheath Park 25, 32, 77,
112, 113, 141, 149, 181,
222, 231, 279, 311, 268
Bonchurch, Isle of Wight 54
Boxtel 470Brazil 93
Brisbane 186
British Guiana 334
Brompton, Middlesex 295
Buckingham 400
Budbrooke, Warwickshire 143
Buenos Ayres 470
Burford 462Cambridge 21
Canada 339
Canterbury 111
Canton 292
Cape of Good Hope 326
Carlton, Craven, Yorks 474
Carrickfergus 481
Casterton Parva, Rutland 269
Cateau Cambrésis 470

DPChadshunt, Warwickshire 319
Cemetery 394c
Charlton House 377, 378
Fairfield 394c
Old Charlton 314
Shooters Hill 223
Chateau, Combaulty,
En Brie, France 280Chatham 54, 154, 251, 481
Cheltenham 261
Chester-le-Street 464
Cheveley, Cambridge 151
Chigwell, Essex 271
Civil Engineer 259
Clunes,, Australia 6
Colchester 477
Colombo, Ceylon 93Compton Bassett, Wilts 310
Connington, Somerset 359
Coolcliffe, County,
Wexford 305
Cork 229
Cornwall 356
Corsica 334
County Cambridge 356Darlington, Devon 229
Dartford 59
Deccan 334

EPDekielsdrift, South Africa 340
Deptford 481
Devonport, Devon 158, 151Dumfries 43
Dundee 159
Dunkirk 470Dutch Colonies 334East Greenwich 62, 394a,
Eastbourne, Sussex 374, 398

FPEdinburgh Castle 97
Edwardstone, Suffolk 477Egloss Marther, Marther,
Cornwall 132
El Arich 326Elchies, N.B. 270
Epsom 14
Essex 356Finchley 374
Flanders 317, 330

GPFletching 398
Flushing 349Fort of Talner 472
France 330Fryers, Bedfordshire 473
Fulletby, Lincs 339Garvault, Scotland 326
Gibraltar 313, 334
Glazeley, Salop 462

HPGlose, Salop 462
Gosport, Hants 39Greenwich 17, 54, 69, 101,
217, 223, 240, 241, 263,
326, 333, 462
Greenwich Hospital 394bGuadaloupe 334
Guiana 334
Gunville, Dorsetshire 1Halsted, Sevenoaks 406
Middlesex 400, 473
Hampton Court Palace 170
Harbledown 133
Hardmede, Bucks 98

IJKPHarpton Court,
County Radnor 289
Hastings 8
Havannah 317
Haversham 98Heavitree, Devon 229
Hemingstone, Suffolk 300
Holbeck, Walsingham,
County Palatine of
Durham 319, 357Holland 330
Honington, Warwickshire 479
Hornchurch 25
Hungary 481India 334, 472
Ireland 206, 481
Isleworth 54
Ivanfields, Dalkeith 326

LPJamaica 13
Jubbulpore, East India 332Kemnall House,
Chislehurst 136
Kernal 114
Khartoum 392
Kidbrooke 52
Kilburn 91Kingston, Jamaica 347
Kingstown, Jamaica 188
Kinlet 462
Kirby Hall, Yorkshire 324
Kirby, Lancashire 1Lakefield, Esthwaite Water, Lancashire 268
Lamb Abbey, Kent 325
Lampeter Velfrey, South Wales 225
Layston, Herts 473
Lee 104, 482
Leeds 268
Leipzic 463
Lever, Lancs 348
Lewisham 113, 394a, 394b
London 4, 69, 173, 229, 271,
312, 319, 324, 338, 360,
402, 462

NOPLondon continued
Aldermanbury 225
Austin Friars 115
Bedford Row 133
Broad Street Buildings 173
8 Buckingham Street,
Strand 138
Chappell Street,
Pentonville 134
Chesterfield Street,
Mayfair 255
City of London 357
Devonshire Street,
Bishopsgate 6London continued
Durham House,
Chelsea 280
Houndsditch 6
Lincoln’s Inn Chapel 350
Middle Temple 312
Paddington 65
Pentonville, Middx. 104
Pountney Lane 113
Soho 128
St Bride’s 477
St John’s, Paddington 403
St Martin’s Lane 403 St Helen’s Church,
Bishopsgate 478
St Olave’s, Southwark 102
St Thomas Hospital,
Southwark 269
The Old Change 65
Threadneedle Street 189
Vine Street, St James 187
Lincolnshire 333
Louisburg 317
Lower Garthmyl, Montgomeryshire 135
Lucerne, Switzerland 5
Ludlow 135Madras 164, 255
Mahedpore 334
Martinique 317
Marwood, Kent 400
Melford Hall, Suffolk 479
Messina, Sicily 90

