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Auto Radio Serrice AUsstlc Products Batlery Service News of the State Hospital Defeat or thieving politicians and education of the public to protect itself against criminals are the best preventatires of crime. W. Penton of Chicago, a reformed criminal, told the Kiwanis Club a Mitchell Inn yesterday. He asserted the answer was -No" to the title of his address. Does Crime but carelessness of moat persons in the matter of money provided constant temptation, he pointed out fiJTresponsioUlty of Dr.

Max Ziaer completed an esteMlw coum In jwydfitty be- icre members of the Junior ol Timinlnf School The Slate Hospital Alumni -Asso- datton met in the room HOD- day tod (tedded to to to Rye Beach on thsir oaUnt which win ne Their will lew HJddletown at dfhtj-thlnj m. Cards haw been received from Mr. and Mrs. William P. Bowman from GowatxSa, N.

one ol their stops on a racatkin trip. is away on vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Holland are tacattan or two weeks.

to Minnie deary lett recently relatives In Linden. EN'S SUITS $18.50 UNITED CLOTHIERS NOBTH ST. voters to turn the thieving politician and fixer -out of office. Mr. Fenton advised: "Find out who tbe criminal world is voting lor, and vote the other way." Fenton who has derated the last fourteen, veais his life to touring the country and giving talks against crime accompanied by his wife.

He described his tventy- three year career as a master pickpocket and short change artist during -which he stole an aggregate of $350,000, none of which he had left when he reformed, He cited instances of the operations of crooked criminal lawvers and political fixers which resulted; in his avoiding sentences or i receiving-light punishment. He accused bankug corboratibns -in eral of gross carelessness in handling sums, particularly in esses where large' amounts, of cash- are withdrawn by bank patrons. He noted that 'small town banks equipped witti buzzer systems connected with the Fire Department saldom were robbed. On a robbery at such a bank, the buner sounding to the Fire Department suited in sounding of a fire siren alarm which called out armed citizens, he said. education ot residents of the neighborhood of a bank to look at the bank occasionally to see whether it was all right had prevented robberies in many An inventor of the pickless pocket, Fenton said-the man who carried his money in his hip pocket ought to lose it.

Thieves locked it out The bost protection for the home was a watch dog, he declared. Thieves were more afraid of noise than of a policeman on big beat, he explained. He also advised housewives not to hide money behind pictures on tbe wall, under the carpet or In the coffee can- John Wesley Black 'has tendered his resignation to accept a position in the Woodbourne State Prison. The correspondent recently ec- countered a redbird of beautiful plumage on one of the outside walks along the stone wall. The bird had not acquired all of its flying capacities but was large and plump and especially brilliant against the background of the gray, dirty walk.

A little later she had tbe pleasure of running across a large turtle-an unusual sight here--on Its way to the Hospital grounds. Intending, apparently, to include them in its itinerary. ULSTER RURAL SCHOOL GIVEN A NEW BOARD Replace to Retail TeadMr Staff Whde taxpayers at Untoo Free School Diitrfct One of Kosendafe in Ulster County rated coctent today with their achtemnttii of ekctiof an entire new acboal board to replace the one that resigned under tire, tboae in District Seven. as East NUfl Tbe Hia and I. rardfr fee terat far tffiy a tat ktn, tan for UMM; Uwt ti K-jte-n and te Ktsoi cwttntMtr, jrvei.

uw vtvt aad ckn hte CM a tM MO while, eeeuaan! ewintrt. 'tw rnitfOtf vttfe Orportaanx at to rbir Mr. and a t8 bt rect 'tae IJJ Aroui of ftto vwadbtn matiunimf Ktftart arrnur. ftvm hto fuMb MM? Knrm. KM-WMV INUrtMa Oatvy and wtwumaiaU ton la marrtato.

a aid nwi Mm OiSvtttl tooral OK aad rrrouU la a to eihrt a tnaea dairtrt to for coal, (sad and cnrri made brtwec the nebeet board aad Brook- Broa of lAe ICatcv and and merest far jmtatr. tri- i epooof caul aoc o4her eipRttsoa, without OrOscco. his dbJ the on adrtc? of A- Joteno. dawn Wue aatl br Pritmlt SOUTH END GRILL Ulster Township, known Kingston, beard Mtehaei trustee, den; charges at Aftunr jtyjwnoteodentscpj that he was derelict wfco potoiml out that Is IM Urns The Rosendale dUTttcollv cntly was aeUted br TXieriiay's eke- tion when more tbae 100 penons assembled, endorsed a platform that provided for re-engagentent of present teachers, and chow a new hoard by a margin. Trustees chosea to replace thoae who resigned a month ago are Edward Demarest terms and Uoyd snyder for 1W7: Mrs.

May ftxir 2sa9oUu woeld take place and Uttl tne rematsiac could iruuarJ the timing ncta that aereral USMI ie I ter the duarift was ia need of coal aad atace Btook en totd him tbetr tracks were all in use. it was bj tins UsaiDeCfceo toe hb. trark to haul the coal ta the SEARS POWERFUL NEW SILVERTONE Week-End Specials NEW! FULLY CHARGED! RELIABLE 39 Plate BATTERY .09 at! (MM rrtrulli twt bmnd full ite. fulty ctaaHtd batuortea. Otw ptMW.

proof nwuanrf wuh anpanttanL Far in arg MUjr. On aale Friday anjy. at QuurfKy Umlted to a rurtomrf ta cn. WITM TOtlH out A. W.

SCHEER A AND iat 1518 Railroad Are. WOO, load COAL Store, ton ea, ton ton $6.25 His advice to persons carryine money was: "Keep your mind on it and you'll aerer lose it, because you'll be aensitive to KATE" USES MOSCOW--In the first quarter of this yew 32,632 births were registered in Moscow, against for the same period last year. The number of divorces dropped by 61 percent. YALE MOTREKS CNITCESITDZS NEW HAVEN, presidents for eighteen colleges and universities, from Princeton in 1747. to the University of Chicago in 1891, were provided by Yale University.

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Has adjustable antenna compensator to insure peak performance with any type car aerial; six- inch dynamic speaker; tone control; automatic rolttme control and ample volume for clear reception at any speed. Buy it on weekly payments if you wish. Also SILVERTONES $32.95 to $43.95 with INSTALLATION Free Dash Mounting Free Dash Panels To fit popular cars SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 123 North St. Dial 4165 MIDDLETOWN, N.

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Port handle. Rayon afalrrrd porfcru. ia Uother Oentoe f-ln btmr for wrar. PynMfUn locrtUL vtmrtflf quaUtr ol a r.X, ifnuur orrr (taut 1m Um toriiM A A PURE PENNSYLVANIA CROSS COUNTRY MOTOR OIL 123 North St, Dial 41CS MfDDLETOWN, N. Y.

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Middletown Times Herald from Middletown, New York (2024)


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