PQPNettlecombe, Somerset 367
Nettlecombe, Somerset 372
Newcastle-on-Tyne 162, 327
Nive 330
Nivelle 330
Norfolk 348, 374Nottingham Place,
New Road 134
Nouveaux 470Orthez 349
Osma 470Perth 206
Pindarees 334
Plumstead 238, 394c

RPPort Eliot, Cornwall 319
Port Royal, Jamaica 70
Portugal 330Prince Edward Island 305
Putney Hill, Surrey 161Queen Elizabeth’s College,
Greenwich 394aRadnor 128
Rattar, N.B. 73
Rawail Pindee, India 378

SPReading 462
Richmond, Surrey 478
Ridlington, Rutland 269Rio di Janeiro 380
Rochester 387
Romford, Essex 335, 372Rosario 93
Rotherhithe 221Salamanca 470
San Sebastian 349, 470
Sawbridgeworth Church,
Herts 356
Scutari 366
Shottisbrooke College 482
Shropshire 135

TPSodington 462
Solsborough, Wexford 481
South America 330
Spain 330
St Helena 113
St John’s, Worcester 227
St. Cullumbe, Cornwall 374St. Laurance,
Northumberland 254
St. Mary’s Church,
Warwick 478
Staffordshire 463
Steinkirk 481Stratford, Essex 246
Suedia 331
Suffolk 357
Sussex 398
Syria 331Talavera 479
Tarbes 349
Teb, Soudan 368
Thabancha, South Africa 332
Thayetmyo, Burma 93

UVPTheobalds, Herts 309
Thorp-arch Hall, Yorkshire 59
Tittenhanger, Herts 462
Tolethorpe, Rutland 269
Toulon 334Toulouse 330, 349, 463, 470
Tournay 470
Townley, Yorks 374
Trefusis, Cornwall 319
Trelissick, Cornwall 471Trinidad 334
Trowbridge 469
Truro 471
Twickenham, Middx. 337Uckfield 398

WPUp Park Camp,
Kingstown, Jamaica 374Victoria, Australia 6Vittoria 330, 349, 470Waddesley, Salop 462
Wadley, Salop 462
Wairat, N.Z. 229
Wakefield, Yorkshire 341
Walcheren 349
Northumberland 367
Warwickshire 348, 478

YXPWaterloo 330, 349, 479
West Indies 238, 326
Wherby, Yorks 348
Whitwell, Derbyshire 310
Winchelsea, Sussex 374
Wolsingham 319Woolwich 18, 36, 53, 61, 80,
82, 84, 114, 118, 130, 132,
140, 146, 174, 180, 182,189,
194, 198, 202, 204, 216,218,
235, 236, 242, 259, 260,
262, 273, 284, 293, 296,
305, 320, 349, 358, 364,
403, 470, 472
Beresford 131 Church Hill 320
H.M. Dockyard 49
H.M. Royal Dockyard 259
Samuel St. 403
Woolwich Rd 403
Woolwich Common 296,
297, 313, 403
Wricklemarsh 306, 462
Worcester 128Yorkshire 374Zante 157


1st Batt. Rifle Brigade 80
1st Coy. 11 Battalion R.A 116
3rd Light Dragoons 59
3rd Regt of the Buffs 114
3rd Troop of Guards 333
3rd West India Regt 374
4th Battalion 340
4th Garrison Battalion 129
5th Dutch Light Dragoons 110
7th Batt. 97
8th Battalion Royal Regiment of Artillery 318
8th Batt. of the Royal Regiment of Artillery 317
9th Batt. R.A., 199
9th Regt. of Foot 339
11th Regt of Foot 168
50th Regt of Foot 372
57th Regiment 5
60 Royal Rifles 93
79th Regt Cameron Highlanders 342
Huntingdon Regt. 332
King’s Own Regt of Foot 188
Prince Consort’s Own Rifle Brigade 244
Rifle Brigade 340
Royal Horse Guards 398

R.A. 5, 14, 16, 19, 36, 57, 76,
93, 97, 103, 105, 146, 164,
170, 182, 194, 198, 237,247,
251, 252, 260, 331, 359,
362-365, 392, 426, 472
Royal Artillery 93, 116, 117,
142, 313, 333, 380, 456
R.H.A. 95, 244, 313, 330,
331, 378
Royal Horse Artillery 251, 349
Royal Regiment of Artillery 74,
93, 175, 236, 238, 318,
339, 344, 371
Brigade of Artillery 317, 349
R.E. 84, 111, 117, 226, 251,
262, 290, 313, 344, 366,
R.M.A. 164
Royal Dockyard Brigade 154

Gunner 76
Sergeant 194, 403, 432
Company-Sergeant 116
Sergeant Major 403
Cadet 133, 470
Cornet 398
Ensign 339
Lieutenant 16, 18, 110, 114,
129, 238, 313, 332, 332,
366, 374, 424
Captain 5, 74, 93, 111, 132,
142, 164, 166, 175, 182,
186, 244, 238, 261, 296,
322, 365, 403, 408 232,
331, 339, 340, 342, 362,
368, 378, 404
Major 5, 14, 29, 73, 93, 164,
168, 229, 244, 290, 318
Colonel 456
Brigadier 300, 333, 356
Major-General 87, 97, 105,
106,126,170, 188, 196, 317,
326, 329, 342, 343, 344,
349, 346, 347, 362, 403,
411, 412, 424, 425, 463
Lieutenant General 5, 133,
170, 199, 236, 251, 262,
290, 317, 318, 332, 380

Adjutant 129
Army Commander 113, 251,
Army Commander-in-Chief 334
Assistant Commissary 232
Assistant Surgeon 36
Assistant Surveyor 198
Barrack Master 164
Colonel Commandant 97, 199,
251, 317
Commandant 329, 362
Commanding Royal Engineers Woolwich District 130
Commissary of Ordnance 164
Controller of the Royal
Laboratory 317, 318, 463
Deputy Inspector-General 43
Director of the Royal Laboratory 330
Life Governor of the Royal
Military Academy 349
Quartermaster 103, 146
Quartermaster-General 188

Superintendent of the Royal
Military Repository 317
Surveyor General of
Ordnance 356

Army Campaign 330
Army Corps 84
Army Hospitals 43
battle 349, 366, 368, 463, 470
Bengal Army 73, 100
Bengal Civil Service 270
Bengal Engineers 261
Congreve Rockets 463
East Indian Coy. 255
Egyptian Army 368
Expedition 349
F.T.R.A. 232
Field Battery R.H.A. 392
Garrison at Woolwich 329
H.E.I.C.S. 113
Hon. Company at Bengal 145
Hon. East India Coy.’s Civil Service 255
howitzer gun 313
Madras Army 334
Madras Horse Artillery 164
Mahratta War 334
Marine Service 145
Ottoman Forces 326
Royal Military Academy 366
Royal Military Academy at Woolwich 11, 18, 20, 133
siege 317, 334, 349, 481
Woolwich Division 164
Royal Navy &
Royal Marines

Royal Navy (R.N.) 31, 56, 58,
75, 82, 124, 161, 163,164,
180, 201, 205. 250, 258,
262, 275, 299, 398

Royal Marines (R.M.) 18, 29,
39, 123, 132, 164, 183, 206,
235, 246, 267, 298, 326,358
Royal Marine Artillery 192
Boatswain 75
Captain 18, 31, 56, 58, 70,
163, 164, 180, 201, 205,
250, 267, 479
Lieut 31, 183, 192, 258, 398
Major 235, 246, 358
Colonel 206
Major-General 39
Lieut-Colonel 298, 326
Admiral 349, 479
Admiral of the White 58, 152Commandant 206
Commander 299, 316
Comptroller of the R.N. 403
Naval Commander 164
Paymaster & Purser R.N. 108
Woolwich Division 206Ships:-
H.C.S. Warley 316
H.M.S. Semiramis 18
H.M.S. Terror 205
S.S. Lowther 56
"Firebrand" 479accident 339
African parents 94
almshouses 394a
American War 317
Bengal Civil Service 163
Bitt maker to His Majesty 155
Boatswain 176
Bricklayer 1
Bromley College 387
Bugle Horn Inn 386
Builders 384
Carpenter 234
carter 403
Chancellor or Keeper of the
Great Seal of England 348
Charity School 385
Chief Firemaster 236
Church Plate 399
Churchwarden 303, 389, 402,
381, 384, 385, 394a, 394b,
Churchwardens’ Account
Book 397
Churchwardens’ Accounts
Clerk 269coachman 403
Consul at Zante 157
cyclometer 462
Dervishes 392
Drapers’ Company 394a
Drowned 403
East India Company 473, 475
Episcopal Chapel 206
Expedition 205
Farmer 394a, 402
Fellow of Royal College of
Physicians in London 269
fever 313
Gardener 25, 41
goldsmith 477
Grammar School 394b
Groom of the Privy
Chamber 326
H.M. Dockyard 204
H.M. Dockyard, Chatham 154
H.M. Dockyard, Woolwich
154, 158, 176, 185
H.M. Royal Dockyard,
Chatham 54
High Sheriff 128, 398His Majesty’s Postmasters
General 357
inventor 463
Joiner 241
Lieut-Govr of Prince
Edward Island 305
Lord of the Manor 374, 381
Magdalen Charities 325
Mahdi tomb 392
Manor of Wricklemarsh 476
Master Attendant of H.M. Dockyard at Woolwich 82
Master B----------- 120
Master co*ke 370
Master of Lord Leicester’s
Hospital 143
Master Pavior of H.M. Dock
Yard, Woolwich 61
Master Shipwright 154
Master to H.M. Dock Yard,
Woolwich 53
mechanical devices 462
Merchant 2, 159, 173, 324,
338, 357, 360, 394a
Miller 403monument maker 320
Morden College 476
ostler 403
perished in the Polar
Regions 205
Physician 269
Pilot 145
Postmaster General 319, 465
Professor of
Mathematics 20, 133
Royal Laboratory,
Woolwich 236
Secretaries of State 319
Serjeant-at-Arms, House of Commons 106
servant 281
Shipwright 221
siege 326
Surgeon 180, 205
Victualler 23
White Horse pub 403
Williams & Sons 384
Woolwich Antiquarian
Society 381
yellow fever 380

Charlton near Woolwich plan of gravestones

Back to Charlton near Woolwich M.I.s listing

Plan of Churchyard

List of Monuments in Churchyard (see plan).

12. GINMER (?)
14. --------------?
18. HOLL
20. A flat slab (?)
30. KEMP
36. KIDD
42. One short inscription
with 2-line quotation
50. N----------
54. Flat slab
59. LAKE
63. REED
70. WARD
76. VERE
81. cl*tHEROE
101. FRY (?)
102. LEE
104. WEEKS
106. REID
107. GOURD
113. KING
115. WOOD
118. DUGAN
119. MOLE
123. BURRY
126. WEEKS
128. AMES
131. JOLLY
133. DRAKE
134. AMES
135. DUCE
146. EELES
147. REES
149. WARE
155. DAVIS
161. SMITH
162. HALL
165. ELSON
166. BANCE
173. TOZER
174. BACON
177. LANG
178. BIRT
182. BOWES
183. KIRKE
184. HAND
186. HICKS
187. FLOYD
188. EATON
189. DAVIS
190. DAVIS
191. LEE
198. HILL
199. LEWIS
200. DUST
202. J. K., 1750 (?)
ANDRES with Jane
KIDGER’s footstone
204. WOLFE
207. DOBBS
209. STAGG
217. -----------(?)
221. KIDD
225. HOSTE
230. SMITH
231. BOGER
235. GRACE
237. PIDco*ck
239. WOOD
241. LAWES
242. MAULE
244. ROSS
248. TUACK
250. CLARK
251. N-------------(?)
254. PAYNE
259. SMITH
262. EVE
266. RYMER
268. HINDE
269. PARRY
270. SMITH
274. HUNT
278. LUARD
279. LAMB
282. BROWN
286. BROWN (?)
289. DYER
295. SMITH
300. CLARK
302. WILKS
308. JONES
309. BROWN
310. BAIN
311. YOUNG
312. Coffin shaped
tomb, no
inscription legible

Jacob Scott

Monumental Inscriptions of St Luke's Church near Woolwich — Kent Archaeological Society (2024)


What is the history of St Luke's Church Maidenhead? ›

History. St Luke's Church was consecrated in 1866 by William Wilberforce. At a cost of £3500, it was designed by architect George Row Clarke of London, and built by James Griffiths of Eldersfield. A tower was added in 1869, and then a spire was built in 1894.

What is the history of St Luke's Church Cannock? ›

The origins of the church

It is thought that a small chapel was built here in about 1100. Additions to this modest building through the centuries have given us the fine landmark we see today. We know little about the history of St Luke's before 1850 because of a fire that destroyed most of the church records.

Where is St Luke's body buried? ›

When did St Lukes church get bombed? ›

Just after midnight, on May 6th, 1941, the church was struck by an incendiary bomb causing a large fire that swept through the building. By approximately 3:36 (the time at which the tower's clock stopped due to its mechanism perishing) the fire ascended the tower, causing several of its bells to cascade to the ground.

How long has St Luke's been around? ›

The original charter established St. Luke's, named for the evangelist/physician, as a hospital on March 29, 1872 and was finalized later that year.

When was St Lukes church Heywood built? ›

There has been a church on this site from at least the 15th century. The old Heywood Chapel was replaced by the current St Luke's Church building in 1862. The townsfolk raised money for the building of the church, and the Sunday School provided the main education prior to state schools.

What is important about St Luke's church in Farnworth? ›

St Luke's Church, Farnworth, Widnes, is a church in Farnworth, which was once a separate village but is now part of the town of Widnes, Cheshire, England. The church dates back to the 12th century and contains several items of historical interest, particularly hatchments and memorials.

When was Mary Star of the Sea church built? ›

Established in 1889, the parish is one of the oldest in the Los Angeles Archdiocese. The present church, built in 1958, is the third church to serve the parish. Mary Star of the Sea serves approximately 5,500 registered families.


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